Sunday, February 27, 2011

Event: Lady E spends her birthday at Clinique Rustan’s


    It’s official, Happy birthday Lady E! Thanks for inviting me and M, Joy Lyn and Ed to your Clinique party.

    Clinique, Rustan’s Makati threw a party for my special friend Lady E yesterday (feb 26) Activities were, skin care consultation, a short lecture about the 3 step skin care, make over sessions for guests and a raffle prize.

     When M and I arrived the birthday girl was already having her make-up done, our friends Joy and Ed we’re there early since they needed to set up (because of the cupcakes)~ hehe.

       First activity was a short lecture about the 3 step skin care, I learned a lot, and by the looks of it, I am now a Clinique convert from their skin care to make-up line. I forgot the name of the lady who gave the lecture, but she was really nice and pretty too



  * with her is model for the party Ahne

    First part was the skin care then the make-over



                                                         Doing her make-up 

     Right after was the make-over for guests, and Lady E calls my name first, what the? haha. We were given the skin consultation answer sheets first, then the ladies in charge namely - Ms. Malou, Ms. Dindin, Ms. Baby and the lovely Ms. Budit took care of us. They were really friendly and gave us great tips for each of our skin type.

     Ms. Budit, Ms. Malou was the one in charge of me, being up close, she noticed my skin problem ( I was flaking that time), and recommended the products I need to use. I’ve always thought I’m mostly oily, but she said that I had dry skin. So I’m a combination. I’ll be investing on my skin care and will go back to clinique for another consultation and by my own customized 3 step skin care.

     Let me share with you (my dear readers) about the wonderful 3 step skin care. Clinique offers a customized skin care suited for your skin type (they custom fit the products for you) and recommend the following products that you need to have great skin. I was advised to use to 7 day scrub cream rinse off formula, for my flaking. Clarifying moisture lotion 2 (for dry to combination skin) and the dramatically different moisturizing lotion


     We were given sample sizes to try, and for tonight I did what I was advised and it was wonderful, which is why it turned me to a Clinique convert. Now all I have to do is invest on my skin care.

     I will be making a different post for my make-over. Btw, we had cupcakes who my friend Joy Lyn custom made for the party.




Other random photos



   Clinique also offers men’s skin line so for my friend John ray, visit their counters na, hehe~



                              This is how our answer sheet looked like


                                                   Guests and family


    I won this during the question and answer portion, but I gave it to Joy instead, just because I want her to be kikay too~


     A light green eyeshadow, green compliments all skin types, so I really hope she uses this.

     Oh and our men was also given a 3 step skin care sample for them to try




                   The giveaway goodies courtesy of Clinique~ Thank you




Aside from the Clinique goodies,

   Lady E also gave gifts, a box of bangles to choose from and I chose this


    A lot of people were passing by the Clinique booth and even joined the supposedly private event, and even asked if they can have bangles too? (whoa) a little bit thick skinned in my opinion, haha~ I should’ve suggested to have put a private party sign or something. hehe~ There were still a few bangles left though


   The birthday girl, generous as always wanted to have a raffle. Whoever wins gets a free Clinique Chubby stick. She asked the boys to go pick the papers and it was M who picked first~ mind you, randomly (I don’t have anything to do with it) and when Lady E opened the paper it was ME! haha, she says: “ano ba yan favoritism ba to?” haha! Joy Lyn also won which was also picked randomly by the BF.


                  This is Clinique’s new lip balm line, it sells for around P900+


                              The birthday girl’s new set of friends

                      l-r: Lady E, the BF, me, Joy Lyn and Edwin

       As we summed up the day, it was a unique birthday experience. I’ve never seen a blogger spend her birthday at Rustan’s, let alone be sponsored by a wonderful brand. I hope she enjoyed her day, BF was also sweet to buy a simple cake for her, as she calls it alay (haha~ she’s crazy like that).


        Thank you Clinique, I will definitely go back for your skin care regimen~


       Till then!



Saturday, February 26, 2011

FINALLY! 2 bloggers meet~


  Quick post…

     FINALLY! the 2 bloggers meet (just before her party event tomorrow) Lady E and I


* photo courtesy of Lady E  

I had only 3 hours of sleep, thanks to the inconsiderate person at home~  so since E wanted to go back to the mall, I decided to meet with her. It was crazy, ever since I started blogging, she became my first friend ever in the blogosphere world.  For some reason, even before meeting her I felt at ease and like we we’re old friends already.

    So we met at SM Makati near the Sakura spot, and as soon as I saw her, ran and all hugs and hello’s. And that’s our first time meeting each other. I accompanied her to buy the things she needs, then had dinner at BIZU Greenbelt~



  Just random photos, since we were so busy talking about our lives and stuff. Maybe when I get to eat here again, will blog about BIZU. I’m definitely so happy meeting her. I also got to meet her BF MB.

    Before we reached the exit at SM Makati, E, mentioned about a lost cat. So I said, aww, poor kitty Sad smile then, handed me this:




     I didn’t want to accept it  yet but she insisted, will blog more on this next time. I won’t show it to you guys yet, but will post by Sunday. It’s exciting, promise! Well, for me that is~


     I’m just really really happy that we finally got to meet each other in person~


    Till then!



Friday, February 25, 2011

Beauty talk: Maybelline eyestudio eyeshadow review


* this is a sponsored post


   If you remember my post valentine’s haul, I ordered quite a lot and the HYPHEN  sent me a sponsored item for me to review. Thank you hyphen~

   The owner knows how much I suddenly got addicted to palettes, specifically netural palettes, so she sent me the maybelline eye studtio cream eyeshadow to try.


   Swatches and phtos…









Please excuse the messy palette, I played with it this morning and went crazy blending, haha~



This is the kind of neutral colors I want for my eyeshadow, I LOVE IT!

   Originally, I didn’t want to make an EOTD/FOTD with this product until I have my eye primer yet. Yes, it’s funny how I have a couple of palettes already and don’t have an eye primer yet. But I will be buying soon. So anyway, for tonight I decided to make one (please take note that I am still practicing my application skills for   eyeshadows (this is very amateurish)







My thoughts about the product…

  Of course rule of thumb when applying eye shadow is to prime the eyes first, maybe the result would be different when you apply primer. Never use without, mine last for only 2 hours max and I easily creased as soon as I arrived to work. As you can see, the colors are divine, but staying power isn’t that great (without primer that is). As soon as I get a hold of my primer, I will make another review and here’s to hoping it would last. What’s good about it is the color, being neutral, even if it creased, it blended with my natural eye lid color. I just patted the excess oil with some tissue, then blotting paper and retouched.




  • pigmented enough
  • just the right hint of shimmer
  • safe for ladies who wear contact lens
  • safe for sensitive eyes
  • luminous, really appears pretty in the lids
  • available at the HYPHEN store
  • retouch-able
  • applying the cream formula is easy – best applied with clean fingers


  • not available locally
  • didn’t last me more than 2 hours -  needed to retouch
  • may not suit oily faced ladies (like me) for everyday wear – specially on humid places

and FOTD….





Thank you HYPHEN for letting me try your product. There are other colors available in her store if you want to buy and try it out. Check out her one-of-a-kind beauty store. Apparels, accessories and make-up brands that are not available locally. Click the link here.


  What do you think about the eyestudio? Will definitely  buy the neutral liason next time~


  Till then!



Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lady E’s: favorite things giveaway -Final


   It’s coming to a close, and Lady E has finally drawn all her prizes for her birthday giveaway. Honestly, it’s hard just to choose 2, so now I’ve made a decision which of the 2 prizes I want to win.

Prize 1

clinique all about eyes rich and 7-day scrub cleanser, by bitsandtreats[5]

Prize 4

etude house happy tea time facial wash and makeup remover, by bitsandtreats[5]


  It would be nice if there was some kind of grand winner or something, all the prizes are wonderful, but if I had to choose just 2, I chose the clinique  all about eyes and the etude house happy tea time facial wash.


   For the clinique all eyes, I’ve been neglecting my skin care for quite a while, and noticed slight aging, I also read good reviews about the product and when Lady E included this in her birthday giveaway, it was perfect so I could try if the product works for me, and if it does eventually invest on it.

   I’m also curious about this Etude house Happy tea time facial wash, basically, just curious about the rave on this product, here’s to hoping it suits my skin type though.


check out her new giveaway prize here. For more details on the contest check here.


Till then!



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

That time of month: Solution?


  It’s that time of month again and what did I have? My solution…


   M and I bought this at 711 for P160+, it was so good, but I wished there were more peanut parts than the chocolate. I hope they make this stay for a looong time, I love REESE!


   For ladies out there, what do you usually eat or do when it’s that time of month? hehe.


  Till then!



Beauty talk: Colossal mascara review



   When I saw the colossal at the hyphen I couldn’t resist and it was perfect timing too since I was about to buy the Magnum which is the Philippine version of the Colossal. Which I find weird though, why not just supply the Colossal here in the phil since there’s a market for it.


     Anyway, enough about my babbling and on to the review. Hyphen is selling it for P450 only. Oh and before I forget, if you  follow Lady E, you get to have a 10% discount for like FOREVER~ that’s how generous she is.




                           Vibrant yellow packaging with purple logo


   A closer look of the bristles


Kitty says….

The bristles are quite fat, and when applying it you have to be careful not to smudge your eye area, same goes for applying the lower lashes. I find the formula really light. Though my lashes does not look way close to their adverstisment, I have thin and short lashes just so you know. Results may vary.

May_CreativePage_Templ * photo courtesy of:


    Here are swatches:







  • light weight formula
  • LOVE-LOVE the volume it gives me
  • perfect for everyday
  • gives me a natural curled lashes look


  • not available locally
  • thick bristles


    Well, I so love the colossal because of the volume, at least it’s promise of giving you volume stays true. It makes my lashes look longer. I took a picture as soon as I got to work, I didn’t retouch or rather re-curled my lashes. Only applied 1 coat. My only caveat about it, is the bristles, it’s too big that it’s hard to reach the small or thin lashes, specially in the lower lashes. Other than that, I simply love it!

     I believe HYPHEN still has some stocks of the Colossal, if interested do order.


   Till then!



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