Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 2 experience with Nokia N900


  Hello there! it’s day 2 of my experience with the Nokia N900, below are the essential things that I bring with my everyday at work and at home since I kept most of the other accessories in BF’s drawer at the office

20100727_012                                        Charger, head phones and USB cable

   Of course music is what keeps me from being bored on my travel to work or during work (Specially after lunch) and headphones are THE most important for me. However, I did not like the headphones that came with the box, closer look

20100728_011    I find it uncomfortable in my ears and kept on falling off, and the wire seemed rather thinner than what I usually have. So I’m using my old headphones from my Nokia Xpress Music 5130.

   Anyway, here’s how my desktop looks (forgive the very poor image quality, I need a good digital camera, and it’s the Nikon that I want. Not sure if I can buy one asap though)

Blog1                                                     L-O-V-E anything Hello Kitty

Blog2        Browsing through facebook, you can chat with your friends as well. I’ve tried Twitter, blogger, youtube and skype which all works perfectly just like a pc but smaller of course. As for facebook games, I’m still figuring out if I can install a flash player for it.  I tried playing Baking life but it says I have to install a flash player. You see I’m squeezing in time this week, while doing this N900 diary of mine, but I promise to have more photos and other features this weekend.

  Another thing I  noticed but I’m still observing is the battery life, It seems to last for 1 day only, maybe because I’ve been using it too much but still on further observation.

  That’s all for now, I promise to have more



  1. Ako rin I don't like that type of earphones. It's very irritating and annoying.

  2. yeah agree! are you going to buy the c3?

  3. no na lang. ang hirap mag text eh! buti pa ung china phone ng officemate ko ang laki ng keys! pero parang type ko ung C4. i'm sooo old school!

  4. hey there kitten. i noticed that you're now a proud owner of the nokia n900. just tell me if you've got questions. i'll be happy to help.


  5. @gian: hello there, thanks for dropping by at my site. About the phone as much as I want to say that it's mine, well it's not. I was just lucky to have an opportunity to review this unit. hehe I presume you are a n900 owner, have you tried playing facebook games? :)

  6. Hello Kitten,
    maybe you can look at this thread for the flash player problem.

    Hope it helps.


  7. @Pietro:

    Thanks for the link, appreciate it much. ^_^

  8. @Gian: I have a question about blessN900, is it a software I have to download? thanks in advance ^_^

  9. Yes, take a look here:

    Have you activate the extra-devel repository?

    If not, this is a good starting point:

    With extras-devel up you can download it directly from the app manager.




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