Monday, August 30, 2010

Nokia E72 review – camera testing


   Hello everyone! It’s a Monday and it’s a holiday here in the Philippines, though I still have to go to work but I don’t mind since I get paid for it.

    Here’s another post review about the Nokia E72, first off all I stand corrected when I said that the E72 doesn’t support the Skype app, it actually does and it works pretty fine, though I have to admit I prefer the Skype feature in the N900, as for the E72, I prefer using the Yahoo Messenger chat.


                  I tried taking pictures, here’s how it would look like:

29082010016                                            My Cat Tabby with flash low light

29082010017                                                Normal Indoor light, no flash 

30082010024                                  My Piccolo, no light with flash – not bad

28082010005                               The blue tooth, no flash, office indoor lights

  Mostly, I’ve done Indoor photos only will try to shoot outdoors by tomorrow. So far, the camera quality is really good. BF and I loves the camera quality definitely, as for me I’d hope there would be more artistic camera settings, like lighting and stuff. 

   As for the battery life, it lasts for 2 days max with texting, calling, browsing and taking photos, not bad. Battery life is the most important factor, but I’ll try to do some testing again with music player and see how long it will last me. I don’t want to mess with the phone that much since it is not mine, but gawd! I’d really love to have this phone so bad, haha. Now I’m sounding like I won’t be returning this noh? haha, of course I will! It’s just a part of me loving this phone so much and slowly getting attached to it. That’s the bad part of being a reviewer I guess, but then at least it makes you think of what product to buy, test out for quality, blah blah blah. So, that’s all for now, will try to see other things about the phone.


Till then!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Beauty GaGa Birthday Giveaway: Lady Mitchelli just turned Twenty-four!


  One of my followers is having a humble give a way, but I think it’s more than humble, all give a ways are great and so, here’s hers

 Lady GaGa just turned 24 recently and is having her birthday give a way here


  Here’s a shot of me hoping I’d win this, I wasn’t able to buy the limited edition Hello Kitty cat eyes, and I’d definitely want to have this, as well as the Shu Uemura of course. So to the the lovely blogger Lady Gaga, belated happy birthday to you, cheers to your career and personal life.

Here’s how to enter the contest:

1. You must be a follower of Lady GaGa’s blog
2. Leave a comment saying…

"I am a follower, Enter ["YOUR NAME/NICKNAME" with corresponding email account], My favorite Mascara is [Brand and Product Name]!"

(Steps 1 and 2 will automatically give you 3 entry points)

3. Earn extra entry points by doing the following:
         ++2 entries if you include my giveaway on your sidebar (with my giveaway link)
         ++3 entries if you make a blog post about this (using the picture above and the link to this post)

for other details, just click here again, for more reads click Lady GaGa


Till then!


Nokia E72 – Phone impressions and other features


  A relaxing Sunday to all! As promised, I will do my  best to make an in-depth review of a day to day basis with the Nokia E72. I had a chance to play with the phone today and before anything else, I have to admit, I love the phone so much, it suits my needs, love the style but the price as I saw in the mall does not love me that much. Hahahaha!

  First Impressions with the E72

  Physical design:

  •  Stunningly sleek and thin – the metal cover gives it a nice Ooomph to it! does not look tacky at all.
  • QWERTY layout is very nice, not really that small even if you have big fingers. The feel of the qwerty is very durable.
  • Doesn’t feel heavy at all.
  • Looks very professional but not complicated which is a MAJOR plus for me.

     Features / Basic specs:

  • Speakers are averagely good, not too loud or soft, just right.
  • It has a flashlight – very bright
  • 5MP LED with flash, front camera – YES front camera!
  • Panoramic view – will check further
  • 128MB RAM, 256MB phone, microSD up to 16GB
  • 3.5mm audio jack, microUSB
  • 2.36” screen, 320×240 pixels
  • 1500mAh battery


  • Symbian OS v9.3 – on first hand it was really fairly easy to use, compared with the N900 which was confusing for me at first.

    Here’s how the main menu homepage looks like

download                                                                  Simplified!

You can switch to Personal use or Business use (the one with the arrow black and white thumbnail.) I think if email is one of the things that is important for you, this phone will suit you well. My contact says, she uses this phone for her emailing business, I get what she means now.

  Other features:

  Basically, here’s how facebook will look like *images were taken via internet

Nokia Messaging for Social Networks Beta now supports Nokia E63 E71 and E72-2                          If you prefer a full view HTML sorry, not in this phone :(

  My needs for a phone sure has changed, before I just wanted a basic phone with a good MP3 player, blue tooth and a decent camera. But now, i didn’t realize that I needed a phone to browse stuff online basically – ANYWHERE with a good wifi hot spot in malls or at work. And as a blogger, I need a good quality camera for my blog posts a decent 5MP sure is fine with me.

   Well anyway continuing with the phone features, here’s how the menu would look like


I was also able to try the email, and it works fine, I couldn’t figure out the email set up as seen in the main menu, so I opted to just search it in the internet thumbnail and it worked. I just saved it as bookmark so it would be easy for me next time I check.

office This is the office menu, and my favorite here would be the Dictionary feature, just type in the word and you have a portable dictionary within your reach, very accessible if I may say.


   I was hoping that this phone supports Skype like the N900 since most of my friends are on skype but then again at least it supports Yahoo Messenger, I had to download this via the OVI store which was pretty easy to install actually.


  BF and I chatted with our phones last night and it was sure convenient to chat in my room, love WIFI!

   Other things I downloaded through OVI store is the SIM CITY app, it works fine, though I have to get how the game works first, but what’s important that it runs smoothly. Another thing which I tried was the youtube feature, I searched for my favorite song, which is the Bang Bang by Knaan and I’m impressed, loading was sure fast, music was loud enough but I noticed that you can’t watch videos with it. Hmm?

  For my social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, email it works perfectly fine. I also tried if I can surf and was happy that it works with the E72. So it covers all my basic needs which is definitely great!

  I am enjoying the phone definitely and will try to see what else is new or interesting to feature with the E72.

Till then!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nokia E72 – my 2nd phone review


  Happy Weekend my readers! How did the week end for you? Mine has been great! I was granted another phone review and this time, it’s a kind of phone that’s close to what I’ll be buying soon. Huge thanks to WOM/World Nokia, Paul and Katie. So here’s the happy girl who got her package yesterday at BF’s office.

27082010007    I planned to have my identity to be a secret but then again! haha! Hello eye bags! XD This was at Jollibee Alphaland where we had dinner. For some reason, I was more excited now than my first N900 review (I don’t know why).

27082010008                                   BF took a picture of me unpacking the package

27082010009      I was like OMG! A different box? I was expecting a torn, used up box like with the N900. I thought all reviewers/ bloggers get that kind of box since it’s just for trial.

27082010010                                      Swwwweeeeeet! looks like a brand new box

27082010013         Okay, when I saw this, why did I fall in love with this phone instantly?

Closer look of the phone itself:


27082010015    Then I fell in love even more, it was so sleek, shiny and looks so professional ♥

Other surprises inside the box that I wasn’t expecting at all were these:

27082010018         It comes with a white pouch and white phone accessory. It also came with a 4GB Mini SD card with it, I didn’t have to use my sd card in my phone. I really felt pampered, giving me accessories like these and up to this point, I wonder why? They could just give me the same box like before. Because, I am loving the phone even more, why? look further how the phone looks like.

27082010019                                                                        Blue tooth 

  This is pretty okay, the feel when in your ear  is a bit wobbly. I tried listening to music with it and it’s very clear. I have yet to try calling someone with this device.

27082010016                                                   Other accessories in the box 

*the first clear photos were taken by BF with the Nokia N97 mini head on over to Proud2beGeek's blog here

More photos of the unit using my 5130 XpressMusic phone:


Image1235         Very slim, but honestly I would’ve preferred the black over the white one. 

Image1236               Back part, the case is steel very shiny and easy to remove


First few things I was able to try were taking pictures, it was rather slow but not bad since it  has a 5MP with LED, texting feature is different. I thought it was the same as with the N900 messaging feature but I didn’t mind. Third is music, the music player is far more better than the N900, but I still have to check out a few things about it. Fourth is surfing, well of course it’s only good for browsing, since my needs are mostly just browsing the net like Facebook, Twitter and email, the E72 serves well. You can’t chat though, unlike the N900, but it’s okay since I’m always in the office anyway. It’s just a matter of finding a good wifi spot and update your social networks.

I am still setting up the email, I can’t seem to browse it for now, would have to check the manual I guess or google it. I think this phone is good for when you need email on the go. And what’s good about a QWERTY phone? Texting is faster indeed. By the way, this phone has a flash light feature which is so bright, a good plus for me when I need to go to the bathroom at night, because light switch is too far. If you can notice the middle part (black button), it works as a sensor, which I find it weird, though you may need the sensor when taking pictures (zooming).

For a blogger this phone can be good for a phone and camera in 1 (more pictures coming up.)

So far for the calling feature BF’s end seems pretty clear, voice reduction maybe? Not so sure, will test it out more for 2 weeks. It seems that this phone, features and style fits my personality. Waaaaa! I don’t want to get too attached, I may be a DATE sufferer sooner or later, haha.


So that’s day 1! I will still test the email set up and post features for E72

Anyone owns this phone? how long  has it been with you? Care to share?


Till then!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Marionnaud e/s brush review


  Just one more day before my week ends, almost there and I could finally have some RnR and enjoy playing games this weekend, hehe. I’m currently hooked to playing DOTA (Defence of the Ancients) and God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP). Anyway, I may talk about it some other time.

   In my post recently, I asked a brand for a cheap eye shadow brush and I was recommended Marionnaud. I checked it out the other day and was happy to find one at Watson’s Robinson’s Galleria.

Image1220                                           Eye shadow brush N35 eyes- Yeux 

   This brush cost me around P65 or P69 pesos, very cheap and love the packaging. The brush itself doesn’t look cheap at all.


Image1223                                                                       Closer look

   Now, for the price I didn’t really expect much for this brush, I commend it’s packaging and the fact that the brush looks classy and sturdy. First thing I did was to try it out. It was hard to get enough pigment in the brush as you color your eyes with it. You have to constantly dab like 5 times to get the actual color you want or pigment you want. But of course, it’s 60 pesos and I was okay with it. I have yet to try their other brushes, I can’t afford to buy the Suesh or Charmed 5pcs. brush set yet since I have a list of things to buy which is my priority first. The brush works fairly, but I think if you’re in a hurry this is not a good brush to use.  Although, I noticed one thing with TBS baked to last prize, you need certain swipes of the brush to the container to get enough color in the brush. Hmmm? Maybe because it’s baked? Either way, I’m loving the eye shadow pans.

  I’ll try buying the blush brush from Marionnaud and see how it works. Most of their prices are really cheap, and it’s good if you’re a newbie when it comes to brushes.

My Verdict: 3/5 kikay points (you have to consider the way it’s priced really, points go to packaging)

I need to watch more eye shadow tutorials since I rarely wear e/s XD

By the way, I have another review coming up, please do watch for it! ;)

Till then,


Monday, August 23, 2010

Start of a good week (I hope) + TBS, Human Nature


  Happy Monday my readers! I was able to rest this weekend and all pumped up for work for this week. Sadly, it’s the last week for my weekend off, next month our off will rotate and it’ll be on a tuesday and wednesday.

  I am back to writing in my diary again, it’s been 1 year since I’ve stopped, sometimes there are certain things that you just want to write about, like personal stuff that you can’t reveal online, also reason for writing is to organize my spending and savings. But I  may have to buy a new notebook for separate expenses and savings. A few other stuff that I can’t wait to try this Monday are these

Image1217   Of course, it has to be a Hello Kitty diary (this was last years), Human Nature Aloe Vera and Peppermint shampoo and one of my beauty loot from SUMMIT – TBS Baked-to-last’s cheek blush and eye shadow

Closer look?

human nature shampoo  I love human nature’s peppermint shampoo, it really feels cold in the scalp and I love it.

Image1212                                                                Blush in Petal 

Image1214                                                       Eye shadow in Quartz -

                    (I know it’s quite blurry but the color on pan is really lovely.)


  BF and I was on the phone last night, and we were talking about our plans for our savings, wants, and our upcoming 5th anniversary – sigh. He’s really pushing on saving for our very first tagaytay trip this Christmas and he’ll be spending for transportation and hotel. Though he says, if I want to buy some souveneirs or stuff I have to pay for it, haha. I don’t mind. Now I can’t wait! here’s a glimpse of the hotel where we plan to stay

View-Park-Hotel-Tagaytay  BF and his group went here for a couple of days for a retreat, says it’s really nice and the rates are quite affordable. 

  Other things we talked about was, what we both wanted for our Anniversary gift, I was actually surprised that he’s going to buy the camera for me, it will be a 3-in-1 gift (my upcoming birthday, 5th anniversary and Christmas gift in one), Oohh, now I can’t wait, it’s just a matter of time. I know there’s no element of surprise anymore but I still love it. Just like when he bought my my Pink DS Lite. He convinced me to buy the Nokia C3 first, instead of the camera, It was a good point since I’ll be using the phone more over the camera. So it’s official the Nokia C3 is the one since the N8 is unrealistic for budget anyway but I still love it. No wonder why he is pushing me to buy the phone, it’s because he’s planning to buy the camera for me. >.<

  That’s about it for me, btw, I want to thank Ysabel who commented about my question regarding drugstore eye shadow brushes, thanks for recommending Marionnaud, will definitely give it a go later or next week.  ^_^


Till then!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Body Shop’s Baked-to-last


  A huge thanks to SUMMIT Media for hosting the contest TBS baked-to-goodness for the month of July and for Salmoncat tweeting about it. I was chosen as one of the winners of these lovely babies

the-body-shop-baked-to-last-eyes                                                                    eye shadowsthe-body-shop-baked-to-last-face                                                                        bronzers


the-body-shop-baked-to-last-cheeks                                                                             blush

                 There are 2 winners for each set and what I got were these shades.



   Bronzer: Warm Glow (P1,295)

   Cheeks: Petal (P1,195)

    4 eye shadows: starlight, quartz, sapphire, jade (the prices for the eye shadow are P995)

*best part I got it for free!

  I was able to go there yesterday and the SUMMIT Media office reminded me of the movie the Devil wears Prada. Most people there were very fashionable and good thing I came prepared, if not I would’ve looked stupid that day, haha. I wore my favorite sort of black dress with butterfly and leggings and closed shoes. The guard and lady that assisted me were nice too. Here’s a sneak peek of the lobby,


Image1207                                                   The paper bag that came with it 

   As soon as I got in the office, I instantly opened it and checked out the colors they chose for me. The bronzer and blush was a good choice, but for the eye shadows, I have yet to try color green. I occasionally wear eye shadows, or when I feel like it.  I haven’t perfected wearing one and I think I need to invest on a eye shadow brush. On the same day we also had our monthly get together party at the office and it was a blast. It was a feel good Friday, although, just a little bit disappointing because BF and I wasn’t able to have dinner together due to HEAVY as in literally heavy traffic and the people at MRT was jam packed, it was a loooooong line he says.

  Can anyone recommend a good eye shadow brush? or a simple drugstore eye shadow brush will do?


  Thanks again SUMMIT Media for hosting this contest ^_^


Till then!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Farewell N900


  The N900 in my perspective is rather quite too much for my needs, but it’s still a great phone eventually. Of course everything that is new is exciting at first but when you get hold of it for more than a month, you get used to it. As for me it has been with me for a short span of 2 weeks but it was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss. And today was the day of pick up from DHL. I had to take pictures before it leaves and I will miss it for sure. I love the touch feature, was a bit off with the music media settings, in love love love with the camera, loves the texting feature, which I wished all Nokia phones would be like that . Farewell N900, It was a bliss having you. For the other features that I wasn’t able to use, I’m pretty sure it was useful for other guys out there. The phone isn’t bad at all, it just needs some tweaks but from what I know, they’re phasing out the N900.


Image1168                                                      One last look of the phone 

Image1167  When my friends saw me signing this and wrapping the box, they we’re sad too and said “goodbye N900, wave.” hehe.

  A huge thanks to WOM/Nokia for giving us the chance to try out their new Nokia phones even for a short time. I am hoping to have another shot of making a phone review again and this time with the N8, I fell in love with it. Nokia for me is the best phone out there. ^_^

Till then!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dinner @ Southland Mall


  Hello my dear readers! How are you all doing? Don’t you just love eating together with your special someone? Tonight, BF and I met up at Alpha land Southmall gate near MRT Magallanes, which is convenient for the both of us. We both made a bet to whoever arrives late will treat either of us dinner, and darn it! I lost, next time I will make sure to clear out that it should be in my watch not his, since according to my cell phone time I was 5mins early. Anyway, so we ate at the Mang Inasal, I suggest eating there when you are really hungry. Because the first time we ate there (but at a different branch), we were not yet that starving and we ended up feeling bloated. I ordered the PM1 (paborito meal) chicken and BF ordered the PM3 which is BBQ. I guess, what makes it good is the chicken oil.

Image1199   There is a certain way of eating at Mang Inasal, which (all my local readers) are aware of I’m sure.

   What I am actually happy about is there are 2 soon to open restaurants, that BF and I haven’t tried yet. But before that here’s a list of restaurants available in the mall:

  • Chowking
  • Goldilocks
  • Jollibee
  • Reyes BBQ
  • Karate Kid
  • Le Couer de France
  • Sizzling Pepper steak
  • Ilonggo something something – know for their La paz Batchoy
  • Binalot
  • White Cow
  • Figaro
  • Gudsilog
  • Mang Inasal
  • Food court

  I may be missing something, and the 2 new soon to open restaurants are

Image1190                                                 Sicilian and The Sandwich Guy

  I am actually curious about the sandwich guy, which I saw from a fellow blogger’s post. I love sandwiches, it can be a meal for me and this is the nearest sandwich craving I can get. I am looking forward for this and I’m pretty sure BF is intrigued with it as well.


Till then!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First time at Banchetto


  This is rather a late post, but anyways, if you are working in Ortigas, you’d probably heard about the Banchetto, where local entrepreneurs sells food and pastries in Emerald St., BF and I went there a few weeks ago to check out what’s it all about. Well, I think it would’ve been better if we went there like midnight for more food choices. We went there like past 7am and the food that we’re available wasn’t impressive because mostly some stores we’re closing up. But we we’re interested in the Monster burger but sadly, by the time we got there, they ran out of buns. I guess it means that their burgers are good. Here are pictures






                                                          Cordon Bleu for P100

  This was just so-so for me, I didn’t like the hotdog inside, as far as I know  it should’ve been ham and cheese, but I guess this was their version of it.


20100807_010                                                        Takoyaki rice for P28 

  Among all the food that we ordered, this was our favorite, I really enjoyed this rice, just not service. I forgot to take a picture of BF’s food though. Well, I can’t say that our experience was bad, but I’m definitely not going to order that Cordon Bleu again. I saw some stalls selling pasta which “looked” good, and we have yet to try that monster burger. You can definitely expect a lot of people there at Banchetto, I think they’re all call center employees.

Till then!


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