Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Preview: Stila Stunning Scarlet palette and Mascara


  Hey there everyone! Good evening, I just got home from a date with my man and I still seem to be wide awake. Anyway, this morning something brightened up my day. I’ve recently been posting a lot of food and gadget posts lately, but for this post it’s something different… MAKE-UP! It’s been so long that I’ve posted anything about my favorite thing in the whole wide world!

  I’m actually not sure what kind of event my mom attended to, but here’s some cool swag she got for me…


I’m actually done with my palette addiction, so I’m giving this one to my sister. I’m keeping the mascara though.



The first row of eye shadows has pretty colors though, and I got attracted to the all over shimmers name – Kitten!





                                  swatch of the lip and cheek color


                                The glamorous eyes mascara


I will be making a comprehensive review of the mascara tomorrow. I actually tried it today and it’s pretty good~

Good night~


  Till then!




Monday, November 28, 2011

Series of food photos~


Because I love reading food posts, these are my series of food adventures from dining out and simple home cooking and everything else~

When I left my previous work, my officemates were so sweet to “throw” me a despedida somewhere along Jupiter St, Makati. We ended up going to Strumm’s. I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos, but I enjoyed the night of food, drinks and great company.

What we had…

2011-10-28 19.25.10

We were the first customers to arrive in the place and almost all of the seats were already reserved, good thing somehow we managed to get seats. Anyhow, as for our calamares order for less than P200? I’ve had better. The squid was so chewy like bubblegum, nothing extra ordinary.

For our second order, we were deciding whether to choose the plain nachos or the supreme one. The supreme costs around P300+ I think and it was total disappointment.

2011-10-28 19.45.54

For something that’s supposedly to be special, the price is not worth it. Well, I guess it’s all about the drinks not the food. One of my officemate ordered dynamite, that was good, but no photo sorry.

  If you arrive early, you get to pay for beer or tanduay ice half the price, the regular price costs for P130+ per bottle.


A few weeks ago, my man finally bought an android phone. We bought his phone at Parkquare Makati for a good deal. He got himself a Samsung Galaxy Y, right after buying we had dinner at SM Makati food court. I ordered at Tokyo tokyo, the Tempura kani meal which costs P228.



The meal comes with 4 pcs of california maki, and regular drink of red ice tea. The usual stuff, but I love their sautee’d veggies a lot.


          I like Tokyo’s red ice among other Japanese fast food resto’s.

We met the next day to have a quick dinner near my place.


Martin ordered chicken nuggets and a cheeseburger, I had their spaghetti and burger mcdo. I was quite surprised that the portion size were big. Not bad for a P50 meal.

309052_2194317573163_1103880186_31922090_228775499_n  385230_2194318453185_1103880186_31922091_812960460_n


Last Saturday, was our weekend RnR, we just stayed in his place to have a movie and gaming session. For breakfast, we had the usual mcdonald’s breakfast.

2011-11-26 10.11.14

                                  A growing man needs his food, hehe~

2011-11-26 10.10.53

I wonder, why is the Mcdonald’s standard here in the Philippines so small? The sausage mc muffin is almost the size of my palm and they wonder why they can’t beat Jollibee here in the Philippines?  Anyhow, I still enjoyed my breakfast, even if the muffins tasted like stale bread.

For lunch, which was rather a very late lunch we enjoyed ourselves with simple food, a bang for the buck. Paotsin never fails to fill the tummy.

2011-11-26 15.05.49

                                          Fried sharks fin for the boy

2011-11-26 15.06.09

                                         Fried squid wanton for me

We washed it down with our drinks brought from the grocery. The Lipton sparkling is my current fave.

2011-11-26 15.03.37

For dessert I was curious about Monde’s coco bites, I had high hopes for this but was just dismayed.

2011-11-26 15.03.44


Our dinner was home cooked, Adobo and pansit canton, both were yum!

2011-11-26 20.22.22

2011-11-26 20.21.03


  That’s about it for food photos! Hope this will be a great week for everyone~

  And of course, since I rarely spend time with their cat Tigger, I enjoyed every moment hugging him and squeezing his face XD

2011-11-26 15.45.04


Till then!




Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Cat’s Charm never fails


In my position, where I’m the only one taking care of my cats, I decided to just have one cat, and that is Tabby. Then, one evening when I got home from work, something arrived inside a travel cage. I first got a message from my sister telling me to give a way the poor thing in the cage. Well, it’s already hard trying to look for owners who are interested to adopt, so I just kept her. I let her stay in our veranda in a cage, after a couple of weeks, the cat’s cuteness and charm worked and eventually I let her in.




Her story is similar with Tabby, a stray cat wondering in our veranda, trying to fool the cat lady (me).  Her name is Rogue, it was my sister who named her.

Content Kitty? I think so too…



  Till then!




Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tech talk: Cats are taking over the world!

 Hello everyone! For today’s post is another app review. I was contemplating whether to have a separate blog for my techie talks, or maybe just mix it with my blog. I asked Martin, and as usual he gave valid reasons to just mix it here, my friend Stacy also said the same thing.

 I’ve been OC lately for customizing my phone, so I decided to download new widgets and apps and I’m quite happy with what I have now. By the way, upon upgrading the froyo to gingerbread, I forgot to mention (though it may not be a big of a deal for some)  that there was one additional wallpaper available and it looks like this (refer to image below)


 The list of things that I downloaded were the following:
  • Battery widget
  • App folder (similar to the IOS)
  • Color note
  • Bathing cat
  • Cat’s memo
  • Cool SMS tones and
  • Cat sound ringtones
 Here’s how my phones UI looks like now:




 But for this post I will be reviewing the two cat apps. First up, Bathing cat, now this is not my first time to download the widget. I am always cramming for space, so I had to prioritize which of the important ones that I needed for my phone to stay. Well, I still am cramming for space until now, but then what the heck! I miss the whiney, vain cat in my screen – haha!

 Basically, bathing cat is a battery widget that informs you of bath levels (battery status), only much more fun and can be irritating at times (LOL). This  widget is definitely for the cat lovers out there.
With my recent update, the battery performance has changed a lot, but having this app drains the battery a little faster, but can still last the whole day.

 Here’s what you can customize…



 You can choose from different styles of cats, tubs and background. It is also like a tamagotchi, which you have to take care of or else he’ll complain if you don’t.







 That’s about if for Bathing cat! Next up is the Cat’s memo.

 Cat’s memo

  Now this is my favorite app, this takes memo’s to a cuter level! You can set it up in the shortcut option for your home screen. This size is a 1x2


While the photo below is 1x4


I like them both, so I put 2 kitties in my home screen. Best of all you can also choose from different kinds of cats and also add a photo to your note.




 There are only 6 cats to choose from and only 3 notepads, which in my opinion is not bad. Though, I hope if there’s an update they will add more cats and more colored notepads to choose from.


Definitely enjoying the cat’s memo! Both apps are free (yes, I’m cheap ass), one of the reasons why I love the android too – hehe.
I hope this is a good reason for you to get an android phone, specially cat lovers out there, hehe.

  Till then!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Achievement unlocked – Part II


What a busy weekend it was, attended an event and then yesterday, blogged, did some chores and then helped my sister with her project, where food and cooking was involved.

Pasta is the most flexible dish to make, but for my sister’s project it had to be gourmet, so we thought of Puttanesca. I recently watched Jamie Oliver’s show at TLC (Travel and Living Channel) and he made puttanesca, which was surprisingly very easy to do. For my first time, it was a success.

Ingredients consists of the following:

  • Olives and capers
  • Garlic
  • replaced anchovy for TUYO
  • canned tomatoes and ripe tomatoes
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • oregano




  Not bad for a first time, although it still needed more tuyo for that salty taste. For our appetizer we made dynamite. Green chili stuffed with mozzarella cheese and bacon.



And because the tuyo has a strong scent, my cats were all over the place.


                       Oh hello there Tabby! It’s been a while since I last saw you~


                                              Oh hello there too little Rogue~

Finally, weekends are done and I can finally rest today. Hope you all had a great weekend Smile


  Till then!




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