Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cat food: Fancy feast gourmet SALE~


   Happy weekend everybody! Omigoodness~ THOR is showing already and I can’t wait to watch it with the BF on Sunday (YEY).

     Well anyway, my post is totally unrelated to that, haha~ Here’s what I found at Shopwise yesterday




  I thought it consists of 4 gourmet cans but turns out for only 2, well it was still pretty good. And my cat loves it. Want proof?



       Till then!




Thursday, April 28, 2011

Budget friendly: Egg Sarciado with Recipe~


  Quick post..

   I was browsing through some budget friendly recipe’s online and found an Egg Sarciado recipe~ it was my first time to make this and turned out really goooood. Only gripe about it is that, I should’ve put more eggs.



   Definitely budget friendly and easy to cook~

   So here’s the recipe as requested by some of my lovely readers:

  • eggs – depends for how many I used 8 pcs.
  • carrots / potatoes
  • tomato sauce filipino style
  • salt and pepper
  • garlic and onions

      I actually got the recipe here at Del Monte Kitchenomics


    Till then!



Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday food tripping: Batanes Lobsters


   Hey there everyone, Happy Easter!

   Hope you are all rejuvenated from the long weekend. Anyway, my mom just arrived from her photography workshop in Batanes and brought home LOBSTERS~

   I wasn’t feeling gourmet that it would’ve been better cooked with butter, garlic and parsley. But we just boiled it and had vinegar with lot’s of garlic as our sauce, it was soooo good. The lobster looks scary, and has a small tail. But it was so meaty and still slightly fresh. It was pre-cooked when mom brought them home this afternoon. All I can say is, DELICIOUS! So this serves as my Sunday food tripping with the family. We all ate together for dinner and it was lovely, since we rarely eat together due to our different schedules.



                                               Pre cooked Lobsters

   Happy Sunday people! What’s up with you lately?  Smile



   Till then!




Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Purple from my AMMO palette


    I love make-up, but if you ask if I’m an expert about it, well I’m not. I currently have an addiction with palettes and among the 4 that I have, my Urban Decay AMMO has got to be my most favorite of them all. It’s quite handy too, perfect for travelling. Here’s a comparison of how small it is.


      That’s my Tickles pouch wallet, I place all my cords in here.


  I actually never thought that purple would suit me well, so well, that Last Call and Grifter is my UTMOST favorite color among them all. I haven’t touched the oil slick, polyester bride, and mildew.


                                   l-r: SMOG, Mildew, Maui wowie and Shattered


                                 l-r: oil slick, last call, polyester bride and grifter


DSCN2837                                               Chopper, last call, grifter

DSCN2838                                                           SIN

My say:

    These colors are quite glittery, specially chopper. Some are shimmery like the 2 purple shades, sin, shattered and mildew. This is definitely a worthy buy for me. All colors are very pigmented which I love about Urban Decay palettes. Here’s a simple FOTD, the color doesn’t show much in the photo, but I promise that that color pops out. (I seriously need a new camera that can make the colors pop out)




   For the eyes, I used sin, grifter and last call. I also used sin as a highlighter  

   For the lips, I used the NYX in Thalia, but I did not use it alone as it  makes my lips look purple, like a living dead. So I had to swipe some lip ice first, then a little bit of concealer, then the lipstick.


           Here’s how it looks, what I like about NYX is that it’s creamy, easily glides on the lips.



     Till then!




Monday, April 18, 2011

2 things I love-d about SUMMER: UPDATED



   The heat is terrible, I absolutely H-A-T-E summer!

   But if there’s something good that happened for this year’s summer were 2 things. First up, I want to share with you my proud moment (whoa, parang stage mother?! haha). M’s creative artwork was chosen as the new Firefox Philippines Mascot, and a few weeks ago, Firefox held a contest, Name the Mozilla Philippines Mascot. Here’s a sample in one of the entries for the contest: WTF! – What the Fox. It was funny!

   M was really happy to have his artwork chosen as Firefox’s mascot, and so yesterday was the launch of the Mozilla Firefox Philippine’s at AIM (Asian Institute of Management), Makati. Aside from the launch, of course the announcement of the mascot’s name. I wasn’t able to go with M since I just got off from work, but he says the event was really cool and he got to talk with big shot people from Globe and etc. He felt like a celebrity that time and was really happy. The announced winner for the mascot’s name is: ALAB, here’s alab

firefox mascot

   Update: Here’s M pictures  during his talk




                  Photos were just sent to me by M, not owned by me

   The second thing that I’m happy about summer is the summer KOMIKON, M and I met up in mcdonald’s greenbelt1 around 1PM and went to the event, which was at the Bayanihan Pioneer. I didn’t take pictures, but I saw my favorite artists like Carlo Vergara (creator of ZsaZsa Zaturnnah), Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo (creator of TRESE). The BF was the one who got a lot of goodies, BF surprised me with the pink Tshirt chibi of ZsaZsa, which we missed buying at the play in CCP a few months ago. And he also bought me an artwork of one of the characters in TRESE. We didn’t really stayed long, since we also had other agenda’s to do. But we had fun, the place is so much better too.



Thanks to M for being such a sweetie, I definitely love the shirt! And also thanks to the ever so kind Sir Carlo Vergara for always taking time to talk to us ( I always get starstruck and speechless when I get the chance to see him at these events). I blushed when he said: (ang cute niyo talaga) awww, next time I’ll talk more. I’m not really the talkative type, except only when I’m with M.

     Other than that, my summer will be spent at work. Oh well, that’s life! haha~


     Till then!



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In Black and White~


  Hey everyone, just dropping by to wish everyone a good week, I’ll be on my rest day in a few hours (HAPPINESS). Here are a few random photo’s in black and white




    While waiting for the MRT to arrive, took some photos outside EDSA




           This one is durian candy which I had for breakfast yesterday, yummy!



    Have a great week ahead ladies (and gent/s), forgive my lack of posts.


    Till then!




Sunday, April 10, 2011

In a heart beat: Gadgets makes me a geek!


     Hello everyone, happy weekend! For today’s post, I want to share with you what has been making me giddy, restless and excited for a couple of days already. Though, if you remember I raved about the Nokia C3 post, and I was given the opportunity to review a Nokia phone and I’m really thankful for it. I still love nokia phones but it’s the android hype that is making me want to go android too. Until my M shows me THE Huawei Ideos. It made my heart skip, it’s just so cute! Specs wise, pretty decent, it’s a basic smart phone.

    Regardless how it may be slower than other branded android phones – comparing it with Samsung (it has only 528MHz) meaning, some apps/games will run slowly, but I don’t mind really. Since I plan to buy an Itouch for dedicated app use. This baby, I’m sure I’m going to have soon *winks at M*


  *photo taken from the net

      The Huawei is the cheapest android phone in the market too, and they have a PINK ONE!

      I’ll keep  you posted once I get this baby on the rightful hands, haha.



      Till then!



Thursday, April 07, 2011

Brush talk: ELF Powder blush


  Hello everyone, it’s been a long while since I haven’t blogged on beauty stuff. Just like my friend Lady E, I too is on a shopping diet, meaning I can’t buy make-up for 3 paydays. I’m saving up something special for the BF for his upcoming birthday in May.

   For today post:

    I’m really happy I won the ELF powder brush from Lady E’s giveaway last February. I’m loving this brush, the handle is really nice and looks professional too. I washed it first with sunsilk green shampoo, and I’m pretty impressed, no shedding at all and the bristles are soft, but dense enough for contouring. I’ve only used this as blush, later, will try it for my foundation.



                                                                     no flash


                                                                  with flash


       Description: This taklon brush can be used with wet or dry products. Creates a professionally sculpted look, full coverage color.




      I checked online for reviews, and so far, reviews about this product is really good. Even E says this brush is good! Thanks E.


      Till then!



Saturday, April 02, 2011

Food Review: Deco’s The Original La Paz Batchoy


   Hello everyone, Happy Friday! For today’s new find, BF and I decided to finally try out Deco’s at Alpha land Mall Magallanes. I was recommended to try this out by Midge (thank you Midge, it did not disappoint).


      Deco’s is the Original La Paz Batchoy since 1938, you can find closely beside Mang Inasal in the first floor of the mall. There was nothing much to offer, just the regular longsilog meals and the la paz batchoy. Prices were affordable, I didn’t want to expect much, I ordered their longsilog but requested to have my egg scrambled. M ordered the same, then he ordered la paz of course.


    I forgot the size M ordered, I think it was the Super, the prices does not exceed P80. When the waiter arrived with our orders, I didn’t expect much. The consistency is not thick, making me think that, my taste buds won’t get excited.


                                         I think this came free or something

    My first half sip, I spoke too soon, it was really good, yummy, delicious, flavorful. I guess, I judged it by how it looks, but I was wrong. I’m just raving about this so much. The broth was full of flavor, I loved it a lot!



                                                             Longsilog P55

      The longsilog was just okay, I’ve tasted better longsilog’s out there, I liked their rice though. M ordered extra rice which costs P17. Next time, we’ll try the others. As for the price, you really couldn’t complain much. But then, when you eat at Deco’s you definitely have to try their La Paz Batchoy!



    I was craving for Figaro’s White chocolate Macadamia nut frost, but they messed up my order thinking I wanted the White chocolate hot coffee, since it was served at the table already, I didn’t complain anymore, but that’s strike 1.


      Compared to Starbuck’s, Figaro’s white chocolate wasn’t too sweet, so I still liked it. They have one size only for P105.

       Our dinner date ended well, I had so much fun, of course, I won’t let the day pass without us having our picture taken. hehe



    Till then!




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