Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Movie buff: mini review of TRON Legacy


   Last Saturday, the BF and I watched TRON at the IMAX theater. Based on reviews, the only thing that made the movie interesting and cool is the visual effects. BF said, to fully understand the movie you’d have to watch the first movie which was shown in the 80’s, well I didn’t but I was game (since he was the one who paid for the tickets, hehe).

     For those who haven’t watched here’s a short description on what the movie is about:

The son of a virtual world designer goes looking for his father and ends up inside the digital world that his father designed. He meets his father's creation turned bad and a unique ally who was born inside the digital domain of The Grid.


What Kitty says:   

There were some parts that totally got me bored and slept for maybe 5mins. Story wise, I’d have to agree, this movie, to fully grasp what the story is about, you’d have to watch the first movie, why? because I didn’t understand almost 80% of the film. The ending was the worst, and I was like: O___O yes that’s how I looked like. I couldn’t say anything more, sorry to TRON fans, but hey, watching it in full 3D was so worth it, the effects were super cool and I wanted my own light cycle too. Effects looks so real that I reacted to some parts as if it would hit me. Acting wise? well, no comment there

  Normally, we wouldn’t watch a movie in IMAX (because we find it too expensive for just a movie), so that was both our first time to watch. You also get to have free popcorn, just add 10 if you want BBQ flavor, 20 for cheese.

168424_1691275134510_1616721377_1590095_1406408_n                                                   souvenir photo


    That’s about it! How about you guys? do you always watch movies on IMAX?


   Till then!




  1. Sounds like you had fun! Thanks to all my work, I never get to go to the movies anymore.

    I did watch the original Tron as a kid, though. (It's no secret: I'll be 35 this year.)

  2. @Midge: we did, awww. well most movies we watch BF downloads it. But for movies like iron man, thor, etc. we HAVE to watch it in the movies.

    i see, how was it? that's okay, I don't know why some people keep their age as a secret. hehe

  3. you failed to make kwento your 3D glasses episode. hahahaha.

  4. @John: for you and e only ang kwentong yun, haha!

  5. Buti na lang naunang magcomment si John!! Muntik ko na ring itanong ung 3D Glasses! hahahah! Kung di, ako ang napagalitan!

    I don't like watching at IMAX because the goggles are crazy and I'm deathly scared of the set up inside. I keep thinking that what if a tsunami hits and there are only 2 aisles, the far left and right. What if you're sitting in the middle??? Yeah, I'm praning like that. So, I watch 3D in the comfy (and cheaper) cinemas of Greenbelt 3. The glasses are nicer too.

    I haven't watched Tron yet... boo.

  6. @Lady E: HAHA! hindi ko naman pinagalitan si john, sabi ko nga for both your eyes only ang incident na yun eh, hahaha.

    alam mo, ako rin, nag luluha ako all the time we were watching. haha, a lil bit praning but that's okay. M says thanks for the tip daw, we are so trying the one at Greenbelt 3, we're cheap like that, haha!

  7. I didn't watch the first Tron (since i wasn't born yet hehe), and like you i was puzzled! HAHA but nice visual effects indeed! :) there are some cinemas wherein you don't have to watch Tron in 3D (like in newport cinemas, resorts world manila) :D

  8. @Hazel: I see, I'm a little bit techie (or so I believe), but was totally lost in the movie even with the BF explaining it. I see, but I think to watch TRON you have to see it in full 3D or else you wouldn't appreciate the movie. the visual effect rocks. Oh, and thanks for leaving a comment :)

  9. in relation to LadyE's comment, the difference between a Greenbelt and Imax's glasses is that:

    Imax 3D glasses: parang scuba diving gear, kulang nalang snorkel
    Greenbelt 3D glasses: parang salamin ni Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles. kulang nalang piano.

  10. @John: yung sa IMAX, all through out nagluluha ako eh, nasira pa eye make up ko. huhu~ it's always good to compare which is better.

    I actually thought they are all the same, di pala. Wondery why?


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