Friday, December 31, 2010

Inside a cat’s mind says: HAPPY NEW YEAR!


   Happy new year guys! Hope 2011 will be a better year for us


   Just a few minutes before 12, HAPPY 2011 my readers! I’m here at work, so yeah.. haha!


   Till then!



Food review: Teriyaki boy + dinner date

   Before heading for work yesterday, I watched Jamie Oliver’s Jamie at home episode at TLC (Travel and living channel) his tuna recipe looked so yummy it made me crave, those ruby colored tuna made me salivate. Yes, I love Japanese food, specially raw fish just not the sea urchin and octopus.
     Anyway, so for dinner yesterday, I met up with the BF to have a dinner date, we were supposed to have dinner at Le Couer, but then I remembered they have Teriyaki boy at Alpha land. Below are pictures of what we had:


Right after this photo, my camera shut down  

For appetizer
163978_1660548886373_1616721377_1541497_565514_n                                             Salmon sushi 195
   166672_1660549446387_1616721377_1541499_1635556_n                                                 Yakisoba
167640_1660544126254_1616721377_1541477_7006773_n                         Dynamite maki 
    The salmon sushi was yummy, the yakisoba noodles looked like instant noodles, but doesn’t taste like instant noodles at all. It was pretty good and was served hot at the table, I just forgot the price.
      The dynamite maki was freakingly SPICY, I love spicy but not for maki’s, even the sauce that came with , I didn’t like at all, it empowers the taste of the tuna. We weren’t able to finish the whole order of the maki. We are so not ordering this again.
“Main course”
164162_1660548206356_1616721377_1541495_6251621_n                                        Ika fry P200+

165223_1660548486363_1616721377_1541496_7079166_n                                                  Tonkatsu curry
 BF and I ordered the curry fry, the servings were huge. My order was the Ika fry, tasted like usual fried squid, but at least it was good, the curry sauce was yummy. I can tell the BF liked his order too since he finished the whole bowl.

And for the dessert

 Curts Yogurt
                                   BF’s order –yogurt with everything chocolate

167239_1660550366410_1616721377_1541505_4173675_n                                 My order – candy coated chocolate and blueberry toppings
   I loved the yogurt, total costs P247 for just a regular sized one. But that was because BF ordered the special toppings, I had the regular which was 20 toppings each. The regular sized cup costs P78. BF only ate the toppings, which made me happy since I had more yogurt ice cream, yum~ thanks babe ;)
Our total bill for the food was P1,100

What can I say about Teriyaki boy?
The servings were quite huge, so for the price maybe it was worth it. Their rice is definitely not authentic japanese rice, what I like about the place is that, there’s many choices to choose from. The curry ika fry was yummy, I know I ate something similar to that in Rai Rai Ken. The prices seemed similar too.
My verdict? 3.3/5 spoons – definitely going back for the ika fry

*all photos were taken by BF with his Samsung ES30, my camera’s battery finally got exhausted (drained).

date                                                       2 happy and full couple  - burps~

  Till then!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beauty talk: Facial cleansers –New Garnier Brightening oil control scrub


  I’m a sucker for Oil control facial cleansers, the clean and clear works fine actually, but then I saw a new line from garnier made specially for oily faced ladies like me and I couldn’t resist buying.  I was actually happy when I saw sachets, so I could test it out first.




    The sachets costs P6.25 (something like that).

  It says: brightening oil control scrub, instant action on oil and dirt, for oily skin

   The product is actually really creamy, it sort of smells like the heat mask of garnier, but just a subtle smell of it. I think you only need a little since it really foams up.


    I don’t know but, the brightening promise did work upon the first wash. It does look  brightened to me, hehe.

DSCN1547     This is how my face looks like with no make-up. See how white it looks? maybe it’s the brightening effect.



  • What’s good here in the Philippines is that, we have sachets, either for traveling or just to sample it out, unlike in the states where you can only buy bottles. Sachets are good!
  • the brightening effect – my face looked instantly brighter upon first wash
  • specially targeted for oily faced ladies – like me
  • I didn’t feel itchy after


  • the smell can be too overpowering for some
  • as for scrub – I didn’t feel any scrub beads at all
  • if you put too much, you’re face will feel tight after – which happened to me earlier, so a little goes a long way.

Will I repurchase? As soon as I finish my clean and clear, YES I will! I actually liked the brightening effect, so I’ll have to observe more on that.


  Till then!



Beauty talk: PONDS Compact powder review

  Beauty post…
    I always tell myself that I will let my skin breathe specially on my rest days, but when I have to do the groceries or buy some stuff outside I’d still want to look presentable in front of people. It’s not being vain or anything really, but with the lack of sleep, I sometimes look really haggard (or so I think). Well anyway, enough babbling.
I have this thing to make sure I have powder on my face, one for going out (usual days) and for home (when I have to go to the grocery). So I bought myself a PONDS compact powder and I’m actually impressed.


DSCN1531 DSCN1532 DSCN1536
DSCN1534 DSCN1535
    I know it’s rather hard to see, I’ll try to make a decent post next time.  This would probably be my staple home compact powder. I don’t want to use expensive powder when I just have to stay home or buy something outside

  • gives a decent coverage
  • inexpensive P149.75 at beauty counters
  • has satin finish
  • comes with a decent sponge applicator
  • good for retouching
  • available in 2 shades
  •  not long lasting – but hey since I only use it at home I don’t really mind.
  • the smell can be irritating for others

   Will I buy again? Most definitely, YES!
Really up to you guys if you want to purchase or not, are you the type who buys a different set of powder for going out and for home?
Till then!


The new philippine currency - edited

  Quick post….
    Just wanted to share with you the new bill. It soo looks like play money. My  mom recently had lunch with the media at Sofitel and they put the 20 pesos bill up for raffle.


   Quite cool actually.
*please note that the bills are not yet released.

  Till then!


Last lunch at Tagaytay + some goodies


  Quick post…

      Our lunch on our last day before heading back to Manila

DSCN1435              Tempura good for 2 – with huge shrimps and not only breading




      Calamari again, it was that good and the sauce too. We asked our waiter Jomark if we could ask for more sauce and how much it would cost, he was nice enough to give us a bigger bowl of sauce with no charge. Mind you, they have service charge but I’m happy to pay them the service charge unlike other restaurants.


    The hotel gave us free keychains for souveneirs


   And here’s the goodies I brought home with me

63260_1516585190277_1103880186_31179189_1762012_n                                                                    P160



                 Macapuno balls, pastillas de leche and turones de mani.

We took a bus ride and it only cost us P78 cheap! The terminal was at Pasay Rotonda.


    So, this is my last post for my vacation with the BF, we had so much fun and everything about the trip was pleasant. He’s planning for another trip next year, this should be exciting.


   Till then!



Food review: Red Lemon Grill at Tagaytay


   For our dinner, here’s what we had…

164861_1651482819727_1616721377_1520273_1006410_n                                                                Bulalo 

        The broth was good and the beef was soft, unfortunately we weren’t able to finish the pot. Price was reasonable, I just forgot the exact price –sorry.

148231_1651480939680_1616721377_1520271_8334916_n                                                    Cordon Bleu

     The Cordon bleu came with gravy, the gravy was tasty and the Cordon itself was really soft. Price was reasonable too.

165082_1651480659673_1616721377_1520270_2253486_n   *photos were taken by BF, the food setting in my NIKON L21 doesn’t seem to look good with their lighting, I don’t know why.

   The only price that I remember is the blended ice tea, it costs P60 or P65 pesos, now I only wish they had bottomless ice tea. It was really good. On the side we also ordered their calamares, the dip that came with it was yummy too and it costs below P200 and had more pieces of calamri compared to Carlos pizza. Definitely a must order in my opinion.


     We were actually surprised, the food was really good, we were the first customers that night and other customers came along. Buena mano? haha.

  My Verdict: 5/5 spoons for the cordon bleu and calamari

  It wasn’t extraordinary, but it was tasty and reasonably priced.

3.5/5 spoons for the Bulalo

5/5 for blended ice tea


Will we go back? Definitely! yes! now only if we have a car, hehe.


  Till then!



Day 2: At Halfway Zoo + Horse back riding at Picnic Grove


Continuation of our day 2 trip, as mentioned in my earlier posts, BF and I went to Halfway zoo and we rode a jeep going there, it’s a long the road so you won’t definitely miss it. I forgot how much the entrance fee costs, but it’s relatively cheap, but if you want to touch and have your photos taken with a tiger it’s a little bit pricey but worth it.

166120_1651440858678_1616721377_1520154_7322614_n    Before going to halfway zoo, we went to a plaza and found a Rowena’s store and bought some goodies.



DSCN1347DSCN1352                                                             Entrance

    As soon as you enter the Zoo, you will be greeted with the new baby bengal tiger and Milky the white Lion who is so huge, gigantic enormous huge.



DSCN1356                                        Milky all grown up   

He “seems” friendly, but I’m pretty sure when I stick out my hand, he’d see it as food. Yes, these animals are cute, but when you think of it, you’d feel sorry for them. Cages are not their home but the wild life, then again, I hope they are all taken care of. I just hope those handlers weren’t so rough on these animals.

  Here’s a video of Milky, rubbing himself on the cage.

              * The voices behind are BF and Me

165243_1651451218937_1616721377_1520198_4860206_n                           petting the baby Bengal Tiger – Julio

DSCN1358 DSCN1364  We both had our pictures taken feeding Julio, here’s how it looks like.  Definitely scrapbook worthy

166388_1653029698398_1616721377_1524911_6266495_n 166388_1653029658397_1616721377_1524910_7496984_n   We have 1 big picture of us together but I won’t be posting that anymore, the package also included a keychain which I kept.

34813_1516109218378_1103880186_31178144_2758141_n                                               Back to back photos 

   And here’s a video of me having my picture taken with Julio (looking silly)

The rest are pictures of other animals in the zoo, enjoy.




DSCN1371  DSCN1372 DSCN1377                                      Monkey’s are funny





DSCN1383    DSCN1386                                            Miniature horse



DSCN1391                                                  A sad looking Lion


                                  There were actually a lot of Bengal tigers



     There weren’t much animals to see, but BF and I definitely enjoyed, specially with the tigers and lion. Right after, we headed back to Picnic grove to ride a horse. Too bad, we didn’t bring our camera’s, we dropped by our hotel to drop our goodies and bags first.

166388_1653029618396_1616721377_1524909_3133006_n           Our horses Angel and Trudis, they were nice horsies, as well as the owners. I both gave them tips since they were really friendly and nice.

       I was actually scared for my life when I rode the horse, the last time I rode one was when I was a kid, so you could imagine how long it has been. At first, I thought I’d fall off, but that was because I was slouching, I tried a technique by sitting straight, and it was much more easier. My horse trudis ran for a bit, and it was fun, I felt like a cowgirl! No perverted comments or thoughts please, haha!

     We arrived at our hotel just in time before it gets dark. We walked to a nearby 711 to buy some soda for midnight snacks, then had dinner at the hotel which I will posting today.


     Overall experience…

    Both the zoo and riding horses was a lot of fun and the weather was just right. It was truly a pleasant and unforgettable experience. Commuting was a breeze too, except for one incident with the local who was too lazy too pass our 50 pesos to the driver and our money flew out the jeep. It was really stupid, the BF ran and thankfully found the money. That girl couldn’t even look at me at the eyes.

   I’m sure some of you have cars to drive to places, but if you don’t you can ride a jeep and a bus going to Halfway zoo, just make sure you go down before you reach Alfonso.


  What do you like most about Tagaytay? or your favorite places? I’d like to know them.


Till then!



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