Sunday, November 04, 2012

Sunday Mornings: Bread of Life


I’m happy that my family and I are now attending worship at Bread of Life, Greenbelt 1. It’s true when they say once you have found your church, you feel different (in a content/happy way). My family and I have been attending worship at Bread roughly around 5 years. I can’t remember the exact date we first attended worship there, nor the exact number of years we have stayed as we used to attend church at The Holy Trinity, McKinley Forbes park.

We literally grew up at Holy Trinity, but for some reason we just stopped attending church there and whatever reason it may be, I’ll just keep it at that as I don’t want to bash.

I believe it was our Tita  Myrna who introduced us to Bread of Life. She invited my mom just to probably try it out first, and ever since we have been attending and loving our worship at Bread.

I guess I’m just simply happy and thankful for Bread. My worship at Bread is continuously helping me with my faith and has brought my relationship with my family and the Lord closer, of course there’s the occasional bumps.

Today’s worship was one of the most important Sunday’s as we didn’t want to miss out the distribution of free tickets for Bread’s 30th year which will be held at SM Mall of Asia on the 18th of November.


This event will be BIG! and I could definitely tell it will not be comfortable at all, as there will be a lot of people who will be joining, not just Bread Philippines, but also different countries as well.

Anyhow, Happy Sunday everyone! And once again, we are all back to our average lives of work week or school (for those who are still studying).


Till then!





  1. Heard so many inspiring stories from the Bread of Life :)

    Followed you!



    The Misty Mom

  2. Hi there, thanks for the follow, appreciate it a lot. Will follow you back.

    As for Bread, yes they are inspiring. Are you with the same community?

  3. hi. If you know someone who is going and i can buy the ticket please let me know. i definitely would like to go please do text me at 09196860480

  4. you don't have a ticket?

  5. I don't have one, I dunno where to get 1:30pm service. :(

  6. i dont have one. i dont know where to get one for 1:30pm service. :(

  7. I texted you in your mobile you gave me. Anyhow, I won't make you pay since it was given to us for free. I think we can spare one free ticket for you :)

  8. hello, does anyone know where can I still get tickets for this event? we badly want to join.. please help. Thanks!

  9. hello, do you know where can I still get tickets? We really want to join this event. Please help.

  10. Hello Kich, Pastor Noel announced a few Sundays ago not to miss worship last November 4 as it was the only day that they will be distributing the tickets, I'm sorry but I wouldn't know where to get tickets anymore :(

  11. Hi, Ate Kate.

    Does Bread of Life have a website? I'd like to get to know BoL more. Thanks!

  12. Hello Jalamb,

    Yes they do


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