Tuesday, September 28, 2010

L'Oreal Infallible Lip Duo Compact + video


       I was facebook-ing and I found this, can I say that I SOOOOO LOOOOOOOVVEEEEE this! I WANT THIS! Sigh, I do hope we’ll have it here in the Philippines. I’m obsessed with Red lipstick or any lipstick that won’t come off after kissing the BF and eating. Just wanted to share with you guys. Would so love to make a review of this. XD

               *video courtesy of http://makeup.com/2010/09/27/how-to-rock-red-lips/

  Till then!


Ravioli – Spinach and Mozzarella


    Quick post for today, I was curious about Ravioli’s Spinach and Mozzarella pasta which my office mate recommended to me. So the Spinach and Mozzarella was for today’s dinner.

Image1353   I can recommend the Bolognese, which is really good. I tried the Shrimp Diablo, didn’t like it that much. But there are more choices to try, maybe next time I’ll try the Chorizo. I think their prices are pretty reasonable since servings are pretty big.

Image1354                                                  The kitchen

 Image1355       The chef cooking my pasta, they use high heat  when cooking their food, as for my Spinach pasta, it was already prepared so they just heated it.

ravioli     This is how it would look like, sorry for the pictures, just using my phone camera for this. I thought I wouldn’t be full with my order but boy I was wrong. First of, the little packets had little fillings of spinach and very little mozzarella, but that’s okay since I prefer more spinach than cheese since cheese is very nakaka busog. I’d recommend that you eat this HOT! mine got a little cold since we went to buy other stuff. The sauce is pesto, and it does taste like pesto, not cheap pesto which is really good. It costs P135 and comes with their home made garlic bread. Closer look?

Image1356  I’d definitely recommend this to you guys if you are around the area, try the Bolognese and this. Well of course we have different taste buds, one of my friends didn’t like this, but for this Kitty is a thumbs up! Thanks to C for recommending this to me, though this isn’t something I’d order frequently since there are many choices to choose from.

Till then!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friskies and my cats


   I’ve been feeding my cats 9 Lives for the longest time and I can pretty sure say that it seems that they are tired from 9lives.  I usually buy the kibbles (Dry) and the wet (Can) at Dog City, Makati Reposo. Well, they don’t seem excited about it too much when it’s feeding time. I decided to buy Friskies instead and once I opened the kibble pack they were all jumping in the table.

Image1319     I bought the small one just to try it out, and looks like it’s a hit. Cats do get tired of eating the same old thing eventually, well there are a lot of dry kibbles in the market but I can’t afford those since it’s way over my budget for cat supplies.


Image1324    The nutritional facts indicated in the back looks good, I’ve stopped feeding them Whiskas as it is junk, it has a high ash magnesium which is bad for a cats health in the long run and what I hate about Whiskas is that their poo smells extra baaad. I also bought the can (wet) which seems to be a favorite (tuna), after finding out about Whiskas, this is the only wet food I buy for them, sometimes the 9lives in Chicken gravy or Fancy feast.


     Each can costs, P64.90 at Shopwise Makati, but you can get this a little cheaper at Cash and Carry, and a little expensive at Walter Mart. My cats love this stuff which is good, next time I’ll be buying the bigger bag, but I’ll try the Chicken something.

      Next time, I’ll be making a thorough review for this.

Image1335       Here are my 2 boys sleeping in my bed. When I woke up, I immediately took their picture since It’s seldom I see them sleeping in my bed together. Below are their individual pictures.

Image1332                                                                     Tabby

Image1333                                                                   Piccolo

Image1270        After taking his picture, he says he doesn’t want to be disturbed. LOLS!


Till then!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pantene Hair fall Shampoo


   I received an email from Pantene a few days ago about them sending me a sample package of the mystery shampoo, which is the hair fall variant. I wasn’t expecting much but was glad to read that email. I was actually surprised that they did send me 2 bottles of Pantene hair fall shampoo.

Image1346    The bottles we’re small and I think this will last me a week or 2 since I have long hair. The package arrived before lunch time and I haven’t taken a shower yet, it was perfect timing as I used it immediately. I’m a fan of Pantene’s total care conditioner ever since and I’m loving how this hair fall variant makes my hair feel soft and has a subtle fragrant smell. The packaging is completely new. Hmm, that’s about it! Who doesn’t love Pantene right?


Till then!


To a healthier me project + Hello kitty band aid find


   It’s the end of the week and for the healthier me project seems to be doing fine, though I was tempted to buy a monster Rockin’ ruby (I always do) when I went out to buy some stuff earlier. I was thinking of having a cheat day once a week, I don’t want to deprive myself of the good stuff, (good food) but no more chips, that’s what I am totally avoiding now. I bought the fitness cereal with fruit in place of chips and some yogurt and I also bought the listerine vanilla mouthwash


Image1351                                        Listerine Vanilla mint mouthwash 

     The picture looks a little blurry because I forgot it was still in the plastic bag with the goodies when I put it in the fridge. This came out a month ago I think, maybe I just got curious when I passed by the toiletries section of how it would taste, will try it out tomorrow morning. This cost around P49.75 at Shopwise Makati.

      I was so tempted to buy this earlier because, well because it’s a:

Image1347                                            Hello Kitty band aid for P144.75

    Too cute and I saw the designs and it sure is pretty, but then again for the price it’s way too much but maybe next time? I know BF will get mad since we’re saving for something special for Christmas.

      Resisting temptation ain’t easy I tell you, well for someone who is trying to loose weight that is. Yes, I still eat rice but I limit it to one cup only no more seconds. One thing for sure is, I can’t take rice away in my diet, it’s a staple in my body XD

      Well, it’s a rainy Saturday afternoon folks, hope you are all doing well.

Till then!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Home made Childhood sweets and a Contest


  Hello there! It’s a happy Friday for most people, as for me down with some kind of sickness, sore throat maybe. Anyways, to end the week, maybe one of you guys (Philippine readers) would like to win something sweet for FREE! yes free. A friend of mine is having a sweet giveaway that I am sure we all love to eat. It may be a childhood favorite for some, or just a sweet treat that we all love to munch on (Specially me, ahem ahem) Pastillas, Polvoron anyone? Here are pictures

pastillas from the emporium[3] the emporium pastillas[3]                                                           Yummy pastillas

polvoron from the emporium[3]

the emporium polvoron[3]                                                       And yummy Polvoron 


    Mechanics are fairly easy, so if you want to win some head on over to bits + treats


This contest is courtesy of the Emporium and bits and treats!

Bidding my farewell E72


    I am truly grateful for having reviewed 2 phones from Nokia, which proves that I will never choose any brand except Nokia. We used to own ASUS and Motorola phones but it failed us, which proves (For us) that Nokia is the best.

    And so my love affair with the E72 ends now, I went to DHL in Pasong tamo branch yesterday afternoon and as it was being packed I bid my farewells. I know it may sound pathetic for others as it is just a phone, but then I never thought I would fall in love with it. Until we meet again E72

Image1336     This is how it was packed by the guy behind the desk. And there’s a small note from me, I was supposedly planning on sending them a pack of Chocnut, but then I’d have to pay extra since it will be weighed, so I just opted for the small note.

    Thank you for the wonderful people at Nokia WOMWorld! hugs


Till then!


The Sandwich Guy


       Happy Thursday everyone! For today, I was able to finally try TSG or so called The Sandwich Guy at Alphaland Southgate Mall in MRT. There are quite a lot of choices to choose from, ready made sandwiches, though if you are expecting or want to make a customized sandwich you’d be disappointed. Never the less, the choices are pretty good and prices are quite cheaper compared to Subway and Oliver’s Sandwiches. I had this for dinner and I chose the crabstick and Mango sandwich

Image1337       The place is pretty small, and I could just imagine if it were jam packed with customers. Of course being new as it is, the place is pretty clean, as for customer service it was okay. Here’s what I ordered


Image1340                                                        Mango Crabstick P85  

        First off, for the price the size of the sandwich is pretty big, as for the crabstick it has thin slices of the crabstick. The mango slices were pretty big and it wasn’t too sweet or sour, just right, I’m not sure what dressing they used but it sort of tasted like it has a hint of wasabi. It consists of, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. As for the bread, I just wished it was hot enough but then maybe I’ll just ask them next time to toast my bread. But even if the bread was not hot enough, I like the taste of it. The crabstick mango was good, even BF loved it. We will definitely come back for more and try out the others.


Till then!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To a healthier me project


   Christmas is so near and it’s time for those oh so yummy foods that is served on the table that you can’t resist, and with that I have to stay focused.

    Yes, this is the day that I will be working on a project, to a healthier or fit me. I should’ve started months ago, but stress from “home” made me weak A LOT! I eat when I am stressed which is bad, but that is not an excuse anymore. I don’t want to be bothered by things like that, it drains up my energy and health. This time, I am dead serious about loosing weight, though I’ll be honest I hardly have time to exercise because I’m too tired from work, so for now I have to watch what I eat. It doesn’t mean that I will avoid good food, but chips and junk food I will try to get rid of and choose healthier snacking. So today is day 1, I was unsure of blogging this but then maybe this would help me in my quest of loosing the extra bulge.

64290                                 *photo courtesy of google net

       I was craving for soup, specifically the Knorr chicken noodle soup, so my trip to the grocery was rather challenging today, haha. My weakness are chips, I love snacking on those, specially on this

n55984093588_162                                       *photo courtesy of google net 

     When my officemate offered me this, it instantly became my favorite and I kept buying this for the last 2 months I think. I was actually tempted to buy it earlier but I was glad to resist temptation.

     The start of loosing weight is the hardest since you are resisting temptation that you use to eat and cravings are much more harder. I absolutely love Mcdonald’s Rockin’ ruby and it has been my craving for the longest time. Well anyway, there were a lot of temptation in the grocery that I passed by but was successful enough not to buy, so here’s what I bought

Image1330     Oishi choco flakes, sky flakes crackers, Lucky me lomi, knorr chicken noodle soup and nido soup, milo for adults and last Nestle fruit yogurt + jelly, there were 2 but I ate one already, hehe.  Here’s a better picture

Image1331        I know it’s not that healthy since it’s instant but It’s a little better than buying chips right? I had the lomi for dinner and some crackers, I want to train my mind and stomach to be full and so far I am. 

       Why am I doing this? being in a relationship, (bf and I are together for almost 5 years already) and I have to look good, I know he’s not that type but I would just want to look extra good like I was before during our 1st to 2nd year together. Secondly? I just feel my body is dirty, dirty from all the junk I am eating, I want to detox my body, by drinking just water and my favorite buko juice or coconut juice. Mom said that buko helps clean the digestive system. I just want to be healthier, not that I feel ugly but more on the healthier side. I will do the best that I can to pursue this project of mine, I am actually thinking of a nice project name for it, but for the mean time I’ll call it: “To a healthier me project!”


Till then!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Belgian Chocolate Milk tea


    The Belgian Milk tea has been out for a while sold at your 711 convenient stores. Well, I never really bothered to try it until last week, my office mate recommended that I try it out. So I did, and asked my friend K to buy one too. It costs around P30+ not more that 40 pesos, which I think is pretty cheap since the bottle is quite big.


    Well, it’s pretty good, but the taste reminds me of the Montagne Chocolate mask A LOT! it smells like the mask and every time I take a sip, it’s as if I’m drinking the mask, haha. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just me, but it’s a worth buy. The chocolate taste is mild, but you can taste it, for my taste bud, I can taste a hint of tea (just a hint). Maybe this would be a good combination with the Montagne chocolate mask, because you’d definitely crave for chocolate once you have the mask applied in your face XD


   Will I buy again? probably so, that is if I crave for it.


Till then!


For the cat lover that I am


    A rather late post. Being a cat person that I am, when I saw this at Robinson’s Galleria 2nd floor, I said to myself that I wanted THIS! It’s been so long that I’ve been looking for a cat keychain and seeing this, I did  not hesitate to buy it.

Image1312 The notebook was not that cheap (P100), for a notebook that is, but I liked it a lot and the keychain was adorable too for P50 at Swell stuff, they have small kiosk just around the area near the White Hat station. It’s a good place to buy small trinkets or gifts, specially Christmas is almost here, I can almost feel it. Why?

Image1318    When I saw this at Shopwise Makati, it reminds me that I have a few more months to save for gifts. Christmas makes me feel happy and a kid, I don’t know why :D

Till then!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ladies Night Out + Super bowl China


   Good day everyone! It’s the start of the week for me today. Yesterday, went out with my girls / officemates. Originally, the plan was just Red Mango, but since we haven’t eaten yet, we had dinner first. Karen, wanted to eat at a place where we haven’t eaten yet together, so Chinese sounded a pretty good choice. Answer to 4 hungry tummies? Super bowl of China at Mega Mall, Ortigas.

edited                      My friends l-r: Ivy <birthday girl>, Stacy, Karen and me

    Didn’t have a group picture, so I just inserted a picture of her. 

    Karen still had work so the rest of us, met up at Galleria first and Ivy treated us to The big chill, thanks Ivy, it was yum yum!

Image1274    When boss Karen <we call her that all the time> arrived, we headed to Mega mall already. Actually, it is my second time to eat at Super bowl, but I enjoyed the second time because I was with friends.


Image1276                                                             Appetizer: Kropek

      First of, before we arrived at our table it was already placed in the table, nothing fancy, and it was cold so I was like meh

Image1278         We ordered the golden stuff fish with cheese and cripsy fish fillet in lemon and plum sauce.

Image1298                                Golden fish fillet stuffed with cheese P220

         I liked how crunchy the coat is, the fish was soft, though this made us full because of the cheese. 3/5 spoons

Image1294                       Crispy fish fillet in lemon and plum sauce P240

             This is my favorite, which Ivy ordered, we asked the waitress to make it less spicier since Stacy is not much into spicy food. You can definitely taste the plum and the tang from the lemon, the flavors blended well, but I was wondering, what if we didn’t ask it to be less spicy? it would definitely burn our tongues that night. 4/5 spoons

Image1289                                                       Vegetable spring roll

       This was also quite good, no wow factor but worth to order. I liked how the sauce tasted. 3.5/5 spoons

Image1291                                                Wonton noodles soup P170

            My all time favorite place to eat for wonton noodles is at Luk yuen, but for Super bowl china I was not disappointed at all with the taste and broth. But next time please serve it more HOT not warm. I could’ve given you a better rate but since there is no excuse to serve your food hot, specially soup I’d give it 3/5 spoons

Image1292                                                   Beef brisket noodle soup  

         Forgot how much it cost, sorry. This was Karen’s order, I’m sure it tasted good, she was so cute in eating in a bowl.

Image1295                                                     Beef fillet chinese style

             Stacy’s order, this was actually good, the beef was tender and I liked the sauce 4/5 spoons

Image1296                                              Jelly fish with Century egg

           It was rather exotic for me, but I tried just one, it was okay, tasted like picked jelly fish, can’t describe the texture, a little bit harder than jelly.

Image1293                                   Diced chicken and salted fish fried rice

         This was okay , not too bland in taste, not disappointing. 3/5 spoons

   Over all experience with Super Bowl China, it was okay, we arrived there dinner time, like maybe around past 8pm, the place was rather cozy which is good, customer service? just okay, we kept raising our hands to have our drinks refilled. The place was clean, as for the food, it could’ve been better if the soup was served hot. I think Luk yuen or North park would’ve been a better choice for our dinner last night. 3/5 spoons over all experience for food and food service 10/10 spoons with friends, If I were just eating alone it would’ve been boring. Thanks ladies for coming that night. To Ivy belated happy birthday! actually all of us are cat lovers, though Karen owns a dog but she likes cats too ^_^ 

    Too bad we missed Red Mango, it was closing time already and Karen had work so we couldn’t stay long. Next time we will conquer Red Mango first and the Mango sago and Almond jelly at Super bowl, how’s a bout a dessert night ladies? But most prolly next month.


Till Then!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nokia Smart phones + Nokia 2010


    As you may know from yesterday’s post, I received a package from Nokia sort of a press kit for their mystery event.

   While the Iphone and Android came out, Nokia was busy with their sleeves coming up with new Smart phones, competing with Iphone and Android phones, so what’s new with Nokia smart phones you say? First of, I am not being paid, nor requested to blog in their benefit. Being a Nokia user for the longest time, or almost my whole life, Nokia did not fail me. And I am very much happy with what they came up for 2010.

  4 New Smart phones, N8, C6, C7 and E7

nokia-n8-official-1                                                                        N8                                       

                           * photo taken from gsm.arena.com

   I already posted a video about this a few months ago, I loved all the features that came with it, as what Anssi Vanjoki said, the N8 is a entertainment power house. It can run 25, yes 25 apps ALL at the same time, how great is that?

112851_c6c7                                                       C6                                C7

                                 *photo taken from techtree.com

  The c6 and c7 are effortlessly designed to connect people and proud to say free from dangerous substances like bfr, rfr. For c7, they used bio paint and for c6 recycled metals. The first to ever to have a impressive portfolio, such as that.

   And last but not the least

nokia_e7                                                                             E7

                        *photo taken from techie.com

      The e7 is for business people, described as THE Ultimate premium business device, enough said.

       The way Nokia mission of Nokia is, connecting people, and with the new released smart phones, it definitely connects people no matter where you are, or what you do. So, to sum it all up, as Nokia said; 3 words: Nokia is back! And they are back with these great phones. The N8 runs with a Symbian^3 OS, in my own description? POWER! Sooner or later, I’ll just have to save up for a N8 phone, or maybe someone like Santa will gift me this for Christmas, haha!

       The event was held at London and if you too are curious to find out about what happened to the event, then head on over at Nokia World, you need a fast internet connection though, my connection sucks since last night, but I was able to watch half of the event. Will continue watching it at at work (before I start working of course).


Till then!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I’m a Virtual attendee for Nokia 2010


    It’s been one helluva tiring week, well it always is since I always lack sleep, regardless what shift, I still lack sleep.

  Anyway, I got a surprise package package courtesy from WOMWorld Nokia

Image1256 What’s inside?

Image1257                                                         Goodie bag for a event

Image1259  Large sized T-shirt as a Virtual attendee, t-shirt was really shot, actually wearing it right now.


Image1262       A few 3D glasses, I’m not sure if the event is finished, I slept this morning since my eyes were really heavy :( 

   I’m quite curious about those 3D glasses, hmmm?

Image1263                                                         A virtual attendee ID

  For now, I still haven’t received the email, I wonder what time is it in London right now. But thanks for including me Nokia! Much appreciated :)


Till then!


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