Thursday, June 30, 2011

Skin care: Olay bar soap is my HG


      I used to have this perception in achieving great skin (with results), I thought was only possible through spending so much money like going to Belo, derma’s etc. But I was wrong, and Olay has proven it so many times already. I used to buy their Olay total effects, the bottle can last a long time which is a worthy buy. My mom and tita complimented me that my skin complexion looked better (but that was a long time ago). I suppose that was enough feedback to tell that the product does work. I stopped buying for some reason I don’t know why. Probably because there are dozens of skin products to try. But, if there is one Olay product that I consider my HG (holy grail) is their Body soap age defying. This is a staple in my shower routine and it IS LOVE!

     The first time this came out in the commercial, I wasn’t really convinced, of course it’s TV! I thought I was okay with whitening soaps, but there was one time when I made a product review and needed to have it swatched, I noticed my skin looked dull and “Aged”. And it has been more than a year that I’ve been using this wonderful product. Surprising that you don’t really need to spend much to have that glowing skin. I’m loyal to their age defying soap bar, sometimes I use the green one too. True to their word it is indeed moisturizing, it made my skin smoother which M also noticed. I can’t really remember the first time I used olay soap but it is a staple in my hauls (haha).


*This is an on old photo which I took a few months before, camera used was my 2MP Nokia Xpress music phone.

haul 2

haul 1

haul 3


    The only draw back is that the moisturizing bar melts easily. Other than that, everything is love! I can definitely see myself using this for a long time, which gave me an idea. I’m thinking of having a giveaway either before this year ends or early next year and Olay will definitely be in it.


      Any Olay fans out there? I can’t wait to do some hauling soon and hoard, hehe.



        Till then!




Take a whiff: VS Island waters coconut water and pineapple scent~


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      A few weeks ago, I received a new bottle of body spray from Victoria Secret, aside from the regular ones that we’re familiar with, they now have a new set of perfumes ( I’m not sure when this came out, but it’s the first time I saw this. I saw an online store selling it and I can’t wait to try the other 2 named Lemon sugar and mango temptation) The name itself sounds yummy already. I got the Island waters – Coconut water and pineapple




      The scent gives out an exotic smell-  sweet coconut and the pineapple gives a slight oomph to it. It can be quite strong for the first few sprays, but when it stays longer it smells really good. To describe it in one word = EXOTIC. Next time, I will try out the Lemon sugar and Mango temptation and compare which is better among the 3.


       What’s your favorite scent? or perfume


        Till then!




Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Product review: Mineral Flowers Skin care


     Skin care post for today, I was supposed to try out the MISSHA rose water skin care line, which was good for keeping the oilies as reviewed by Timeless Confessions. But it was too far from my place, so I had to settle for something different. I hope by next month M’s car will be completely fixed already so he can drive me to SM North Edsa. So, in my previous haul, I bought the Minerals and Flowers rose geranium mini set.


     The mini set costs P630 Initially, I was planning on purchasing the Facial wash alone, but when I saw the set with a day and night cream, I opted for this one instead. The facial wash alone costs around P400+ I think, for the 2 creams I cannot remember anymore (sorry).

      Night cream



        I have been using these for more than 2 weeks already. My verdict? since there were a few nights that I was too lazy to put on the night cream, I can’t really say  that my signs of aging lessened. But what I find noticeable is that when I wake up,  my face feels softer. Consistency wise, it’s quite thick and you only need a pea size to cover the whole face which is not bad (at least tipid).



       Day cream



      What attracted me to this particular product was when I saw the part “helps make-up last all day” However, I didn’t notice any drastic change, and my skin was still oiling up late in the afternoon. Besides, with the humid weather we have and being outdoors, the make-up (powder and blush) is bound to melt eventually. The consistency is the same as the night cream.


      Facial wash




      For the facial wash, this has to be a love and “hate” thing. There was one time that I had full make-up on (eyebrow, eye make-up the works) when I use the PONDS Pure white facial wash, I could still see remnants of eye shadow on my lids. But with this, everything  melted well and my face was squeaky clean, it was non drying too and does not make my face feel tight after. I love the cleansing properties it has. For the “hate” part, I find the consistency thin / watery, when you open the cap, it spills if your not careful. Even if you buy the big bottle, it wouldn’t last for 2 weeks (not so sulit). It also takes time to lather up in your face too.

       Overall, I like the day and night cream (not head over heels though), but it’s something I might buy again. As for the facial wash, as I said it’s a love and “hate” relationship. I can’t always spend P400+ twice a month, so I need to find an alternative, which I might already have (will blog about it soon). What  I can vouch for Mineral flowers is their body butter. It IS LOVE! my body feels super super smooth, I’m getting one soon (preventive aging?) haha. It is definitely worth spending for.


      Shout out to MISSHA Philippines, Please have a branch in Makati Please, pretty please?! ^_^



        Till then!




Monday, June 27, 2011

My thoughts about the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander mascara~



                      Majolica Majorca Lash Expander (brown) P795

     Mascara’s are essential must have’s in a woman’s make-up bag. I recently purchased the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander in brown out of curiosity. My thought’s about it? Not a rave, or rant but in between. For someone who has short lashes, I’ve yet to find a mascara that REALLY lengthens the lashes. So as described, lash expander? it only gave me a slight extension. I also find the fibers unusual for a mascara, the fibers help lengthen the lashes I suppose.



     What makes their wand unique is that there’s a comb for the lower lash which is easy to apply.Which I like, maybe results would look better had I only bought the shade in black. The brown one appears too light.


   There are a lot of reviews already, so I won’t babble on this too much. These are my thoughts about it. Do I love it? not really, there are a lot of mascara products out there that I’ve yet to try. But points go to the packaging and wand invention.

     OT (off topic): that scratch on my hand? Tabby is the culprit, I have a lot more scratches in my arms which is why I need to keep myself from hugging and playing with the kitty. And as usual, in most of my posts, I always include my spoiled kitty (either a picture or video) enjoy.

   *note sorry for the background noise, Click link here.



      Till then!




Sunday, June 26, 2011

Playing with pinks and my current read


  It’s been 2 weeks of my vacation and it seems like it’s been a month already. The irony of being unemployed and starting from scratch all over again. But at least I know that being a BUM is not my thing.

    I was utterly bored today and I miss wearing make-up, so I decided to play (practice) with my eye make-up. The first time I wore the Wet and Wild (sweet as candy palette), it made my eyes look small because the pink eye lid color was too frosty and I didn’t wear any eyeliner. But this time, I made sure to put black eyeliner and topped with black eyeshadow . It looks much better and does not make my eye look sleepy. But the color doesn’t show much since my room is rather dark even with florescent light. I just used my camera phone

C360_2011-06-26 16-00-10

C360_2011-06-26 15-49-06

C360_2011-06-26 15-59-08

   Sorry, maybe I’m just being vain today which rarely happens, haha. So just imagine me with full make-up but wearing “pambahay” (a big shirt and shorts), my sisters kept asking If I’m going out today, haha. I’m also testing out some products that I will be reviewing soon. But one thing for sure even with the Dr. Jart BB cream (silver) it makes my face super oily, which is supposedly to control oil. What I love about the palette, even without a primer, the color still stands out which is good if I don’t want a “dramatic” EOTD. The Wet and Wild palettes are definitely worthy buys.

    Mind you, I am not that white, just slightly fair, I just used the camera app in my phone (camera 360) using dreamlike effect. As for my read, it was outstanding and unpredictable which I like. While reading I was craving for chocolate, and what I do even when we were kids is to eat powdered milo and put a tablespoon or two of water which turns out as fudge, YUM~



C360_2011-06-26 19-46-24

    The lipstick used was AVON’s barely there, I just topped it off with ELF’s lipgloss in watermelon. 


      It’s been a long week and I hope something interesting will pass by. I’m still persistent applying online and praying for one application I found. XD


       Till then!




Friday, June 24, 2011

A short gaming experience for the ACE and a App game review


    I wasn’t able to make a detailed review of the gaming experience in the Samsung galaxy ace. So having found a game that I’m currently addicted to, here’s my take on the samsung galaxy ace gaming experience.

     The ace has a 800MHz processor, compared to low end android phones (with only 600MHz), this is supposedly to be faster. However, I am surprised with the game  Aqua Pets (I’m currently playing) and even Angry Birds, I experience lagging and errors such as needing to force close the application. With the game angry birds, most of the time it just lags (slow). Having found the game Aqua pets is both a blessing and a curse, haha. Blessing because the game is addicting, and a curse because It eats up the battery even more, needing to charge it twice a day. Well, for now it’s okay since I’m just home, but that would be a bothersome if I’m out of the house.



    Now, on to the game review. I was browsing through the Android market for app games, and I found Aqua pets. Aqua pets is a fishing and aquarium game for the Android. 


     At first, I was in it out of boredom but then I was getting OC in getting the magic scepter rod (which will be explained later on). There are 13 different rods to choose from, you get different kinds of fishes and other rare creatures, depending on the rod you use. Earning money, of course you have to fish by also using different baits. Better baits means better chances of getting rare and legendary creatures.




                       My aquarium, which you can also set as your live wallpaper


                                                             Auto rotate view

      You get to feed your fishes by buying pellets in the store section for only 20 coins good for 1 whole day use. Aside from that, there’s nothing more you can do than just feed them and just continue fishing and catching more rare and legendary creatures. The more you fish, you get to level up too which is required for some rods.

       What made it fun for me is my love for mermaids, LOL. I used all my pearls just to buy the magic scepter which can catch mermaids. Oh by the way, this app is free.

         Unfortunately, I always experience lagging and force close. But what I do is to tap the wait option instead. So far, that’s the only concern I have with the game when it comes to technical issues. As for playability. It can get boring since the only interaction is feeding them. In my case, is addicting because I want to collect all the mermaids.


         Till then!





Thursday, June 23, 2011

Game loving for Android users


   Technology has come a long way at this age,  when mobile phones were just used to call, then the texting feature came out, plus a lot of add on features like FM radio and etc. The famous Symbian OS (Operating system) is what we’re all familiar with (Nokia a phones). Jump start to today, mobile phones are becoming versatile because of the Android, which has a large community of developers making applications that extend the functionality of the devices. Which is why apps are a big thing right now.

     M’s company, Komikasi Enterprises are currently making apps (games) for Android users.

   What the game is about?

         The basic premise is that you are an aspiring drama actress and that the goal is to slowly rise through the ranks facing famous people and legendary actresses (local actresses)

       Here’s a video of me testing the beta version, of course it’s still needs some tweaking. But this is just a snippet

watch here. I’m having problem’s inserting the video with Windows Live, just click the watch here link provided. Thank you~


    Till then!





Sunday, June 19, 2011

Random weekend date~


   Hey everyone, this Sunday has got to be the perfect weather for me. Just home the whole day and it’s gloomy and rainy. My kind of weather, M hates it though. Anyway, yesterday I spent the whole day with my M at his place. One of our agenda’s is to have a movie marathon. So we watched Somewhere In Time (finally) and the first Xmen movie. We had breakfast at Jollibee and we tried their new flavored fries, four cheese.


                                                               Large P53

     It was nice, aside from their regular fries, we can now order flavored fries. Next time were trying the Sour cream. And as usual for breakfast we always have the longganisa meal. I love their longganisa, the Fat and thin breakfast sausage tastes similar to Jollibee’s longganisa.


                                               covered in hot sauce - yum~

   We just spent the whole day at his house watching movies and playing Mortal Kombat in his PS3. He asked me if he should play at his 100% best, of course being competitive I said hell yeah! hehe. I won the best of 3 using Scorpion (the one in yellow) 2-1.

   The video is a bit bright and a little bit shaky. We asked their house helper (ate jol) to be our human tripod. hehe~ We just used M’s Itouch to video the game play.  

    After 2 movies and 5 rounds of Mortal Kombat (I think we finished past 5pm already), we had dinner at SM Bicutan at Chowking, I was craving for Nai Cha, but the branch at SMB didn’t have any. Pfft!  M loves their asado sauce, at first I wasn’t into it, but eventually liked it.

C360_2011-06-18 20-00-35_org

2011-06-18 19.55.47

                                                                      The BF~

    It’s just a random date really, we had no plans on going out, nor even watch a movie (the green lantern had poor reviews, so we didn’t attempt in watching it and waste money.) When I was still with my previous work, I rarely visit him in his house unlike before (we’re still working on getting our own place, which is why I’m doing my best to find a job again.)


      What’s up with your weekend dear readers? Special mention to my friend J, HAPPEEEEE Belated Birthdaaaayyy~



         Till then!




Friday, June 17, 2011

Tech talk: Complete review of Samsung Galaxy Ace


   Hello everyone, for today’s post I finally have a decent review of my Samsung Galaxy ACE.    

   Inside are the following:


   The unit phone, comes with 2 back covers one in black and white. The black cover is much more nicer because it has a rubbery matte texture, while the white one is a glossy type. As soon as I bought the phone, I had an ishield and jelly case installed, which is why I wasn’t able to take a picture of the back part. Also comes with, a quick start guide, 2 discs / drivers (which you will need) Samsung Kies, usb cable, memory card adaptor, headset (not in the picture) and a charger.


    After hunting at every store (literally we went to each store one by one) at Cyberzone, Megamall, we found a competitive price for P13, 750. Eventually, the screen protector and jelly case that came with the package deemed useless since I bought another case and a screen protector.



    At first glance, it looks like an Iphone, if you remember sometime in April about Apple suing Samsung for having copied the Iphone’s design. Copied or not, the ACE sets apart from design’s of a low end Samsung android phones. It has 2 touch menus when illuminated for menu option and back option.

     Compared to low end android phones of Samsung, it has a 3.5 screen with     320 x 480 screen resolution. It may not look as sharp as, for example a 4th gen Itouch but almost comparative or close.

       It comes with a few apps and widget for you to use. Here’s mine





        3 DSCN3488

        And then you can customize it in the home screen just by touching the image for a few seconds and then dragging it in the home screen.




       The battery life is average, using live wallpapers eats up the battery, which makes it last for half the day. I was able to find cute live wallpapers like sakura flowers, glitters but I had to sacrifice cuteness over longevity. Which is why I’m using a plain black wallpaper. I’m still looking for hello kitty wallpapers though. Another tip is to set the display to the lowest setting, and always turn off the GPS (when not needed). During the first few days, my GPS was always on, display setting was 50% and I had the live wallpaper, no wonder why I always end up low battery.



        There are 4 icons below – calls, contact, sms and home. I will show you how the call feature looks like.


        After dialing, you can choose from dialer or skype. The ACE does not support the video call from skype as compared to the Itouch and maybe the Iphone? But it’s better than none.



        I love the touch, M hates it. At first it was quite difficult to text just by using the qwerty touch feature, but eventually I got used to it. The phone also features an auto rotate. You can also customize how the threaded conversation looks like (message skin). I chose the gloss type, but you can choose from default, edge, sticky note and memo.

           Here’s how texting will look like


                                                                    Normal view


                                                                   Auto rotate




      Phone book / Contacts

           My facebook was synced with my phone book, so now I can see some of my friend’s number that is not in my list. Take for example my blogger friend J, haha~ contacts

        I also like the drop down feature for my notifications, just scroll up to go back.  DSCN3522


    For the camera junkies out there, here’s what you can expect. It has a 5MP camera with LED flash, which comes with different scene modes. It also has an auto focus so you don’t have to worry about blurry photos, not unless of course if you have shaky hands. Refer to picture below




     If you’re not content with the scene modes, you can always download apps from the android market. I’m using the camera 360, which has different effects like lomo, japanese and a whole lot more.

    Sample photos:

2011-06-08 00.23.12

2011-06-09 12.05.58

2011-06-11 14.28.09


    I’ve already posted the phone’s specs so I won’t be posting that anymore.

   My Verdict:

       After all the android phones that I said I wanted, from the Huawei Ideos, LG Optimus Me, I ended up with a much better Android phone. It suits my needs perfectly well. If you notice that I didn’t talk about the gaming feature well, it’s pretty good. But I don’t really use it for gaming since I have to consider the battery life. I’ve only tried playing angry birds, squash vs. zombies, and speaking of games (medyo sumesegue) M’s company is currently making a game for the android, I was their game tester the other day, although there were still a few bugs that needed to be polished it just might be ready soon. I’ll be making a review of that, anyway, going back to my verdict. The ACE is perfect for those who want an upgrade android device that won’t hurt your wallet. It may have a few shortcomings but this phone deems worthy.


       Till then!




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