Friday, February 11, 2011

Crazy for sashimi~ which is the best?


   One of my dear follower/readers asked me a good question in my blog post dining out with john and yoko, on which restaurants serves the best sashimi’s. BF and I have dined at Teriyaki Boy, Kimono ken and John and yoko. She asked which among the three serves a better sashimi. Here are pictures for you to compare, the difference of each restaurant.

  Teriyaki boy

terriyaki boy

                                   Salmon sashimi P195 for P7pcs.

   Kimono Ken

kimono ken-2 kimono ken-3                           Shake Sashimi (salmon) P200 for 10pcs

   And last but not the least, John and Yoko

  john and yoko

   Now forgive me I can’t provide the price since we ate at John and Yoko as a group and had the group platter, but If I remember it right the tuna sashimi costs P168 for P7pcs.

john and yoko-2

   You can definitely tell the difference for each salmon sashimi’s served. Teriyaki boy had a firmer texture and none of the brown part (which I’m not sure if it’s some sort of fatty part of the fish or what), like the one at kimono ken *please refer to images above.

    Teriyaki Boy

    good points:

  •      firm in texture
  •      no brown part
  •      i liked how it looked like compared to kimono ken (presentation)
  •      for a fast food japanese restaurant, the quality is really good.


       Kimono Ken

      good points:

  •       for the price you get more pieces of salmon sashimi
  •       for taste, I can tell it’s still fresh but it just seemed fatty – or it may just be me.
  •        texture wise, very soft thin slices
  •        fairly priced

         bad points:

  •    the brown part doesn’t look appealing         


       John and Yoko

        good points:

  •         taste’s a wee bit better than kimono ken
  •         taste’s like a regular salmon sashimi would taste like
  •         tuna sashimi was superiorly fresh, as you can see in the photo. That’s the kind of color you are looking for when buying fresh tuna in the market.


       In conclusion…

       Kitty says:  Among the three restaurants, my favorite for salmon sashimi would definitely be Teriyaki boy.

       Of course, there are far more better restaurants that serves salmon sashimi. But among the three, it has to be teriyaki boy surprisingly. Then again, this is my opinion, it could be different from yours.

Thanks Salmoncat for asking me that question.


How about you? where’s the best salmon sashimi you’ve dined at? I’m curious, and just because I love it a lot! Do share ^_^


Till then!




  1. I'd go for Yakimix LOL ... its pretty good.

  2. @Kay: checked it out via web, looks like an interesting restaurant, thanks. We'll try this out next time ^_^

  3. Yakimix FTW! this post made me hungry hahaha! :D Just had sushi for dinner though. :)

  4. @sugar sugar: 2nd vote for yakimix, now i'm definitely going there. Would you know where their branches are?

  5. Hey! My query got an entire blogpost. Thanks Kitten. I think there's a Yakimix branch at MOA. I like the sashimi of Sumo Sam (I think Marvin Agustin also owns this resto.)

  6. @salmoncat: no worries, i just want everything detailed. Yeah so I've heard, thanks. I actually can't wait to try it there soon.

    Btw, it's Lady e's birthday on the 26th she's having a party at rustans clinique makati, maybe if you're free you'd like to attend? i'm going too.

  7. Thanks for the invite. Won't be able to go though. Will be in Lucban, Quezon on that weekend.


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