Friday, December 30, 2011

Dining at Villa Tortuga, Taal Batangas


         Here is my food trip journey during our Taal trip. In my previous post where we wore beautiful clothes designed by Lito Perez, was the place where we had lunch. I was already starving at that time and was only able to take photos of the food and the dining table. Villa Tortuga is a beautiful well restored house of the Spanish Era.


Travelling back to History–Taal Heritage Photo Trek


      I recently joined my mom’s Taal-Heritage Photo Trek trip a few days ago and I was impressed that Taal has so much to offer, being  abundantly rich of our Philippine history.

      This will be part 1 of sceneries around Taal that we visited. We first met with the other participants in mom’s office at LRI Design Plaza, it took us 3 hours to arrive at our first destination – Basilica


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another post Christmas gift: KOR water bottle


      I received a package today from a dear blogger friend John. When he texted me that he will be sending something I was curious to know what it was. But before anything, I want to say thank you for the very sweet gift.

Tech talk: CD-R King Wireless router review


       My man is the type who likes giving gifts that would serve a purpose for long term. I wanted a play dough cake maker and I thought, he’d get me that – hehe. But he said, when I’m done with the play dough, what’s next? And with that, he gifted me a router instead. Nonetheless, I love it! I can download apps non stop.


New things before the year ends: A pink haul


     Last Friday, I went shopping for my usual basic needs and the next day mom bought me new set of clothes. As I was taking pictures, I just realized that everything was in color pink. Why you ask? refer to photo below.


Monday, December 26, 2011

My Christmas


   Merry Christmas everyone, it’s the Christmas season and I’m sure everyone was busy preparing or meeting up with relatives during the weekend. I was also pretty much tied up as well.

   On the 23rd, I attended my man’s company party at their office. I was only able to take photos of the food. I had fun in the party, there were games and a lot of people came that day. After the party, it was pretty exhausting because my boyfriend was the host, we spent the whole night at Glorietta to shop for my things, have dinner and coffee. We also exchanged gifts since we won’t be able to spend Christmas together.

    Food at the party

2011-12-23 12.08.03

2011-12-23 12.01.19

                                            My present from my love, thanks babe~

    On the 24th, I woke up really early and had 6 hours of sleep. My mom asked me to go with her to Quiapo to buy some food, but we first went to her brother’s house near ours (somewhere in Bagtikan, Makati). Eventually, it was almost lunch time when we left, thankfully mom decided to just buy our things at Landmark Makati. My sister arrived from her date around 5pm, we were already preparing and she was just in time to help out. We had a lot of food, here’s what happened during our pre Christmas dinner.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tech talk: Hyundai LCD TV


    During our search for a 32 inch LCD TV last week in SM Makati, my man and I passed through a brand that is now joining the LCD/LED TV bandwagon – Hyundai, not only do they make cars, they are now into flat screen television as well. Fairly new to the market, there are consumers that would think twice before buying the product. I can’t remember how much the prices were, so I will have to update this post regarding that matter.

     We now have the Hyundai LCD tv 19” and here are a few of my initial impressions (I haven’t had much time tinkering around). But here are photos for you to see how it looks.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The House of Wagyu at The Podium


   I had another rendezvous at The House of Wagyu, but this time at the Podium Ortigas branch. The first time I was able to try steak was at Melo’s, but it was a different dining experience that happened a long time ago. Melo’s is already a pioneer in the business.

   The House of Wagyu  is owned and operated by Theresa, a fine dining restaurant with 3 branches located at Greenhills, Podium and Eastwood. My first wagyu stone grill experience was at the Greenhills branch. And so yesterday was another mouth watering experience for me. The Podium branch can be found at the 5th floor near Kimono Ken. It has a 50 seater capacity and their peak days are during Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Join Timeless Confection Blog Give-Away For The New Year!


   Hey everyone, I’m joining a contest from a blogger friend Timeless Confections. The prizes are pretty awesome, if you’re like me who likes joining interesting contest, don’t let this pass.

   Here’s what you can win…

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Saturday of Food, movies and A gadget


   Saturday came and quite a lot had happened, but the highlight of the day was when my man happily rewarded something for himself for this Christmas. Originally, we were supposed to go to Mall of Asia, but since we had breakfast at Alpha Land, we instead decided to spend our day at Glorietta Makati.

   Our breakfast, we both ordered the same thing, but for my drinks I chose Ice tea. Their hashbrown was sa makunat, for a breakfast item, this is not how it should have been. For our main dish, we always have our favorite longganisa meal.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Shall We Dance?


   When I was 14, I was pretty normal, loved to play and hang out with my elementary friends. But my little brother, 14 years old loves ballroom dancing. He’s been dancing for 2 years now, and it was only yesterday that I was able to see him dance in a competition. It’s not his first, as he’s (and partner Anna) received a couple of medals already from local and international competitions.

    Yesterday’s competition, they won 3rd place, it was a bit disappointing because we all thought they should have won first place or maybe 2nd at least. Regardless, I’m still proud of my brother and was pretty much speechless when I saw him dancing. He looked like a totally different person on stage.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thank you Unilab


    Happy Thursday everyone! My prize came from the re-tweet contest I joined from unilab_ph a week ago. I was actually writing in my journal earlier, and asked when I will be able to get my free stuff. And then the doorbell rang, hehe.

    Here’s the cool swags I got~





    I was able to try the green scrub before and I loved it. I will try this product and compare which I like best among the two. Again, thank you unilab_ph.


    Till then!




Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Of Christmas wishes–please come true


   In the spirit of Christmas, and just a few days left, I will be posting my yearly Christmas wish list once again. It doesn’t hurt really, what’s good about it is that, some of the things I wish for comes true eventually.

   First category – Gadgets

Cats and Bags


       What’s on your bed? Mine are usually pens, my journal, cellphone and my current read – Eat Pray Love, but most of the time it’s my cat Tabby. My cat has this thing, sleeping on top of my bags every night.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Food post: Shakey’s Shell Pasong Tamo


    My little sister and I ended up eating at Shakey’s Shell, Pasong Tamo for our lunch/merienda today. Shakey’s combo meals never fails to fill the tummy without hurting your pockets that much. I’ve tried different branches of Shakey’s, at SM Sucat, SM Bicutan, Megamall, Glorietta and now Pasong Tamo, they all exceptionally have great customer service. They all serve with a smile and are attentive, thumbs up! And for those who are wifi erm…. sniffers, this branch also has free wifi, just ask from the friendly waiters for the password.

An Evening with Sleeping beauty and a little bit of Make-up and books


   During my prep days until grade 3, I used to be in a ballet class, but ever since I was paralyzed I stopped. I’m not fond of ballet shows, but I have watched a couple of shows specially from Lisa Macuja’s.

   Last Saturday, mom and my 2 younger siblings, Amanda and Kert and I watched The Sleeping Beauty A Ballet at CCP. We watched the 8PM show, but arrived a few minutes late due to the heavy traffic. We were forced to walk a few meters away from the theater or else it would take forever to get there. There were 2 accidents that happened during our travel.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend food trip: The House of Wagyu


      My family and I attended mass today at Bread, Greenbelt 1 and for lunch my mom “treated” us to The House of Wagyu located at Greenhills, inside the parking lot in front of Unimart Greenhills corner, Ortigas and Annapolis Drive.   

2011-12-11 13.29.42

Friday, December 09, 2011

Cooking Equipment: Electric Oven


     I like to bake and the closest thing I’ve done is the instant brownies which was a long time ago, cooked in a toaster. And so the timing couldn’t be more perfect, because we now have an electric oven. Now, I can try my hands to instant baking (LOL) and make baked pasta. And to also, try this 3D oven if it will perform well.

Skin care: Celeteque Oil Control toner


   Last week, the Metro experienced a very hot weather and with that, my face really oiled up a lot. Not only that, my face was in a bad condition ever since I started using the PONDS gold radiance facial wash (the only PONDS product that broke me out). I acquired some red spots in my cheeks. I discontinued using it and reverted to my Human Nature balancing facial wash every morning and the PONDS smooth pores every night, and my skin is back to normal – still oily by the way. I’m pretty sure the diet has something to do with it as well. I ate very bad last week and kept on drinking sodas and ice tea. Now, I’m back with good ol’ H2O.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

An Experimented salad on a Wednesday


   Hey there kitties! My sister and I went to the grocery today and made an experimented salad. We don’t have a name for it yet though but it was a hit! This served as our merienda as well, super healthy!


Android Fancy Widget + A bundle of Joy


  Techie talk for today’s post! I’m definitely loving my Samsung Galaxy Ace and was really glad to have not replaced it with the Galaxy Y. When Martin showed me a pink version of the Y, I was seriously considering in buying it. Just because it’s pink. But he managed to talk me out of it because it was a dumb idea because it’s a bit of a downgrade from my phone. (spur of the moment sickness) hehe

Monday, December 05, 2011

Currently Playing: Hard Corps–Uprising


   Happy Monday folks! For today’s post is another game review, but this time for the console PS3.

                                           HARD CORPS: UPRISING


Sunday, December 04, 2011

Weekend Food tripping + Trying out Celeteque


Weekends are meant for food trip, so for this week here’s what my family and Martin and I had.

  Friday night, my mom ordered her usual favorite at Ambers. It’s been a while since we had Amber’s so this was a treat!

2011-12-02 18.16.18

2011-12-02 18.16.35

   As for yesterday’s date with M, here’s what we had…

2011-12-03 16.05.54

   Dirty Ice cream as we pinoy’s call it! I asked for the mango flavored one, was eating this on our way to Puregold Sucat to have merienda/dinner.

2011-12-03 16.49.47

                                                            Purefoods hotdog on stick

2011-12-03 16.57.59

                                                 Crab nuggets (which looks like kikiam)

2011-12-03 16.59.42

                                                                          3M Pinoy pizza

   3M was truly disappointing and even pricier than Chansel. Lotsa Pizza and Chansel is way better than 3M. They skimped on tomato sauce and the cheese as well. The dough was crunchy too almost like a toasted bread.

2011-12-03 17.00.04

2011-12-03 17.00.21

                                                              3M supreme pizza flavor

2011-12-03 16.46.48


   On other things, I’ve been trying to look for Celeteque Brightening facial wash and their brightening skin care products, but I can’t seem to find it which is a bit frustrating. Recently, my face has been oiling up much more too. I tried using the PONDS Gold radiance and it broke me out. So, I’m back with my human nature balancing facial wash. Currently, I’m using the Olay oil minimizing toner, which is half empty already (on my 2nd bottle). A bottle costs P195. It doesn’t do much for controlling the oil, but it helps neutralize the skins moisture. Anyway, I saw the Celetque Oil Control toner at Mercury and bought the small bottle to test it out first.

2011-12-03 16.50.26

2011-12-03 16.50.47

   The small bottle costs for P70 while the bigger one at P110.75 which is less than a few pesos from the Olay.

   Well, that’s it for our food trip weekend, I’m still craving for a decent pizza though. hehe~

   Any interesting food trip? share okay? :)

   I hope it rains the whole night, keep warm kitties~




    Till then!




Red Ribbon


   Yesterday’s weather felt like summer and I hated it! Before heading home to Martin’s house we went to red ribbon to buy a few pieces of Banana nut crunch, and when Martin saw the Frappes in the menu board he insisted we have this, so we can cool down first. I had the Mocha frappe, all their flavored frappes costs for P85

2011-12-03 11.46.31

2011-12-03 11.46.42

   The mocha flavor had a very faint taste of it, but it didn’t really matter because I enjoyed my cold frappe!

2011-12-03 13.38.08

2011-12-03 13.39.31

   I was actually debating whether to order a slice of cake for dessert or this one. Well, obviously I chose this instead. Sadly, it kind of tasted stale for me. But this is one of my favorites from Red Ribbon.


  Any favorites from Red Ribbon? I’d love to know them, share okay?


   Till then!




Friday, December 02, 2011

A Princess for a day and the Stila palette


  Happy weekend folks! I hope you’re all looking forward for the weekend as much as I am! For today’s post is my review / experience with Stila’s Glamour eyes mascara.




  What it claims:

   “A mascara that instantly defines, amplifies, and intensifies to achieve the dramatic look of false lashes.”

  The first day I tried it seemed to have a different result in the second time I applied the mascara. I currently have it on as we speak (technically speaking that is).

  •   Consistency is very wet
  •   Not waterproof

   As you all know and may have noticed, I have very short / sparse lashes, which makes it hard to find a good mascara that would lengthen my lashes. So far, my favorite would still be the Maybelline cat eyes mascara.

  I have mixed emotions about this, and here’s why.

glamorous eyes mascara

  This was the first time I tried it. My lashes looked really curled and long and loved it.


   Second time?

2011-12-02 15.53.39

                                                                                  Without mascara

2011-12-02 15.59.06

                                                                                          With mascara

  It looks weighed down today and I’m not sure why. I will be trying this again tomorrow for tomorrow’s date with my man and see if it would give me the same result today.

2011-12-02 15.59.23

   I also played with the palette, but my eye color is washed out with the lighting. I just used my phone camera to take a picture because my digi cam’s battery suddenly died. But anyway, here’s a simple FOTD using the first rowed shadows, lip/cheek color and the all over shimmer


2011-12-02 16.03.37

  The colors may not be as obvious, but the red carpet shadow was really pigmented. The cheek and lip color was good, though I liked it better on how it looked as a lip color because I don’t have smooth pores.



                      Definitely the lip color is my favorite among the palette


  I was just home and found a tiara in my sister’s room.


                    Me being a princess for a day, too bad my prince is at work  :(

People will always have to say something about how you look, but I believe that all of us are beautiful, whatever size you may be. The most beautiful part of a woman is her smile, so smile ladies~


Till then!



Thursday, December 01, 2011

Ensaymada on a Thursday


Laguna is our province, which we rarely visit now a days. Aside from the hot springs, one of the few things I love about the place is UPLB’s yogurt. I forgot where exactly, but they make very good local yogurt.

  Around 4-5 pm is merienda (tea time) for us Pinoy’s, and for my merienda today is ensaymada from San Pedro, Laguna. YUM!



                                                                                 Cold ensaymada


                                                       When heated is YUMMIER <3


                                                                Some bits of ham inside


                What’s yours? Share okay?


       Till then!




Food tripping, Hobbies and Pets


It’s the first day of December! And even if it’s a little bit hot, I’m feeling the Christmas spirit more and more.

Yesterday, spent food tripping with my man and boy, it was one food trip that I never ever want to do again. We had late brunch at Mang Inasal, both ordered the Spicy paa which was as usual, rockin’ good! We met around 10am, as our agenda that morning was to decorate his office along with the bosses sister Maita (the designer and dog lover). She owns Baby Moon Lifestyle and Baby Moon for Pets,  frequents at Hobbes and Land, Bonifacio High Street.


  Anyway, after decorating, Martin and I drove to Glorietta to first buy his toys (men and their toys), and watch Happy feet 2. He did mention though that, The Adventures of Tin Tin got good reviews, but I was up for a simple feel good, laugh trip mood that day. So while waiting for the movie, we grabbed a bite at Burger King. I don’t know why I chose the Crispy chicken burger. I ended up taking out the bread and munching the chicken like nuggets, along with my disappointing onion rings.

2011-11-30 15.19.18

2011-11-30 15.18.45

2011-11-30 15.17.59

2011-11-30 15.33.52

2011-11-30 15.26.28

  For some reason, their onion rings tastes different. The chewy kind of different, weird I know. But that’s how I can best describe their onion rings.

2011-11-30 15.26.12

Still, it was filling so we needed to walk it off and visited some stores before heading for our movie. I’m not sure if it’s because of the Holiday or it’s the Christmas shopping rush, there were a lot of people in the mall yesterday.

  I took a photo of the stall were currently, has been having long lines. The tea craze!

2011-11-30 15.37.37

                                                                                    GONG CHA 

  A movie is never without some munchies, we had our usual BBQ flavored popcorn from taters, along with ice tea to wash it down.

2011-11-30 16.38.17

2011-11-30 16.47.08 

  For dinner, we went for Korean at Mr. Kimbob for Bibimbap and tried out their Tukbogi (rice cakes).



The rice cakes was a disappoint, it was too flimsy. I’ve tasted real korean rice kimchi cakes way back and this doesn’t compare.  

We both had too much to eat, the Bibimbap over did it. We rarely do this these days so it was still a treat for us.

   And for the kid in my man, a sneak peek of what he bought..

2011-11-30 15.11.51

A funny looking rabbit at Bio research

2011-11-30 16.28.36  

  And here’s the new model for Knick Knacks


  Vain shots please….





  Till then!





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