Friday, August 19, 2011

NBI Clearance


   Applying for requirements such as SSS, TIN is easy, NBI clearance is the hardest specially when you have to start from scratch all over again and especially when the security guard at Robinson’s Galleria tells you to go back tomorrow because you didn’t make the cut off. And when you get back the next day early in the morning around 4am the sign says Holiday in QC, no NBI clearance for today. I will not say that the guard is incompetent, because probably he was not informed. But they should have put a sign post yesterday that they are closed due to the holiday right?

    2011-08-19 03.53.39

     Along Makati Avenue around 3:30 am, I was hoping I could take the bus but there was no jeep nor bus in sight.

2011-08-18 12.42.12

2011-08-18 12.42.03

    Taken yesterday, what renewal are you talking about? The one at Parksquare and Megamall is already closed. When I got to Galleria, I noticed other people was also bummed out about the announcement, good thing we (all 8 of us) decided to take a taxi going to the main NBI branch at UN Avenue. First time I rode a taxi with strangers with the same purpose. LOL!

     What I liked about the main branch is that there’s a separate line for men and women, make sure you arrive really early or else you won’t make the cut off.

2011-08-19 05.00.27

  The first 2 steps were a bit “fast” (data check and payment P115). Then the longest wait was for step 3 encoding, but once your inside the encoding room, it only takes less than 10minutes to finish encoding, to finger print (biometrics), picture taking and printing. Good thing they no longer use the mano-mano finger print with ink. While waiting for step 3, we stayed at the gym and I was surprised to see a projector, to keep us entertained. The movie was don’t mess with a zohan.

2011-08-19 08.05.12

2011-08-19 08.54.00


    The first time I got my clearance, I had a HIT and had to go back. I was actually worried if I’ll get a hit again, and thank you lord, I didn’t. For TIN number, the first time I got it is in the branch near my previous work at Pasig. For the SSS number, you have to look for the branch where you live. I got mine along J.P Rizal. I was able to accomplish a lot today, I start work on Monday next week as Marketing Assistant, In God’s grace, thank you~

     I hope this somehow helped Smile


     Till then!




A new found love and other tiny things


   I love Chowking’s Nai cha, let me rephrase that, I AM ADDICTED to Chowking’s Nai chai, LOL! I was at Shopwise, Makati earlier and looky what I found!





    C2 MILK TEA! and I just bought one bottle! Sucks! What sucks more is that they don’t have it in a bigger bottle, bitin! It doesn’t compare to the nai cha, but this deems worthy in my list. It tastes simple, literally tastes like milk and tea, but my taste buds approve of it. Whatever tea they used was really good. If you know the chocolate milk tea being sold at 711, that one I didn’t like at all. It smells like the Montagne chocolate mask.

     Among other tiny things are bought are these



      I’m curious how the espresso coffee and wow meatballs would taste like, will try them tomorrow.

      The C2 Milk tea is definitely my new found love~


      For your viewing pleasure, someone wants me out of the bed


                            Our baby panda monkey bear!


       Till then!




Food talk: Desserts–Mcdonald’s Big Blast


   When my sister mentioned that Mcdonald’s came up with “new” sundaes, the foodie in me wanted to try it. I love their caramel sundae! M and I had dinner last night near our place, originally we wanted to eat at Mang Inasal but parking was a pain, mcdo was the “best” option at that time. Burger and fries are not my kind of dinner. Anyway, for your viewing pleasure…

2011-08-18 18.19.42

     Let’s face it, there is nothing really new about it since there are no new exciting flavors to try, they just made everything BIGGER and more sinful! But sometimes, being sinful once in a while is good too. As far as I can remember, all of them sells for P40 each. M tried the double hot fudge, I tried the DUO (caramel and hot fudge).


                               Caramel and hot fudge duo~


    And M’s double hot fudge



     There was one thing that we both noticed though, the consistency of the ice cream changed. It wasn’t as milky as before, it appears that it has more ice than milk. I’m not sure if it’s the same with other branches, give me a shout out if you experience the same. Never the less, it did not fail my sweet tooth!


           Have you tried this? I would like to know :)



     Till then!




Bread talk: Blueberry Fluff–my new fave


   Hello my readers, my incoming posts will be food related (as always –LOL), there are quite a few that I don’t even know where to start. For the past 2 days, I’ve been around, completing my requirements for work. Yesterday, I first went to Makati to check if there’s the NBI renewal kiosk at Parksquare, apparently, they no longer have the NBI renewal, meaning we would have to start from scratch which is a pain in the ass.

    Anyway, I was thinking of a place to eat and I thought of Dulcinea – Churros! But I was skeptical (even with the hype it has been getting from other bloggers). The first time I ate Dulcinea’s Churros was at Banchetto and I did not like it at all. The bread tasted stale like cardboard, but the chocolate dip was pretty okay, but too malabnaw for my liking. Going back and forth Glorietta – SM to Parksquare made me hungry but I did not want to waste time, and then I remembered Bread talk! M’s best friend Jon, let me try the Blueberry Fluff one time, and I instantly loved it. It is literally a blueberry and a fluff, fresh blueberries and a fluffy semi sweet bread, shaped like a cupcake and topped off with powdered sugar. I took a quick ninja shot…

2011-08-18 11.54.22

                                          Blueberry Fluff @ P39 a piece

2011-08-18 11.55.55


      For the price, I think it is well worth it. Thanks to Jon for letting me taste this. I wasn’t able to take a picture of the inside because I was too hungry that time.


      Aside from this, their Floss is also a winner for me. Any favorites at bread talk? would love to know them :)



       Till Then!






Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday spent with the Family~


    Another post, for Sundays are spent with the family, aside from our yogurt experience, nothing really interesting happened. After lunch, my brother had to leave. Mom, my sister and I decided to watch planet of the apes, which was surprisingly good. We had to wait for a few minutes so we stayed at the candy store to wait. We just watched at Greenbelt 1

2011-08-14 14.26.13

   At the cashier, there were 2 cans one for the child protection something, and one for PAWS. No offense, but I donated to PAWS instead! Save the cats and dogs please Sad smile

2011-08-14 14.25.52


2011-08-14 14.21.53



    After the movie, mom needed to pick up something at Shangri-la makati, we didn’t stay long really. Before we left she wanted to take a picture, I was like, erm.. Oookay?


    We actually watched 2 movies, the second one was, Ang Babae Sa Sceptic Tank, LOL! Went home right after. That’s about it! Thanks for reading~



    Till then!




Food talk: Yogurt at Qoola~ Ooola goodness XD


    Sundays are spent with the family~

    Yesterday, it was only me, mom, and my 2 younger but taller siblings. We attended mass at Bread Greenbelt 1 and had lunch with out Tita Myrna. After lunch, we were already running out of stories to tell and getting bored. So we asked if we can buy yogurt, QOOLA! I love yogurt, tangy, melts in the mouth and heaven!

2011-08-14 14.00.56

2011-08-14 14.02.20

    My only gripe about it is that it’s self serve. I find it much more expensive. The place is all white, my sister and I noticed that the employees are very suplada. tsk tsk!

    There are different of flavors to choose from…

2011-08-14 14.03.48

2011-08-14 14.01.36

                      SWEET COCONUT! Gotta try this next time~

   But of course, we wanted the original!

2011-08-14 14.04.02




     I like comparing how each yogurt tastes like from different yogurt places like, red mango, white hat, tutti frutti and now qoola. Qoola at first “bite” tastes tangy. It does not have that enough Tang, that I personally love, but it was still good. Refreshing, much more creamier compared to red mango and white hat. Toppings are the usual. I enjoyed it, but my heart still belongs to Red Mango!


    My sister and I have yet to try Golden spoon next time, good thing they have one at Glorietta 5!


      Do you like flavored yogurt or prefer the original yogurt?



      Till then!




Food talk: Yummy Roast~


    Food review…

    In my previous post, I mentioned about Yummy Roast, It was actually M who discovered this place along with his best friend Jon. They offer unlimited rice, there are 2 kinds, the plain rice and the YUMMY rice! I ordered the pork belly, M ordered chicken roast, both for P99 only, add P20 if we want the yummy rice and P35 for bottomless ice tea or soda. PANALO!

   2011-08-13 11.23.39





   My order


   M’s order





    The pork belly was sooo soft, all meat. M said he will order this next time. It had no special taste really, but for the price you are paying and considering the size pieces for only P99? It’s not really that bad. Unlimited rice pa!


     Now on to the rice, it was sooo flavorful. Being a critic, when I unwrapped the paper I was skeptical. How can this be a yummy rice? I first tried the rice alone, no soysauce whatever and my jaw dropped. YUMMY NGA! LOL! But seriously, it was so yummy. It had some asian spices, and probably chicken broth. I haven’t tried authentic chicken rice, but for this one, it didn’t disappoint. Martin describes it as, kanin pa lang ulam na!

     His roast chicken was not bad either. It was pretty good. M says don’t try their asado because it tastes bland.




2011-08-13 11.23.18


   Overall experience…

    All of them are really friendly, they noticed that I was taking pictures and asked me if I wanted our photo taken. The place is nothing special, but it’s quaint and we didn’t need to raise our hands to ask for extra rice or drinks, they were very attentive. I hope they keep it that way. Yummy Roast is an asian inspired food joint, next time I will try their pasta. I definitely recommend their yummy rice!


  Yummy Roast, SM Bicutan



    Till then!




Weekend: Saturdays spent with M~


    Hello dear readers! Happy Monday, I hope that everyone had a well rested weekend.

    My Saturdays are usually spent with M and Sundays with the family. Last Saturday, was a laid back weekend for me and M, we stayed at his place and watched Schindler’s list and played my favorite game on his PS3 Mortal Kombat.

2011-08-13 09.32.07

                                        Bag of the day

   Which I don’t usually bring because it’s transparent and we used to commute.

2011-08-13 09.32.24

    We first went to his office to drop something off, his colleague was doing over time that day so they discussed some things before we left.

2011-08-13 10.00.02

   M driving, compared to the first time he drove me to our friend’s wedding, he definitely improved a lot!

2011-08-13 09.59.50

                                Somewhere along Pasong Tamo~


     Us outside the office, painting the town RED! LOL! If you can notice, there is something in my right eye, a small pimple grew on my right eye lid, haha!

     On our way to SM Bicutan, because toll is freaking expensive, we drove at service road instead.

2011-08-13 11.04.16

2011-08-13 11.07.09

       And because it was traffic, I took some vain shots of myself. LOL!

2011-08-13 11.07.28

2011-08-13 12.02.04-1

2011-08-13 11.23.39

                                      Food find! review to follow~

     As soon as we got to his place, I asked if we can play MK (mortal kombat) first, right after we watched already. But of course, no movie is complete without chips. M is very pihikan with chips, I just bought the Clover in BBQ flavor which I ate alone. He prefers Tater’s BBQ popcorn or nachos D:

2011-08-13 18.44.14


2011-08-13 15.28.21

    The house where Amoen Goeth stayed and killed people mercilessly T_T

    It wasn’t my first time to watch The Schindler’s List, I just wanted to watch it again. Next time, M suggested that we watch Band of Brothers. Their “yaya” Ate Jol and her kids were there that day, it was merienda time and there was enough spaghetti sauce left for me… I mean for US to eat. M’s mom makes THE best pasta sauce EVAR!


    It was quite masebo, but soooooooo GOOD! Just like the first time I tasted Tita’s spaghetti. I was a little disappointed with M’s birthday a few months ago, because the pasta tasted different. Ate Jol told me because minadali ang luto that time.


    After merienda, M’s mom called and asked if we can pick her up at Cash and Carry Makati. On our way, M and I were having a good laugh along Paranaque in France road when the most unfortunate thing can happen. The gas pedal wasn’t working, so we had to move aside. We didn’t know what to do, and there was no talyer insight. But this kind man, pulled over, a red car and wearing a red shirt too! helped us. M got schooled, LOL! But he was very very thankful. He was the only guy who was kind enough to pull over and help us and his name is Lawrence. Thank you Lawrence :)

     We didn’t risk going forward so we just texted Tita that we’re going back instead (sayang)

2011-08-13 17.53.22

                                    Calling for help! HELP!

     Anyway, we had a simple dinner at his place, his mom brought some crabs and Ate Jol cooked some hotdog for the kids, us included. LOL!



   Since taking the car was risky, we commuted going to my house. Somewhere along Buendia there’s a gas station, and we grabbed some drinks first before riding a jeep (PRC).



    And of course, it is never complete without squeezing and playing with Tigger, his fat cat!

2011-08-13 12.43.16

   And a cute cat near a sari sari store, it was late already and I couldn’t take a decent picture since the cat kept on moving (cleaning himself).

2011-08-13 22.39.54

2011-08-13 22.40.42


   My blog seems to be a diary of some sort, aside from beauty, food and gadgets, I like sharing posts like these. More posts to follow~



    Till then!




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