Monday, May 30, 2011

Lip love: AVON’s Knock out Pink and NCOTD


  Happy Monday everyone~

  For today’s post, mom gave me a new lippie from AVON in the shade of Knock out pink

   Btw, NCOTD meaning Nail color of the day





  What’s loveable about AVON is it’s sleek packaging, it doesn’t look cheap and quality is very good too.

   Here’s a some swatches:


   The name knockout sounds loud but the shade is very wearable. If you wear it alone, it comes off a little bit reddish. My usual routine when wearing lipsticks is I put on whatever lip balm I have in stash on my kit and use it as primer.  The lipstick comes of, slightly matte and a hint of sheer. The smell is yummy!


                                                                       no flash


                                                                   no flash


                                                                 with flash



   And my nail color of for the day is:



  I will always love AVON lippies, but I’m still searching for “THE” lipstick. Anyhoo, take care people~ I can’t wait for tuesday + payday + last day at work = LOVE!


  Till then!




Thursday, May 26, 2011

Food talk: Battle of the white pizza~


  I am a fan/ lover of pizza, specially white pizza or quattro formaggi. And so this post is about the battle of the white pizza.



  Every payday M and I indulge ourselves too good food, and every time we eat at an Italian restaurant or Pizza joint, we always try their quattro formaggi, to compare which has the best (in our taste) pizza. So, we’ve tried a couple from different places and here’s a run down.

   First up is: Pizza hut 6 or 7 Ultimate cheese pizza

pizza hut

  The name was enticing, it sounds like bursting with different flavors of cheeses and who can go wrong with Pizza hut right? When I want bready pizza, I go to Pizza hut.

    M and I was disappointed with this ( or maybe because we had high expectations, but hey can you blame us? )  It tasted more like a 2 cheese pizza to me, mozzarella and mild cheddar. But it was still worth trying if you haven’t had their ultimate cheese yet.


   Second: Joey Pepperoni’s – Quattro Formaggi

joey pepperoni

   It’s been a while since M and I ate here. Their Quattro was really divine, thin crispy crust with cheddary cheese (and it’s not the umay kind) but very filling. I highly recommend you try this.


   Third: Piadina’s – Quattro Formaggi


   Piadina’s version was different, it had a thin layer of white cheese topped with parsley. Very light and creamy, it’s hard to compare which is best between Joey’s and Piadina, I love them both. I’d definitely order this again and again when we get the chance to go back to Piadina.


   Last but not the least: Carlo’s Pizza

carlos pizza

   We were able to try Carlos during our Tagaytay trip last year with our friends.  My eyes lit when I saw in their menu description: blue cheese. It wasn’t completely covered with blue cheese, just the right amount to tickle your senses. The crust was a little bit chewy but still crispy. The prices of Carlos are a pit pricey compared to Joeys and Piadina.

  Joey’s is affordable, Piadina is slightly affordable, Carlos is a little bit pricey. I remember their Calamri costs P200+ with only a few pieces of calamri, good for 2 persons or just 1 if you’re really hungry or just love calamri that much. The one at Red lemon grill, the restaurant in the hotel we stayed in is cheaper, tastes the same and more calamri’s to munch on.


  So, my verdict? among the 4 we’ve tried, which reins the BEST of them all??!







carlos pizza


   The blue cheese won my heart, and even M liked it too~ it’s a winner! and a must try if you haven’t. I’m sure there are better quattro’s out there, but among we’ve tried, this is the best! If I remember it right, they have a branch at at SM MOA.


   Any fans of white cheese pizza? any recommendations? would love to hear them



  Till then!




Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tech talk: Currently playing


  Hello there dear readers, how are you all doing? First up, it’s my rest day today, and tomorrow is my last week of work for the week, as I will be embarking on a different path soon. I’m thinking of resting for a week then go for interviews. Hopefully, I get the job that I want. Either Content writing or finally have word from my mom from manila bulletin.

   I’ve been on a make-up ban for a while, I hope next week I can buy the wet n’ wild knock on wood palette, or do some mini haul.

   Anyway, what’s keeping me busy is M’s Nintendo DSi XL. I used to have a DSi Lite, but my bad, sold it 2 years ago. Anyhoo, I’m sure you are all familiar with the game Plants vs. Zombies right? I’ve actually finished it already, but there is something about the game that is lovable, that keeps me playing the game if I want a quick no nonsense game. Good thing M has the game installed in his DSi XL. At first, I wasn’t paying attention to him, insisting that plants is better off played in the PC or laptop. I spoke too early and ate my words, it’s also fun playing it in the DS. hehe~








   Here’s a snippet of how it plays in the DSi

Plants vs. Zombies in the nintendo dsi XL


     Till then!



Monday, May 23, 2011

Food review: Razon’s halo-halo


  Hey everyone, how are you all doing? Tonight’s shift made me and my colleagues a little bit wary because of the mild earthquake. Did you feel it?

   Anyway, here’s a quick post on a food review for the week. I met up with my  friend  S the other day to go to M’s house. She was running a little late so I decided to either eat or drink something cold at Galleria (our meet-up place), since I’ve been reading raves about Razon’s halo-halo, I decided to give it a try too. Razon’s can be found at Ronbinson’s Galleria, ground floor at the food court. You can have a glass of halo-halo for P95.


   What I like about it is the shaved ice, not like the usual chunks of big ice that are usually used. I’m not a huge fan of halo-halo really, specially with all those fillings like, beans and etc. So I just usually order mais con yelo or saba con yelo (sweet corn, sweet bananas). Good thing, Razon’s is different.

    I liked it, but halfway through, I wasn’t able to finish it. I felt umay, I don’t know why. There was nothing special about it to rave about, it was just okay for me.

   Razon’s halo-halo, topped with leche flan, sweet bananas, macapuno and something else. It was just okay, but it sure helped beat the hot weather that day.


  Till then!



Friday, May 20, 2011

Just a glimpse~


  Hello everyone, before anything else, I want to say thank you to catmare and ehmjay for the tag and award.  Here’s my take on the 10 things about me / 10 things I love.

   First up…


     I couldn’t be more thankful to have met my soulmate 6 years ago way back in college. Of course, love isn’t a bed of roses all the time, but if there’s one thing that I’m thankful for is that through the years, we make sure to work our differences and right now, we’re happy to where we are and much more in love~


    My fabulous friends, whom I met online and at work~

my girls~

   If you’ve been a constant reader in my blog, I’m pretty sure that you are aware of my career at the moment. I work somewhere in Ortigas, for Cartoon Network. It sure has been a wonderful year, unfortunately being a project based employee, there is no assurance of a stable job. I will sure miss my team mates specially, E, C, S, and I and my other colleagues whom I’ve gotten close with at work. Maybe it’s a blessing for me too, to apply for a job that I really want and I can’t wait.

   Of course, Lady E and I met through blogging, took us one year before we could finally meet and this lady sure holds a special place in my kitty heart. haha.

   My colleagues at work and my work station~

OB colleagues and work station



tagaytay trip


     I love  to travel, and I was so happy that M and I got the chance to travel for christmas for the first time. The first day was spent with our 2 good friends E and J. We had so much fun and it was truly memorable, I would still love to go back there, specially now that M has his own car already. Our friend E, was really sweet enough to give us a ride on the way to our hotel. So thank you~ Looking forward to more travels with my M and the engaged couple~


my boys

   Oh but of course CATS, I love cats, my boys Piccolo, tabby and the prodigal son Tigger, whose inside the plastic bag. haha. Piccolo is now with his new owner and is very well taken care of. Now, if only I was lucky enough to win the lotto, I’d definitely save all cats (somehow).



      FOOD! I love food, specially with my food trip buddy M. Above are a few of my favorite noms.




                                             MAKE-UP, enough said right?



              A few of my favorite desserts, I want that maple leaf cookie, it was really something, and sadly it was just given by a friend. I’m fine with Red mango and white hat. I love frozen yogurt and creamy cheesecake.




   I love games, before I met M, I’ve been playing games already, like pac-man, diablo I, arcade games, and super mario. M introduced me to Castlevania, and got addicted ever since. I have a long list of favorite games,  but I won’t post that here now.




   These are old photo’s well just a year old actually, ever since I started working on a night shift job, I rarely spend time with them on occasions. My little sister M and K.


   For the last one, I ‘d say GOD is a part of my life and Joyce Meyer. They keep me sane specially when I’m in need of guidance.

   These 10 things is not enough for you to really get to know me, but a glimpse. I hate fakers. Just come as you are and then let’s talk~


    Thank you to my new follower Ms. Kaye  for sharing the Picnik photo editor.


    Till then!



Thursday, May 19, 2011

Playing MUA to my “little” sister


  Hey there everyone! It’s so freaking hot today, well, almost everyday actually.

  I have work later tonight, and I had spare time to think of doing something worth while. So, my sister went in my room just to chat and look at the little kittens too. Then I said, hey, want me to do your make up? She doesn’t really wear make-up except for special occasions. By the way, she’s my “little” sister, 20 years old, taller and thinner than me. Haha!

  So here’s my attempt in being a “MUA” for the day. I thought of just using neutral colors for her eye shadow, but when I asked if she’s going out with her “date” I decided to play with colors. She was wearing pink leggings and a pink bonnet.

 Products used were:

Revlon photo ready foundation, Sephora 5-in-1 palette, MAC in hot gossip, in2it foundation powder, maybelline cat mascara, UDPP, NAKED palette in naked as base, maybelline felt tip liner


            I used the 3 green shimmer shadows  except the matte one.


  The lighting in my room is really bad so forgive me if the colors don’t appear as they should.






      It was fun doing her make-up and it sure was unexpected. It’s not perfect, but it was fun, bonding with the sister too.

   Oh by the way, here’s another kitty home video I took with the 3 kittens. The last voice you’ll be hearing in the video is me being lameass, haha.

Home video–kitten panting


     I’ll be cooling off later in Razon’s Galleria~


    Till then!



Saturday, May 14, 2011

A date on Friday the 13th


    Hello people! first of, thank god blogger is back. I was continously “monitoring” blogger tonight, hoping I could read updates as well as post my blog too. And Lo and behold, when I reloaded the page, it went back to normal. YEY!

    Anyway, in my previous post about my advanced birthday gift for the BF, this is a continuation, we had dinner at Tokyo tokyo Megamall Ortigas.

     It was a few weeks ago that I noticed that the Japanese fast food chain re-made their “menu”. They now offer, fancy maki’s. Here’s what we had




  I wanted the tempura maki, but M ordered the American maki, which has ham and cream cheese. I’m acutally curious what those green and pink tiny “balls” were. The color was appealing to the eye though. My verdict? It tasted good, but not completely wowed by it. M loved it to bits! Next time, I will be trying the tempura maki and spicy beef.


   We both ordered the tempura and veggie bento, it was good, and I sure did taste the shrimp this time, which is good. You can never go wrong with Tokyo tokyo to fill up some hungry tummies and value for your money.



   After dinner, we or I mean I wanted something sweet and creamy, so we chilled at Starbucks, me ranting out about how my week has been and just completely talking non stop. We definitely missed each other so much. Had our usual fix of….



                                                     My mocha frappucino  


                                                        M’s choco something



    Among other things, I bought a few stuff for my other baby – Tabby. His usual Friskies, bought him a new collar and 1 can of over priced 9lives can for P95 at Animal House Megamall. Oh well, I love my cat <3





    That’s about it! Hope your Friday the 13th went well~


    Till then!




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