Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Megaman Powered UP

Gaming is what I  have learned to love and enjoy during my free time or when I need to de- stress. Now there is a particular game that I thought I would never EVER play. It’s a guys game I say, but then Castlevania is a guys game too and I’ve finished quite a lot of series already. It’s the Megaman Powered UP
Some facts about the game: Powered Up is a remake of the very first Mega Man for the NES, using a similar method of upgrading, it has the 2D platform gaming but in 3D effects.
This is my first attempt in making a game review so I just decided to share my experiences about it. At first glance, it looks like a kids game and easy to play, but in some parts of the game it is so freaking irritating . Why? because it is so old school, there’s no shop for you to buy E-tanks, the saving glory would be the drop items like the hearts (to increase your life, sort of like a life up in Mario), and the bulbs (like potions, to increase your health), so it really is about skills in this game and A-LOT of patience, haha. After finishing 1 boss, I found myself addicting-ly playing it one boss after the other. In each boss you defeat, you can acquire their power. But initially when you start the game, you are geared up with the Mega Buster. The game starts of as Megaman as a normal boy, then transformed to a robot.
In game, I didn’t have much of a hard time because it is a 2D platform game, which is my forte’, thanks to BF in making me play Castlevania games. It is in that series that I was “trained” to play 2D platforming. It was just a matter of how to beat the bosses and go through different stages. I’ve defeated Cutman, Bombman, Iceman, Fireman, and Oilman, Elec man 2 more bosses to go (Time man and Guts man), it's not the monsters that are hard to beat, it's each stage. You may think it's cute, wait till you play this game. Moving on, as there are 2 bosses left, it's beginning to get more harder and harder, and the Time man stage is so far the most difficult yet. So yeah, good luck to me! haha.
Here are a few pictures of the In game:
Well since I haven’t finished the game yet, I can’t end this review. In the meantime all I can say is that, this game is totally hard, can be irritating at times but it’s what makes me want to finish each stage. Technique? get as much hearts as you can, haha. But once you reach the Oil man stage, it's gets to be more difficult, specially the Elec man stage which has less monsters and the stage is effin tricky (no hearts to accumulate and e-tanks are hard to get.) 


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kojie san

I know this is not the perfect season to be using whitening products, but what the hell, I’ll just use my trusty umbrella and lots of SPF to prevent my skin being dark. I have noticed that my complexion has darkened a bit, because my 2 weeks training schedule was from 6am-3pm. The heat is untolerable and during those weeks I keep on forgetting my umbrella, my lazyness got the best of me, haha.

My favorite product for this is the Kojie san lightening lotion and the kojie san soap.

Image0877  The lightening lotion for 100ml costs P139 and the small soap costs P32.75 only but the bigger soap costs around P72+ The 200ml costs around P200+ yes, it is expensive but I think it’s worth it, will definitely buy the 200ml when my paycheck comes this friday. WOOT!

Kojie san lightening lotion benefits:

  • Lightens skin and reduces dark spots
  • Prevents the formation of new dark spots
  • Reduces skin blemishes
  • Restores skin suppleness
  • Moisturize skin

My verdict: 4.5/5 kikay points

I haven’t been able to write blogs lately due to work, but I promise I’ll keep it coming. Has anyone tried this soap? what’s your verdict?

Till next time!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Project Vanity and Carefreeshopper NYX Giveaway

Hi everyone! Here's a chance to try P1,600 worth of NYX products - for free! The contest is sponsored by Carefreeshopper. contest

Details on how to join can be seen at the poster, please follow accordingly.

Here’s the link of project vanity’s blog site:

or visit Carefreeshopper at multiply:

I will be joining as well so:

1. What shades of the following NYX products would I like to get?

* NYX Goddess of the night - beige,perfect, gold pink

* NYX creme blush CB05- Glow

* NYX Round lipstick in Thalia, summer love, fig, lipstick B52

* NYX Lipgloss Diamond Sparkle Gloss Rose

* NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk

  * NYX Ultimate Pearl Eyeshadow in White Pearl

Monday, April 12, 2010

NBI clearance experience

For everyone’s information, NBI Carriedo has moved to Monumento, Caloocan at the Victory Mall 5th Floor

For new applicant’s: P115

Wet tissue (finger print) P2.00

Travel time: It took me an hour and a half (going home), traffic was bad and the heat isn’t helping, (but that was because I took a jeep, I didn’t want to walk a few more steps going to LRT because it was too hot)  wishes summer would end soon. lol!

There are 6 steps total, prepare for a hideous long line (as expected). If you get a no hit result (meaning you don’t have the same name as others, or a record etc), you can instantly get your clearance paper, but for those like me who got a HIT result, I have to wait 3 days before I could claim for it. Dang it!

I was just wondering though, some were applying for a renewal, but from what I know there are branches like Makati Parksquare who has a renewal kiosk and you can easily get it in a few minutes.

So, I hope this helps to those who are applying for NBI Clearance and Goodluck! Tomorrow off to SSS, BIR, Barangay clearance and medical examination, all located in Makati, WOOT! I won’t be traveling that far thank goodness.


Friday, April 09, 2010

Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant

A few days ago, mom and I went out for lunch before heading to DOT (Department of Tourism), she brought me to Golden fortune, which is located at Kalaw, Manila, right across DOT only. It was my first time to eat there, like most Chinese restaurants, they have a wide space that can seat more than 20+ people, the typical Chinese restaurants that you can find in Ong Pin, China Town, etc. We we’re hungry already and it was scorching hot and when we got to the place it was brown out, which was funny, they don’t have a generator which is expected of them. Mom was too tired so she wanted to wait there and good thing around 5 minutes or so the electricity was back. Well prices seemed a bit high (not steep), since they have big servings I think it’s pretty reasonable. I ordered, Yang chow fried rice, Fried fish sweet and sour, Lobster ball, Japanese siomai, and ice tea. They serve free appetizers which is really good, some sort of pickled veggies and it’s now my favorite, I’m actually craving for more.

                                                                 Free Appetizer

Image0858                                                      Fried fish sweet and sour

Image0859                                       With Yang chow rice, I think it’s good for 2-3 persons

The Yang chow rice was not a rant or a rave either, it didn’t taste really good compared to North Park and the one at Ong Pin, but there were lot’s of toppings like Shrimp and meat. Okay, to be blunt about it, the rice was matabang. lol! As for the fried fish sweet and sour, it was good, typical sweet and sour fish, best served fresh and hot (of course).


                                                         Lobster ball 2pcs.

I was expecting a lot as it sounded really yummy, but not really my type. It has a weird texture, I was expecting a siomai-ish texture but seems like the lobster ball was just wanton wrappers and in between were little bits of lobster pieces.
              Image0863                                                             Japanese siomai

Their japanese siomai was not a disappointment, it had a rich pork taste, inside it has a big chunk of chorizo wrapped in nori paper.

There are some Chinese restaurants who offer tea on the house but for this particular restaurant they charge P40 per cup or tea pot of Jasmine tea. I love tea and Jasmine is my new favorite. What we weren’t expecting was  free dessert, I thought it was just a wrong table but the waiter said it was on the house. Free is good! haha.


It’s like a version of mais con yelo but in a jelly type version. When you break it in half, there are bits of corn and cream. It has a very light taste which was the perfect way to end the meal. I wasn’t able to write down the prices though but our total bill was P778.10 but that was because of my mom’s senior citizen card :D
My Verdict: Since it’s my first time to eat there and I haven’t tried out other dishes I’d give it 3/5 spoons.
The place was clean, I dislike a very smelly ladies room and theirs was clean which is good! The attendants we’re friendly and accommodating, which is a plus!

Will I eat there again? Yes.


*I apologize for the poor image quality, for now I am just using my camera phone Nokia 5310, please bear with it for the mean time. Thank you :)

Sunday, April 04, 2010

My Companions


Cat’s do have weird positions, one of each is different. Piccolo, my half breed persian half native cat was smelling funky already, so I decided to give him a shower. One trick if you want your cat to behave while giving your companion a bath is to first, train him while young, second, ALWAYS cut their nails and third warm water is a must. They keep still, compared to cold running water (at times, I really get lazy to get a pot and wait for it to boil.) So, for this specific bath time, he made a weird position which is really so funny.

After taking a shower, this was how he was sleeping at first:


I was actually surfing the net in my room table and he was sleeping in my sisters bed and when I turned around, I was shocked to see him like this.

Image0842                        His head tucked under (you can still see it.)


                   Now his head tucked really waaaay under (weird)

Cat’s make the weirdest position while they are sleeping or cleaning themselves and I find it so cute.

Here’s my other cat Tabby:


My Sunday weekend has been pretty uninteresting, looking forward for next week and hopefully a better one.

Till next time!


Friday, April 02, 2010

Maundy Thursday + a simple celebration

It was a fun filled day yesterday, BF and I got to spend quality time together. We were hoping that the movies were open but too bad it wasn’t, he picked me up almost around lunch already so we decided to have lunch instead. Our options were limited since almost all the shops in Cash and Carry were closed, we also happen to stumble upon our friend Ria and her sister Marie, really loving the cat henna tattoo there :)

We ate at Jollibee for lunch, I wasn’t in the mood for pizza, or japanese, and wasn’t sure about the Grill restaurant they have if it was good or what. So I opted for good ol’ Jollibee. Oh, I just remembered, before that I asked BF to try the Takoyaki at Cash and Carry, I like their Takoyaki compared at Glorietta, Maru Maru. I think the name in Cash and Carry’s Takoyaki was Ton Ton Tei. P56 for 6 pieces.


                                BF’s order, Spicy chicken
                         My order, TLC meal with pineapple juice

     There are actually different versions of how they make Takoyaki’s, for this particular stand, they pour in garlic powder and the green stuff I think is parsley or maybe nori, I’m not too sure, and the sauce is good. Inside are veggies.

After spending some time in our place watching God Father I (this film never fails to amaze me or him, for me, it’s my 4th time watching it and I never get tired watching it again and again. ), His mom invited me to attend to their pabasa at Don Galo, around 7-8pm, we got there I think sometime past 7pm. But we were so hungry and Minute Burger was there in front of us. The first time I ate at Minute Burger was here in Pasong Tamo, way back when I was a kid and it still tasted the same. Too hungry, I forgot to take a picture of their promo,  a double minute burger buy 1 take 1 for P33 add 6 for coleslaw. It was fairly good, a lot of people were ordering too.

It was his lolo’s birthday as well yesterday, so it was a 2 way “celebration” lolo’s birthday (Father side) and the pabasa, it was good to see his mom too, and Tita Ne. 1/3 of the Jimenez family were there and it was a riot but fun, meeting the other Uncle’s was a pleasant experience. They talked about accomplishment’s of their sons abroad and how Francisco Coching’s humble beginnings started. BF contributed ice cream for his nephew’s and cousins, kids are easy to please with a big gallon of ice cream, haha! During the night, I mostly talked to his Uncle and his mom. Tita, was asking what my plans are and what happened in my graduation. The blowing of candles was an awwww moment, after blowing the candles, his lolo started to cry,  maybe because he was happy seeing his apo’s, I’m not sure though. At the end of the day, said our goodbye’s to the family, it was getting really late and had to go home already. We had ice cream first, it was a perfect way to end the day.

Image0606                  With one of his tita’s, she was very nice to talk to


                                      BF with his Uncle


  We were looking for Selecta’s Brownie fudge a la mode, but there wasn’t any in stock, we chose the Gold label Hazelnut brownie instead, 465ml for P139. It had a very subtle flavor of hazelnut and smaller pieces of brownies, but very creamy. It was okay, not a rant or a rave.


BF and I at 7-11, love him so much. Thanks sweetie for the wonderful day <3

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