Sunday, October 31, 2010

Whiter teeth? I sure hope so.


   Here’s my last buy for the day

DSCN0384      The new close up white now, intriguing now I’d have to test it out and see if it really works.




    It has a clear gel and inside the gel is the blue thing, has a slight minty taste. I hope it does hold to it’s promise. Bought this at Watson’s and got some freebie, haha.


    Haven’t read what’s it for, I’ll check it out when I get home later this morning.


Till then!



What’s your mood? Mine’s a cat ^__^


   Things I bought during the date, no hauls or anything, even left my atm at home since I didn’t want to spend my savings. We were on our way to Cyberzone to check out some gadgets when we passed by a kiosk along DAD’s and I just find it really cute.


   This one is actually a small box, it just appears to be big but its a little bit small, wondering what’s inside? It’s really cute actually


    A cute cat mood ring, and it definitely changes into different colors, compared to the mood ring that I have. It’s a small kiosk, which I forgot the name of, but it’s infront of DAD’s Mega mall.   Costs P85 pesos


                                                    Guide to your mood

    Btw, I passed by Forever 21 and checked out their huge array of accessories, it was all pretty but I find it too flashy, even BF says that it’s not my style, I’d have to agree, but they were pretty and different ages, young and old were buying. haha.


Till then!



Weekend food tripping – Pizza hut’s Ultimate 6 cheese pizza


  For this weekend’s food tripping, BF and I decided to eat at Pizza hut to try out their new Ultimate cheese pizza, we loved Joey Pepperoni’s quattro formaggi, and trying out Pizza hut’s cheese pizza would give us comparison which is better. So we were at Megamall, almost the whole day and this is what we had for lunch.


    We both had pasta, I ordered the Al pesto pasta for P129, this was really good and the bread that came with it was really perfect, perfect for dipping the extra pesto sauce too. And the servings sure was hefty, that I wasn’t able to finish my plate.


   BF’s order, Bolognese with meatballs for also P129, this is what he usually, most of the time, more often than not, what he orders for pasta at Pizza hut, yup, it’s his favorite.


   *Photo courtesy of BF proud2begeek, it seems that I have shaky hands lately, so for the picture I asked the BF to take a picture of it.

DSCN0367                         Ultimate 6 cheese pizza

    I forgot how much this is, but we just ordered the regular sized pizza, for the taste, it was disappointing, it tasted more or like 2 cheese pizza instead of 6, it wasn’t that bad but it was a worth try. Maybe our expectations were high, but then again they said 6 six pizza right? There is definitely room for improvement. Customer service was okay too, our waiter Ches was very attentive, we ordered 2 bottomless ice tea and we didn’t need to raise our hands to ask for our refills.


    I have no idea how much our total bill costs since BF paid for it, all I remember was that there was service charge. Dining experience was pretty okay, we were taking pictures when all of a sudden our waiter offered to take our picture, haha. Really attentive!


   We had a lot of time to kill so we ended up watching RED, Definitely LOVED! the movie. It’s actually based under DC Comics.


      I felt that my day could’ve been better if not only for that “time of month” XD


Till then!



Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our favorite breakfast in Mcdonald’s


   If there is one thing I love about Mcdonald’s, it’s their Sausage Mc muffin and hash brown, before we headed to Megamall, we first made a pit stop breakfast at Mcdonald’s along Buendia.


   I love their scrambled eggs, so I requested if they can make the egg in our Mc Muffin scrambled, it was possible but we had to wait for 5mins, so we ordered 2 hash browns each since we were really hungry already that time. Unfortunately, wasn’t able to take pictures of the hash brown, went in our mouths first before I can turn on the camera.

  What do you love about Mc Donald’s?


Till then!


My free Cerealicious and something new


   Hello there readers, hope you’re having a nice weekend. BF and I ate at different places today but I will be posting separate posts for it. For this post, it’s about the New cerealicious cafe at Megamall Ortigas, it was their grand opening and starting from 10am onwards they were giving away a free trailer size of Nutting Hill. How did I know about it? BF was listening one night to the Boy’s night out segment via FM radio and heard about it, he sort of nagged me to check the place out, since the Cerealicious used to be just a kiosk now it’s a small cafe. What’s actually interesting was, aside from just cereals, they have extended their line, offering pasta, sandwiches, and a whole lot more.

   The owners were kind enough to let me take a picture of their new cafe, which was pretty nice and comfy, but rather small. It was okay though. So here’s the free trailer size I got, BF ordered the choco banana milkshake.




DSCN0321                                            Free trailer size: Nutting Hill

   Consists of frozen milk, koko crunch, nuts, marshmallows and chocolate kisses. Personally I hate nuts, but good thing it was a little bit ground to bits and hey it’s free!


DSCN0324    Basically, all flavors for the cerealicious are all the same, what’s new was (for obvious reasons) they added a cafe and ventured out to food as well.  The prices seemed pretty reasonable and looking at one of the customers order (pesto pasta), it smelled really good and looked like they enjoyed their food.

    Here are a few pictures of their cafe menu:


  They serve breakfast too :P


   They serve champorado (rice chocolate), I won’t be posting all of the pictures so that I could leave you with a bit of excitement what to look forward to, all were really interesting to try. I definitely loved BF’s milkshake


DSCN0337     I asked the BF what was the yellow topping, he said it was some sort of banana something (sorry couldn’t remember), but it was really good, you can definitely taste the banana and the chocolate was just right, it wasn’t too sweet but it sure had a creamy texture.  We will definitely go back and I will order this milkshake when we do get a chance to go there again.

    If you’re a fan of cerealicious, do check out their facebook site, refer to picture below. DSCN0348

   I sure had a wonderful cerealicious treat, thanks for the free nom noms. Cerealicious can be found at the ground floor it’s infront the bubble tea cafe’ near the food court, where the skating rink used to be.


Till then!


Friday, October 29, 2010

My boys

Happy Weekend to all! My rest day has been pretty boring, but I’m so looking forward for tomorrow’s date with the BF, can’t wait and soo miss him so much. Aside from make-up or food posts, for today will be about my 2 boys. Yes, I’m a mom of 2 naughty boys named Tabby and Piccolo, it was a lazy day and decided to give them a bath, cleaned their litter and litter place, have to make sure it’s disinfected. I bought lysol spray and the liquid cleaner in Lavender.
  Tabby, for some reason every time I put on make up or just simply brush my hair on the dresser keeps blocking my view, so decided to take a picture of it. I was sleeping this afternoon and when I woke up found them both sleeping beside me. The last picture is Piccolo, he has this habit of always sleeping in freshly poured litter, he slept here for 3 hours I think then moved in with me. He’s squeeky clean.
Till then!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Because I’m feeling Christmas-sy~


   Because it’s Christmas and so are my nails~



    I’ve never really sported red nails EVER! But I guess I’m jus that excited for Christmas. Christmas or vampire nails I love it!  My first NOTD!

    On my way to work the streets were very quiet, must be because of the liquor ban, how’s your weekend doing?


Till then!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quick post: Polvoron and Pastillas


   Thanks Lady E and The Emporium for sponsoring the contest. I got my prize this afternoon.


DSCN0259                                              Colorful wrapped pastillas


DSCN0262                                                       Assorted Polvoron 

    Tried the original flavor first, it was pretty good. E emailed me and asked if it’s okay to ship diobrando’s prize to me as well, I said it was okay but it seems that there is only 1 package when it arrived.




    Thanks again E! And while I was taking a picture of this, here’s what my cat was doing.

DSCN0275    Caught his mouth open, he was actually cleaning himself that time. haha!


   Happy weekend to all of my readers out there, hope you have a wonderful long weekend, it’s a Holiday on Monday, what makes me happy is that less people in the MRT! LOL!


Till then!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Mini stop – ciabatta sandwich


   If there is one thing that I hate is wasting money, on food or whatever it is. Was hungry one morning and was choosing between the Japanese rice with meat at Mini stop or the Ciabatta sandwich. I guess I was intrigued with the Ciabatta and looking at the packaging looked yummy too. Of course it looked fancy as well.


DSCN0216      This is worth P50 and my P50 went down the drain, it tasted horrible and it’s not even expired yet when I bought it.

DSCN0217      Inside is the roasted chicken, salami and vegetables, some lettuce and mayonnaise. It just tasted so sour probably because of the mayonnaise. The salami tasted okay, but everything else was NOT good, I wasn’t even able to finish the sandwich and it’s freakin’ 50 bucks. I should’ve opted for the Japanese rice which taste more better and surprisingly yummy for P55. Oh well, at least now I know how this taste like. I am definitely staying away from this and their other sandwiches.

   I’m definitely giving this negative 0 spoons – bleeeh!

Till then!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Inside a cat’s mind’s - “What’s inside my bag”


     Good evening everyone! Another post from me, I wanted to post about “What’s in my / your bag.” So I’m starting it first, specially for my readers or followers. Hopefully you have time to show what’s in your bag. So here goes:

DSCN0233          This bag was given by my mom, she bought it in the RAIN store in LRI Design Plaza,  It’s pretty big actually so it can fit all the things that I need.


DSCN0237    l-r: 2 make-up bags, umbrella, brush, fan, wet ones, 2 wallets, Nokia 5130 Xpress music, USB connector for digi cam, usb connector for phone and keys for home and work. 

DSCN0239       The pink pouch which I bought at Tickles, glorietta 4 and the voodoo doll keychain given by the BF from her sister’s trip to Baguio.  The snake is a card holder sort of wallet too, of course it’s personal so I won’t be showing the snaked skin wallet. Inside the pink pouch are my transpo money, company ID and MRT store value cards. Wanna peek?XD

DSCN0240                                                       20 peso bills, haha!

    Inside the blue make-up pouch are my lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner, concealer and Dr. Jart BB cream.

DSCN0248            l-r: 3 maybelline lipstics, 2 NYX, revlon, mac and AVON DSCN0251  l-r: victoria secret lipgloss, ELF – So love this one!, Forever 21 – gift by E, carmex and NYX  

DSCN0252   l-r: ELF concealer, Shu uemura eyeliner, 2 cat eyes volum mascara


Inside the black make-up pouch are:

DSCN0258     l-r: body shop baked to last, maybelline, 2 AVON blushers and 1 Fanny Serano that claims to be a dupe of the Shu Orgasm.

DSCN0260    I actually won the TBS baked to last make-up set, hardly have time to put on eyeshadows recently though.

DSCN0263     TBS Bronzer that I haven’t used, only once which was swatched in my arms, there’s also a crack because my pouch fell the other day. I’m a dummy about bronzers, anyone wants this? haha!

 DSCN0259       ELF eyebrow kit, this works fairly well, though the cream makes my eyebrow look oily at the end of the day. What I do is pat it with tissue then re-touch the powder.

DSCN0266       Shu Uemura eye lash curler and maybelline minerals, I like how the blush looks in my cheeks, next time I’ll do a swatch since I have a better camera now. As for my old Shu curler I still keep it, old habits die hard, hehe.

 65961_1436920718715_1103880186_31038932_4974760_n                         Of course my camera, always have to bring it everywhere. 

         Other things that weren’t included is the blotting film, tissue and pen. Before I use to bring a book with me always, but now a days I don’t have time to read, most of my reads are via web. Well there you have it, the things that are inside my bag, BF always complains that I bring too much, I never leave make-up at home and I still plan to buy a pouch for my gadgets. I really like big bags so I can fit all my stuff inside, I’m eye-ing a bag on the Accessorize it store but it’s worth P2,100, too much for a bag, so I’ll be looking for a good one since I hate wasting money.


       So, what’s inside your bag ladies? and gents? I’m curious ^_^

Till then!


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