Thursday, March 31, 2011

HYPHEN makes me Hyperventilate


   Hello everyone, just wanted to share with you, the new items we have that might interest you available at the hyphen store





   I drooled when I saw the UDPP in tubes! Of course all our items are AUTHENTIC 100%

   Just click the link here for more details.

   On other things, HYPHEN is also having a sale called "5,10,15 and Everything Else in Between" SALE!, check it out here



  Till then!




Saturday, March 26, 2011

Home cooking: Achievement unlocked!


   My blog is not just about beauty stuff, as stated, my blog is about things that I love, so for today, just wanted to share an achievement unlocked!

   My major role in the family ever since our old maids left is to cook for them. They’ve requested misua with meatballs. I’ve cooked misua before but used sardines, so cooking it with meatballs is new to me and quite frankly, I’m not confident in cooking it. But thanks to the handy internet for the recipe.

    Ingredients are pretty simple, what I was worried about is the meatballs. But thanks to Shopwise meat section for the ready made meat balls. My fabulous chef friend told me, that misua sucks us the liquid a lot, so it was a good idea that I put a lot of water but still flavorful enough. I just used knorr cubes in replacement of stock.


                                                         Misua with meatballs

     Ingredients used:

     misua noodles

     salt and pepper to taste

     patis (fish sauce)


      beef knorr cubes




     It was really yummy, the ready made meatballs was good too. Of course, if you’re the type who has the time to make your own meatballs, go ahead. Now, I’m happy that I have another recipe learned.


       By the way, happy weekend (to most) to you my dear readers! Hope you’re all doing okay, any weekend food tripping?


       Till then!



Friday, March 25, 2011

First time with Chef D’ Angelo


   Hello everyone! for most of you, you are all on your rest days already, lucky you.

   For Thursday’s date with my M, originally, we wanted to try Deco’s, then on my way to Alpha land I was craving for Jollibee, as soon as we met, we ended up eating at Chef D’ Angelo. It was both our first time to dine at the place, so here’s what we ordered.


                    My order, Spaghetti meatballs around P180 or less

     Portion size, it was pretty big, the garlic bread was okay too. Unfortunately, the sauce was way too sour for an Italian tomato based sauce. The meatball was good though. I wasn’t able to finish my meal, my stomach turned sour and really bad that I had to run to the bathroom. Maybe it just didn’t blend well with my tummy that time.


           M’s order, Spaghetti Bolognese not more than P180 I believe

   M told me that his order was sour too, but he was that hungry to finish his plate.


                                                        Four seasons P40


     I love the drink we ordered, it’s different and I’m going back for this! Total amount was P510.

      I still want to go back to try out other pasta’s they offer and the pizza as well, but until then I can’t sum up my experience with Chef D’ Angelo.

       To end the meal, I opted for hot coffee this time from Figaro (since it was the nearest). DSCN2686

                                                       Café’ Latte P89

    And something new that I wished I had ordered instead (M’s order)


                                      White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Frost

    This is really yummy, and so what for calories since I won’t be drinking this everyday. This is definitely a rave! I’m going back for this on payday!



    Till then!



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My love affair with Palettes


Quick post…

   A humble collection of my palettes. I love them all!




Now with these palettes, I need to hoard on concealers and eye shadow primers! Of course available at my my favorite make-up store.

So many palettes, and I only have 2 pairs of eyes. Will play with my Sephora palette tomorrow which is my rest day.


What’s your favorite palette? Mine would have to be the NAKED because I’m crazy over Neutrals~


   Till then!



Monday, March 21, 2011

My friend’s Wedding


   It’s my first wedding to attend to as an adult, I’ve attended a few weddings before but I was still a kid back then and of course being a kid, I got bored. But this time, it wasn’t boring and I find it beautiful.

    My M picked me up to have breakfast first, then had our hair fixed at Bench Fix Makati Alpha land. Originally, I thought David’s would be cheaper but then it wasn’t. Sorry, no pictures of how my hair looked like. We we’re running late at the time. So here are pictures of the wedding of our friend R and S.

    Make-up was done by none other than me, I was really happy I bought the Naked palette, because it had a mini UDPP. Though, for my eye make-up I had to bring a smaller palette since the NAKED couldn’t fit in my bag, so I used the neutral colors of my Urban Decay AMMO palette.


     I was really happy with our stylist at bench fix, he made M’s hair looks way better and looked really handsome. This photo was at the Christ the king’s church





                                     S’s best friend / Maid of Honor


                         S’s parents, her mom is beautiful just like S



      The beautiful bride, her wedding dress was simply elegant and loved the details




   At the reception…












    The church wedding was really nice, I was tearing up when the bride was walking down the aisle and the groom too was teary eyed. Tears of Joy I’m sure, they’ve been together for 10 years and I’m sure despite all the challenges, they ended up still together  and now married. Relationship’s sure aren’t easy.

     Congratulation’s to R and S, and thank you for inviting us in your wedding~ FINALLY!


      M was in a daze during the wedding, he says he kept imagining how our wedding will be. Deep inside I was day dreaming too Smile 


    Do you cry in weddings too?


    Till then!




Tabby lives the life!


   Random cat post







       My cat Tabby~ meoowww~


      Till then!



Mini haul from my favorite store


   Quick post… For the usual make-up post I made a mini haul



     A girl can never have enough palette’s, I thought I would never own one but when my favorite make-up store made this available, I couldn’t resist. All the colors are so lovely and wearable. For the price it is so worth it!


                                                       Victoria secret bags


      I used the bag in the wedding since I couldn’t find my sister’s black purse.


    Till then!



Sunday, March 20, 2011

Clothes Shopping for a wedding


   Good morning my dear readers! How are you? It’s been a while I know. My dearest friend arrived from her trip a few days ago and I truly missed her. I was thinking that she’ll be resting last Friday, but then what is rest to her? haha! Being that time of month for us ladies, it was the first time that I felt so much pain that day, but I still had to buy some stuff for the wedding that I attended just yesterday. I asked M to accompany me to Makati, then later in the afternoon Lady E texted me that, she will meet up with us.

    From her trip she gave me 2 pasalubongs, a hello kitty shower gel and chocolate, which I was able to try just one piece. When I got home last night, the box was empty. The chocolate was good E, I loved it, thank you thank you.

     We met up around 5PM, and when the clock hit 8PM and we still haven’t found any dress for me, I think E and I felt pressured already. Specially me, we went to The Ramp, first, we saw a really nice black and white dress, but I wanted a cover up for my arms and the SA gave us an impression that she doesn’t know what a cover up is. So we said, to look around at SM Makati, at least we have an option already. Having a budget doesn’t help I guess and ahem being full sized too~ so I never found anything at SM. E and I checked out the new brand Majolica , we loved the palette we saw. I’m pretty sure she’ll give in soon, haha. It’s just, the palette is small for the price, but just maybe.  So, after Majolica, we went to The ramp again, went back for the dress and IT WAS GONE! the SA said they only had, 2 stocks, 2 STOCKS!!? So, now I felt more pressured (Oh by the way, E’s lovey MB was there with us too, hehe) I was happy and thankful E was there with us, I needed guidance for her fashion sense, she found me a black cover up, at the same store where the dress was! So, I bought the black cover up immediately. Then we went to the store near the Kid’s zone, found one prospect but I find it too short for a wedding. But as we went out, found a similar looking dress but much more appropriate for a wedding. FINALLY! along with it, I bought a belt to “accentuate” and what I needed to hide. I actually find it cute , that we had a double date, we all ate at Food choices at Go Greek, I was tired and hungry, but my dysmenorrehea didn’t help finishing my food.

   Anyway, here are pictures …



                                                            Hello Kitty shower gel

       I wasn’t able to take pictures of the chocolate sorry Sad smile


      This was part of her birthday giveaway that I won and inside refer to picture below.


     She personally raved about the brush, and I can’t to try it too.

     Here’s the picture of the dress…




     The dress (thank goodness) was discounted, fromP1,200 to P980, the cover up was around P650 I think and the belt is P450.  All thanks to E~ love you. I just appreciate it a lot ^_^

       So that wraps up for the shopping part, I have other posts that I can’t wait to blog about. On another note, The Hyphen store will beat the Rockwell bazaar.


   There are new items in store for you Smile


    Thanks again to my dearest E for being my personal stylist, and to my M for providing the accessories.

     I think shopping for clothes for special occasions is tedious work, haha. I found a lot of clothes though for work more than for the wedding. So, my goal is to save up money and get serious in going back to shape, HA! I need more determination and will power. But I’m not plastic, I can’t give up on rice XD

      By the way, excuse me for the lame title, I can’t think of a good one~ haha! 


     Till then!



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