Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekends are for RnR

We all love weekends, well for some maybe because we get to spend a day off from our busy schedule and, making something for the family which is dessert. <3 I’m always looking for ways to improve in an old favorite recipe to make it more interesting, like sandwiches and good ol’ lutong bahay. But for today, actually yesterday, I re-invented the graham cake, unlike the usual graham crackers, I used Tiger crackers (white), inexpensive but good. Here’s a breakdown of how much I spent, good for 6 people.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Style - 2-in-1 Local Foundation: As Good as Imported?

Style - 2-in-1 Local Foundation: As Good as Imported?

I was happy to come across this site ( and since my uber favorite Shu foundation powder is almost finished, this would be a good alternative. I could go with Maybelline, but I find that it doesn't last that long as it says to be. Well, I will update you as soon as I'm able to buy and try this product. Local foundation here we go. :)

Just wanted to share this site and hope to hear from users of the 3 brands, enjoy reading! just click on the link provided above, thanks. 


My daily make-up routine

  I'm such a make-up junkie and make-up is one of those things that I MUST buy before clothes (which is becoming a bit of a problem, as what my sister says), I always check out beauty blogs, fashion magazines and make-up stores on which are the tried and tested and new ones too. As of now, my range of budget would be P200 up to P1000 maximum, I can't afford to go over board being a student and all. I have to think of my cats too, lol! But I'm glad that graduation is 1 month away and financial freedom is upon my reach, haha. Actually, I will  be talking about my daily make-up routine rather than making a review because I'm just using a camera phone which has 2MP no flash of course :( I'm still waiting for my dream camera to be given by my BF, which is I don't know when. So details in pictures are very poor (please bear with me). 

 My problem, is my face is so oily that I can't leave the house without putting a good foundation powder. I was lucky to have a Shu Uemura foundation powder given by my mom and is now almost finished- waaa! I have to look for a good alternative for a reliable foundation powder now. Here's how the Shu Uemura looks like

Here's the Volum' Cat eyes mascara:

It actually works as a waterproof mascara, and lengthening my eyelash. 
The con: It's quite hard to remove 
 I have to apply cold cream 2 times before it comes out, afterwards my eyelashes felt quite hard. But hey, it's waterproof at least it doesn't easily flop when my eyes are teary or when commuting, because of strong winds when riding a jeep. Price: P495.00 (but bought this with a gift check, I love gift checks!)
this particular powder, is the best so far, it keeps my face looking so shiny and flawless (I don't need to put on concealer anymore, it's good when I'm in a hurry.), Will definitely purchase the same product soon. I'm not sure how much it costs, as it was given to me only. But when I checked Rustan's the last time, I think it was more than P2000 pesos. Before I put on powder, I use as an alternative primer, Pond's anti dark spots fluid. Being my face oily, I think Eskinol's oil control fluid is effective so far, I used it and stays true to its promise - it gives a matte finish up until 8 hours, with this product I use a different powder which is Maybelline's Shine free Foundation Powder P200+. It's the only product I use with this kind of powder because I noticed that If I don't, my face looks so white (in natural shade), weird huh? Well, I guess it varies in different complexions. Going back to my make-up routine, after waiting for 5-10mins for my fluid to dry, then I put powder, using the sponge, and curl my lashes with my Shu Uemura eyelash curler and my new favorite mascara, Maybelline's Volum' Cat Eyes, which is L-O-V-E, my eyelashes are quite short and it gives extra length (I will stick to this product for a very loong time). After curling my lashes, I put a dab of cheek stain: using Herbench's pretty when pinched P180 at the Bench store in Glorietta, 3rd floor near Mercury drug, and then top it lightly with Avon's blush powder P500+ in plum, with this blush you only need a little as it can be too pinkish. 

                                                            Here's how it looks like:

I use a different blush brush for this 
With this blush on, on top of my Shu powder it also lasted me 5 hours indoors (aircon), when I'm outdoors, my make-up doesn't last that long (that's how oily my face is), which is why I use Gatsby Oil control face sheets (the black one) which costs P120 70sheets, in all leading supermarkets and Watson's. It absorbs the oil and is my bestfriend, lol! 

Last but not the least, lipstick, which is my L-O-V-E too! right now I'm using Mac's Hot Gossip and Avon's barely there (either of the 2), I like a matte finish so I rarely use lipgloss. I'm lemming on, Revlon's Lustre. 

l-r: Avon's barely there, MAC's Hot gossip (gift- lucky me!) lasting power a good 3 hours,
after a while it gives a nice lip pigment color (really sorry if I can't show pictures, you won't be able to see the difference ) :( Btw, here's the picture of the cheek stain I use, I think this is a good alternative compared to expensive ones. I read a review about Benetint and for the same effect that it has with pretty when pinched, I'll go with the cheaper one. But I'm looking forward to try Smashbox's O-glow. 

The packaging is like Benetint, and is far better compared to the tube, although they still have the tube but with a brand new design. Reason why I bought this one is, to avoid clumping and mess around the tube. 

So, that's it! It's just a simple look that I use everyday for school, I don't want to look too made up, only during on dates with my BF

My BF and Me after the Komikon event at Megamall trade hall. Looking forward for the next Komikon at UP, Diliman Bahay ng Alumni April 17, 2010. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this, what's your daily make-up routine or you favorite foundation powder? I'd love to hear them. Bye for now!

Meow.. Meow..

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend movie and Red Mango Review

  Weekends are good, you get to spend some RnR with your special someone or other times just at home lazing around (my BF having work during weekends sort of sucks a bit L) or going out to watch a movie. My mom decided to go out today and I really didn’t have anything better to do so I went out with my family and glad I did. We had yogurt “ice cream”, popcorn at Muscle beach – which I think the prices there are unreasonably pricey. For a lemonade it would cost you around P80+ and It doesn’t even fancy my liking at all. Going back, we waited for us to get in to our movie at Greenbelt 3, while munching on our popcorn and sharing uber corny jokes that we could think of (I like days like this.) We watched Percy Jackson’s Lightning Thief, which I’d give a 2 out of 5 popcorns, meaning I find the movie poorly done. Can you imagine Pierce Brosnan a Centaur? Yeah, I smirked too when I saw him. And the humour was really bleh. Well, that’s my opinion. The highlight for today was my first trip to a yogurt store, which will be my review for today.

 Yogurt Ice cream isn’t really new now a days, I think it has been more than a year since they came out with this soft and guilt free “ice cream.”And actually, it was only now that I was able to try this delectable treat. My mom brought us to Greenbelt 3 at Red Mango. Typically, yogurt tastes a bit tangy or maasim, and just a little bit sweet. Texture wise, it is a melt in the mouth experience. The down side of buying yogurt ice cream is that, it is quite expensive, specially if you add toppings. Prices range at around almost P200, P30 for each toppings and you can choose 3 kinds of yogurt, the plain one, green tea and I forgot the other one. At Red mango, I observed that they have only a few toppings to choose from, but I don’t mind really. I ordered large –P150 and my toppings were Strawberry and Banana Nut Krunch-yum! It was so good that, thinking now, the price for it is definitely worth it. I'm not sure about other branches, but I have this impression that all yogurt shops tastes the same, although the green tea yogurt looks tempting too! Will try that soon. 

Pictures below @ different angles:
Photos may not have quality pictures. I'm just using my phone camera with 2MP, so please bear with me. :)

My Verdict: Since I love yogurt so much I'd give it a 4 out of  5 spoons
I have yet to try other yogurt parlors out there. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe feel free to share your experiences about Yogurt ice cream! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day for 2010 and Heaven's food review

  My Valentine's Day turned out to be a blissful surprise. My BF and I had talked about it and we didn't have plans to go out due to my projects at school, and so all the time I never expected him to visit me at my house with a rose and a bar of chocolate. Too bad his paycheck comes every 15th or 30th so our budget was quite "tight". That morning was quite busy because it is also my mom's birthday and the whole family was there. Busy cooking and went out to North Park in Makati Ave. to order our food. Basically, it was a just a simple lunch get together with the family. 

  So my hunnie decided to pay a surprise visit and we went to Glorietta just to hang out, check some stuff and have dinner together. Besides, how do you celebrate valentine's day anyway? I was just glad that I was able to spend time with my BF on that day. It may not be the most romantic valentine's day but to me, it's more than enough. But of course, I do hope next year will be a more memorable one. Girls just love to receive bunch of roses, chocolates and presents. Women are simple, how do you make her happy? by giving her innovative gifts, never ever forgetting a special date like anniversaries or birthdays, if you do forget it, it's world war. Well, I don't know, It's just how women are. 

Below are pictures during our Dinner at Heaven's, we were both craving for BBQ, and In my opinion, Heaven's is the best so far. Why? the BBQ itself is juicy and packed with flavor, as well as the sauce. The rice is topped off with BBQ bits which makes it even more tastier and it costs for only P73 (jumbowl), which comes with hot soup. As for the ambiance, the place is small but very quaint and clean, which is good. Unfortunately, the food being too good, we forgot to take a picture of it. Will update it asap. 

I guess, this serves as a personal blog and a bit of a local food review at Heaven's Makati, Pablo Ocampo. Hope you enjoy and try it out soon! 

My verdict: 3.8 out of 5 spoons
The way they cook is not quite consistent, sometimes they grill the meat just right, but the last time mine had too many burnt sides. 

Btw, I forgot to post one of the sweetest love letters my BF gave to me - actually posted in my Facebook, love you bebe. The heart and cross is our emblem, but he said that BF said he'll be giving it a new look.
love love.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Food review

 So this is my first attempt in making local food reviews around the metro for my blogger, actually my previous reviews are in my multiply site.) For this month (and the coming months) my BF and I have come to a decision once more to be cheapskates, eating "cheap" cuisines at food courts.

 Eating out at food courts ain't that bad really, you just have to choose wisely which looks a day old and from fresh ones. For today, we ate at SM Makati's food court and chose Sizzling Plate and Kowloon House's dimsum. For sizzling plate we both ordered the Double decker which costs at P99- almost a hundred bucks. As for servings, not that bad. The patties were flavorful and almost as big as the palm of my hand. I'm pretty sure it was ground pork not pure beef, but I may be wrong.

Good points:

  • Priced just right. In between the patties was a slice of oozing cheese, lathered with generous amount of gravy, buttered vegetables and topped off with fried egg. 
  • Their servings is quite big
Bad points:
  • I noticed my order seemed to be a bit raw in the inside. I don't mind my beef cooked medium well but for pork? eeyyuck
My verdict: 2.5 out of 5 
reason:  one of the patties was still raw in the inside. By the way, here's how it looks like
*camera used: camera phone, so picture quality is a bit so so. I need to buy a good digital camera- right hunnie? ehem. lolz!


Moving on to my first experience to Kowloon

 One of my favorite dishes would be Chinese cuisine and I'm a big fan of dimsums and dumplings, particularly at Gloria Maris and my ultimate favorite Luk Yuen. Davids Tea house was just so-so. My BF was actually surprised to find out that there is now a Kowloon House branch at Makati, before the only branch they had was at Ong Pin. He ordered the sharks fin dimsum which costs for P45 3 pcs. But really, it is not your typical dimsum size. It was quite huge, please refer to picture below:

 Not only was this big but it was full of meat fillings. It tasted like some sort of beef and something else but in a goooood way. Their Sharks fin dimsum is soooo good, better than Paotsin. Well, it's not exactly cheap food but more of "economical" or is it? haha. 

My verdict: 3 out of 5
I will definitely order there again, and try out some of their dishes as well. Their soy chicken looked good too. 

This ends my review for now, looking forward for more local reviews. 

Sunday, February 07, 2010

For Sale: SIAMESE CAT, Female, 7 Months, Blue Point, Rare

   To Cat lovers out there, I am helping out a fellow cat lover from the PPH (Philippine Pet Haven) forums, please help us find a potential buyer and most importantly a responsible cat lover for Hermoine. 

Details below: ( I posted the complete details already, as I'm not sure if I do give the link, non-member might not see it)


  • female
    7 months
    blue point (rare)
    long-haired (I suspect she is actually Balinese because her tail is bushy like a Persian Cat's. Balinese cats are actually long-haired Siamese cats.)
    complete and up-to-date anti-rabies, 3-in-1 and deworming (I have her vet card and the receipts of all her shots/deworming as proof)

The cat's name is Hermione, and she has been our pet since she was 4 months old. She has always lived indoors and is well-taken care of. She has never been sick, and the only treatment we have had for her was for ear mites, which she got from the original seller. Of course, that has been treated immediately. She eats 9Lives, sometimes mixed with IAMS. She is very active and malambing with my daughters. By the way, she is litterbox-trained.

I am selling her because I am pregnant and it is not advisable for me to handle the litterbox. I also need to right-size on the pet responsibility.

Selling Price: P4500 (Please note that this is the price that I got her for. Yes, I got her at a high price. Please also note that I am not making any profit from selling her. If you think about it, this is a very good deal because all the preliminary shots have been taken care of and are practically free. You just have to maintain her excellent health. The litterbox also comes free.)

The selling price includes:
  • Hermione
    2 oral dewormers (P200 each)
    1 anti-rabies (P250)
    3 tri-cat (3-in-1) shots (P650 each)

Her next vet visits are:
May 1, 2010 - quarterly deworming
October 1, 2010 - annual anti-rabies
December 19, 2010 - annual tri-cat (3-in-1)

My mobile number is (917) 807-9029. Feel free to negotiate.

Please see photos to appreciate. I apologize for the grainy quality. These pics were taken with a phone camera. I can provide better photos when I get hold of the real camera. (First 2 pics taken at 4 months. The last 2 photos taken at 7 months.)
You can either contact her directly or leave me a message here or in my email ad:

Thank you

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Start of a Good Thing

I just made a big move here at blogger (as multiply is overly populated with online sellers) and my page is quite empty, actually really empty for now. Been busy with so many projects to do as graduating is coming to a close and I can't wait. At the moment, I'm just stuck up in meeting deadlines for the special classes I enrolled to. 

As my birthday is just 2 days away, it really bothers me that I haven't done anything to start my career. Actually, my predicament is that, what do I really want to do? or what is my end goal? Honestly, I'm point blank about it. But if I have to talk about or state what I want or love is that, I love to cook, I love cats and I want to be a manager, but these will not lead me anywhere or so I think. Soon, In God's time maybe he'll show me my purpose in life. But until that day, I'll just live my life to the fullest, learning new things and venturing to something close to what I love to do. As the verse says, "Give to me all your worries and worry no more." something like that. I just keep on worrying about this dilemma of mine every single day, I'll try to stop. Anyway, most of the blogs that I will be doing is reviews on food, cats, comics, and anything under the sun. 

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