Monday, June 06, 2011

Saturday Weekend food trip and a Rockin’ bad ass movie!


  Happy weekend peeps! As for me, I’m enjoying every bit of my weekend this week. First time I don’t have to worry being late for work or having to go to work at night.

   For this weekend’s food trip, I was craving for pasta yesterday and BF and I ended up eating at Pizza hut. We had dinner first before watching X-Men: First class. Here’s what we had

  * I was supposed to upload this post yesterday, but had to wait for the pictures which M took.


                                             Tuna Melt P165 or P185


   It was M who wanted this appetizer, and I’m glad that I agreed with him too. The tuna melt appetizer was addictingly good, specially when served hot as the cheese gets stringy when you bite on it. I am not sure what kind of cheese they used because, it tasted somewhat tangy (tangy in a good way). Probably because of the tuna? If you would expect chunks of tuna, you might be disappointed. I only saw and tasted an ample amount of tuna pieces. But in my opinion, it worked. This can substitute as pizza as well. Oh and they were generous on the cheese too. If you can notice, there’s some kind of tomatoes in the middle, add that in your tuna melt and it’s the perfect blend. Gives a different layer of flavor. I just actually wished they were generous on the tomatoes too. It’s pesto made I believe.


As usual, my M had his favorite Bolognese pasta



  I on the other hand ordered something different, I was eyeing on the Aglio pasta, but then changed my mind


                                                      3 Cheese Ravioli


   I forgot how much the price is, but it does not exceed P200. The sauce was really good. It looks like how an ordinary Italian tomato sauce would look like, only more flavorful and just a little bit thicker. Even M liked it, he actually hates a thin based sauce but this one he loves he says. I definitely recommend this pasta if you haven’t tried it yet. For our drinks we just had their house water.


  Right after dinner we watched the movie X –Men: first class, which was totally rockin’. I’ll be doing a short review about it once I finish my other post.


DF- 3306   Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender, left foreground) and Charles Xavier (James McAvoy, right foreground) lead Cassidy (Caleb Landry Jones, left), Raven Darkholme (Jennifer Lawrence), Dr. Moira McTaggert (Rose Byrne), Hank McCoy (Nicholas Hoult), and Alex Summers (Lucas Till) in a battle to prevent nuclear war.

I was actually getting irritated with my long hair lately, the fact that it’s already hot, it just doesn’t seem to look good.


                                         At the movies, waiting in line.


                                             During dinner at Pizza hut~

   How was your weekend? 



  Till then!




  1. Ravioli with ANY sauce is always nice; it's really Italian comfort food. :D

    And while the start of the movie dragged, I actually liked First Class better than the first three X-Men movies. And, of course, James McAvoy was there - gosh, that man is SEXY!

  2. @Midge: I have to agree, next time I want to try a cream based ravioli.

    I didn't find the first part dragging, but that's just me.

  3. tama, maganda nga ang haircut ko lang nacompare!

  4. im a comic purist, and i noticed some deviations from the comic story:

    1) Alex Summer is supposed to be the younger brother of Scott, not the other way around
    2) Darwin is supposed to be an Omega mutant, a higher class of mutant along with Jean Grey and Iceman, so i was a bit disappointed when he just died like that?
    3) there seemed to be a less-than-stellar bond with Magneto and Xavier
    4) Azazel and Mystique ought to have an intimate relationship but in the movie, they don't seem to know each other. in fact, their intimacy brought Night Crawler.
    5) Moira is Scottish and not American, as opposed in the movie. And she was supposed to have an erratic, on and off, relationship with Banshee. also that part was never shown in the movie.

    what i like in the movie? well.... Mystique seemed so HOOTTTT.

  5. @john: ay naku john, purist ka kasi, im speaking as a non comic reader here. haha.

    but still appreciated, at least now I know how it is sa comics. thanks~


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