Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My very first pair of Havaianas – just because…



    Quick post…

     Today was the last day of 20%-30% sale from Havaianas. Well, the slippers I liked which was the slim was not on sale at the Robinsons Galleria branch, so technically I bought the original price. So much for buying it on sale. Well, I badly needed it anyway for the upcoming trip and yes, this is my very first pair of Havaianas slippers EVER! I just find it ridiculous because of the price. I’m just lucky that I have budget for it.


DSCN0475                                                                        P795

DSCN0476                                                 Rose colored slippers – LOVE!


DSCN0483                                       Size 38-40 in Philippine feet size I’m a 8


    It was still quite of a splurge for me, but then again, what the heck! haha. Oh and on another note, I finally had my hair cut with side swept bangs at David’s Salon, Robinsons Galleria branch. I am definitely satisfied with my haircut. So worth the P165.


Till then!



Sunday, November 28, 2010

Product review: Etude house – Surprise concealer


    Hello readers, it’s been a while, been so busy with work lately that I couldn’t squeeze in time to make reviews of my recent haul post. One of the things I bought during my haul, was the Etude house – surprise concealer in cream. I prefer concealers that are cream based rather than the stick ones. So, here’s a thorough review for this product.

etude concealer                                                                    P298

      The only thing about the concealer is that it only has 1 shade. It really has a really creamy consistency, and lessens the dark eyebags.


    DSCN0398  DSCN0399

       For the price, it’s an okay product. It does it’s job for lessening the dark circles. Which is what’s important for me.



DSCN0388                                                                     On hand

DSCN0395                                                            When blended



  • Inexpensive
  • lessens the dark circles
  • cream texture, good for blending
  • works well with my skin color


  • Available in 1 shade only
  • can enhance fine lines
  • creases the eye lids – but that’s because I have oily skin. 



     I would definitely buy this product again! It lessens my dark circles and red spots. On another note, I will be trying again the Maybelline concealer next time. Just to compare which of the 2 is my favorite. As much as I want to try the Skin food Salmon concealer, it’s just too pricey for now.

My verdict: 3.8/5 kikay points


  What’s your HG concealer?


  Till then!



Sunday, November 21, 2010

NOTD: Simple, elegant and Glittery


   Our manicurista came, products used were Caronia colorless and Sally hansen something with glitters.



     Last weekend today, hope everyone is well rested and ready for work tomorrow! ^_^


Till then!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cheap find great quality = LOVE!


   I really feel happy when I find a good buy, good quality, and worth the money so for today I found one. Well, errrm, I won’t be posting pictures of the actual product, I’ll just give you a little peek so that you would have an idea what it is.


      I was in desperate need  last morning so I went to Shopwise to check out some stuff and found this. It costs me almost P100 but the cloth used doesn’t look or feel cheap at all. The support is also good, I definitely am happy about it. There was only 1 color to choose from which was black, but I’m okay with it. Sorry If I can’t post pictures, I just find it too private, I don’t want the world seeing what I’m wearing. But the one at the photo is exactly how it looks minus the color ;)

    2 thumbs up for today’s find!



   My Verdict: 5/5 LOVE!


Till then!



Food review: Kenny roger’s roasted chicken salad


   Hey there readers! Happy Wednesday! What are you all having for dinner or rather what did you have for dinner? Here’s mine.

DSCN0378                                                        Regular: P105



      The chicken part they use was not something I’d usually get, but this was really moist, I loved it! My chicken was served fresh and hot which was good. I tried the Italian dressing for a change, I was expecting some kind of vinaigrette but it was like thousand island dressing of some sort. If I knew it would be like that, I should’ve sticked with the ceasar dressing. Well, at least now I know.

       I was hungry, but didn’t want to eat carbs for tonight, that’s why I opted for the salad instead. And to wash it down I had a caramel coffee based frappuccino, yeah talk about not eating carbs but drinking calories huh? hahaha. Tall lang naman eh! LOL!

DSCN0383                                                                        P155

    My favorite part about frappuccino is this

DSCN0384                                               Whipped cream~ mmmmm


     Till then!



Product review: Lip ice sheer color and gloss


     The first time I saw this was at Phoebe ann’s site, but when my friend Lady E, seriously hoarded Lip ice products now I wanted to buy /  hoard too. But I think Lady E hoarded more products than I did, see here.

      Now on to the review.. The sheer color and the candy gloss


     First is the sheer color:

      I’ve always loved lip balms which has color in them and when this product came out, I knew I had to try it.


     There are 2 kind of lip ice sheer color, the one I bought is the strawberry flavored. The other kind is the unscented.

      Actual product looks like this:

DSCN0374 DSCN0378


  •  It does give you the stain lip color as promised
  •   inexpensive P129 at Watson’s – I bought mine at Watson’s mega mall.
  •   personally, I don’t find it too waxy. Just right.
  •   love the strawberry scent – not over powering.


  • It says, Mentholatum but it didn’t really have any cooling effect for me. Maybe it’s just me, I’m not sure.


   Lip ice – Gloss…

     DSCN0385 DSCN0388                                                         Squeeze tube

  I bought the candy apple, the darker pink shade to be safe and I think the price is the same, correct me if I’m wrong.


  •  Inexpensive


  • Too oily
  • doesn’t show the color that much

    Personally, yes it is oily when you put too much, so I think you just need a little for that extra shine for the perfect pouty lips.

    Below are swatches


swatch-lip ice

          The one at the left is the sheer color and the right the candy apple gloss


       Over all, I think it’s still a good product, even teens can use this. I’d definitely buy the sheer gloss again, I love how it makes my lips look  naturally pink ;) At least after eating, I can just use this, instead of retouching my lipstick.

My Verdict: 3/5 kikay points


  Which lip ice products are your favorites?


Till then!



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Food review: Brother’s Burger


   Delayed food review..

   So with my haul, which was 2 days ago (Monday), the BF and I met for dinner at Megamall. To avail of the 50% off Brothers burger promo.

   By the time we met, I was already tired because I first met up with my friend C, It was my first time to meet her mom and brother, and we all went shopping together, they were soo nice. Which is why I was tired and didn’t bother taking pictures outside the brothers joint.

   BF had the promo, I had the philly cheese steak. On the side we ordered chili fries, onion rings and 2 kinds of dip – blue cheese and cream cheese.

DSCN0378      The onion rings were huuge and was really good. I forgot how much the price was, sorry.

DSCN0381                                                        Chili fries P165

        The jalapenos were no joke, it was spicy and I love it! I love spicy foods.  It was okay though, too pricey I think, but satisfying enough.

DSCN0379                                                 Blue cheese dip P55

        I think cheese like these,  needs an acquired taste, as for me I love blue cheese, I think this would go well with fries instead of onion rings though.

DSCN0382                                      My order: Philly cheese steak


     Philly cheese steak with cream cheese dressing, slices of smoky beef with sweet onions. It was weird though that the cheese they used was cream cheese, normally, it should be cheddar cheese.

     BF was actually jealous with my order, haha. This was really huge, I couldn’t finish mine. Wasn’t even able to take a picture of his order, we were that starving already.

   Our total bill cost us P657, I was surprised and as I paid at the cashier, told the BF this better be good! And it is! I was definitely satisfied with what I ordered, it was money well spent. But definitely will stay away from burgers for a long time. We were so full, it was over whelming (in a good way). Next time, I want to try the rice topping thing they have now. But if ever we do eat there again, I’ll be having the same cheese steak.

    I took a bite of the BF’s order, wasn’t impressed, I liked mine better.

   Speaking of which, back in the days when I was young, really young. Somewhere in Reposo now called Nicanor Garcia, there used to be a good place for cheese steak, near the Grace Lagman salon. They closed after a while, but I remember it was a rave back then. I miss it.

      Our first time at Brother’s burger didn’t leave me disappointed at all. Although, I wished they serve more variety of sodas. There were only 2 choices, which were coke and sarsi. I was craving for mountain dew that time. I think greasy food really goes best with carbonated drinks, haha.

   In conclusion what makes this join a rant or rave:


  •   Burgers are really huge so are the fries and onion rings
  •    Loved the blue cheese dips
  •    The philly cheese steak was flavorful, and didn’t skimp on the beef either.


  • They don’t serve their burgers in meals or combo’s, you’d have to order everything separately.
  •   There should be more choices of sodas – or maybe it was just the branch


   Over all: 4/5 spoons.


    2 happy and full couple after dinner


     Till then!



Delayed haul post with pictures


  As promised here are the delayed pictures of my hauls.

    DSCN0390    The large watson’s plastic bag are basic needs, like feminine wash and other stuff so I won’t be showing that anymore.

 DSCN0391    Inside of one of the Sophie bags is this. Yes I am now a member for now It’s for personal use, since I’m eyeing on so many bags. Eventually, I plan to make a business out of it.

DSCN0392                     Catalogs, membership card, some freebies everything PINK!  

   Inside the other Sophie bag…




DSCN0412   The quality of the leather is really lovely. The bag is quite big, perfect for weekends and specially for my Tagaytay trip for December. I’m eyeing another bag from Sophie, can’t wait to buy it on the 30th!    

   Now onto the small watson’s bag..

DSCN0394   E! I bought na rin oh?! hehehe. 2 of each and a In2It powder, review soon.

DSCN0406                                                     And a few sachets of these.

  I bought a few things from Etude House too…



DSCN0403   DSCN0401

       I wanted to buy the Dr. Oil foundation powder, but everytime I go there they keep saying that they don’t have stocks. So I asked this time why, SA said they don’t know, that it’s been 4 months since they don’t have that product.



      Since I purchased more than 500 pesos at Etude, I got a free membership card. Though, I’m not sure about the make-up except for the concealer, will probably try that Baking powder thing for the face. 


     That’s about it! Will post reviews about it soon.


   Till then!



Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The other cat in my life + friendship


  Happy Holidays everyone! Happy for me too, for the holiday pay at work, lol!

Anyway, before I post all the hauls and reviews, let me share you what made my heart melt just this morning.

   As I was about to hit the bed and sleep, the doorbell rang and I was really clueless why the maids were calling me. A PACKAGE! First I thought it was the L’oreal thing that I joined but the package was rather small and in a plastic. I rushed to see whose it from, Lady E. Eeeeeeeeee! I was seriously flattered with the note and not just because you send me gifts but because, I gained a real friend (not just a follower) and having most things in common. Safe to say, that in the blogging world, I consider you as my real friend, even if we haven’t met yet. Thank you for considering me as the other cat in your life, as I feel the same way too. I always think that, most cat lovers jive, I don’t know why though?. Thank you thank you. I hope our friendship via web will become real one day, literally speaking. hehe.

   Here’s the package..



DSCN0392    I was behind the light, sorry. This was the note that came with the package, it was the sweetest. Of course E, I LOVE IT TO BITS! I’m actually using them both now with the new bag.

DSCN0394                                       2 lovely cat pouches to die for!

  Closer look…

DSCN0398                                             Cute kitty cats – LOVE! 


    Thanks so much E, I really love/ appreciate the gifts you’ve sent me. Thanks for considering me a part of your life, as I do too. Can’t get over the sweet note. Will treasure them with my heart ♥ Love you to bits E!!



Till then!



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