Sunday, October 31, 2010

What’s your mood? Mine’s a cat ^__^


   Things I bought during the date, no hauls or anything, even left my atm at home since I didn’t want to spend my savings. We were on our way to Cyberzone to check out some gadgets when we passed by a kiosk along DAD’s and I just find it really cute.


   This one is actually a small box, it just appears to be big but its a little bit small, wondering what’s inside? It’s really cute actually


    A cute cat mood ring, and it definitely changes into different colors, compared to the mood ring that I have. It’s a small kiosk, which I forgot the name of, but it’s infront of DAD’s Mega mall.   Costs P85 pesos


                                                    Guide to your mood

    Btw, I passed by Forever 21 and checked out their huge array of accessories, it was all pretty but I find it too flashy, even BF says that it’s not my style, I’d have to agree, but they were pretty and different ages, young and old were buying. haha.


Till then!




  1. Ang cute!!!! Don't buy jewelry from Forever 21. They tarnish, they fade and they get dark. Sayang lang pera ko.

  2. @Lady E: Thanks, lam mo naman basta anything with cats I buy, haha. Oh they do? that's bad, well actually forever 21 is bad, all their designs are not their own, they steal it from artists at Deviant art, that's why M hates even the sight of the store.

  3. Yeah, I've read that somewhere nga that Forever 21 has a lot of pending cases kasi they copy from everybody! I'm not very happy with my shirt purchases either. masyadong manipis. ang bilis madeform. I think the expensive ones ang maayos. But the cheap ones, forget it.

  4. @Lady E: Yup they are. I see, interesting, you'd at least expect at least some sort of quality from the "brand".

    Well, it may be a craze but I'm definitely staying away just because of what they did. Being an artist is hard work, not everyone knows that. They think it's easy to draw, M is an artist and I know how hard it is. And for artists idea's being stolen is really something else.

  5. And with that, I will try to stay away from F21 as much as possible!

    I have this attitude of supporting local brands. Some people may find it baduy but I'm proud to wear local quality brands. It's not that I can't afford imported branded items but I've always thought that if I can support local businesses then eventually the whole country will benefit from it. That's why it took so long for me to buy Havaianas because I was quite satisfied with my Bench flip flops. The problem is, they started chafing my feet so I had to buy something else.

    My question is, why are other races proud to wear/buy/support their own and Filipinos have a different mentality? It's probably because of the colonizations. But I still say, Go Pinoy! Haha!

  6. @Lady E: Thanks for the support :)

    I see, I'm okay with local brands too, but sometimes it depends. As for Havainnas, honestly, I've never bought one, I thought, for a slippers that costs waay too much for just a slippers, but I need pretty slippers for casual days when in the mall, so I'm planning on buying one for me when I can. But I still find it a splurge though, haha.

    Most Filipinos are really like that, and I'd have to agree with you that it's mostly because of the colonization. I watched during Anthony Bourdain's show featuring the Philippines asking: Who are the Filipinos, but the question remained a question. The guy with him just can't say that Filipino's worship anything that comes from the states or abroad for that matter.

    Yes, go pinoy! when it comes to our products, since it is the only thing that we can be proud of, and so are our talents!

  7. Yes, I also feel that Havis are too expensive. But you gotta take care of your feet. Havaianas is on sale until November 30 at 30% off so you can buy yours without feeling too bad about it! I promised myself that I will only buy Havaianas when they are on sale. = )

    That's so sad, no? When Filipinos don't even know who they are. When I was still working, I was researching Filipino cultures for a website we were building. I came across a website that says:

    1. Filipinos always eat leftovers for breakfast. Cold leftovers. Filipinos do not reheat their food but eat them cold for breakfast

    2. Hotdogs and sausages are only eaten during special occasions

    3. Men in the province are farmers while women are groomed to marry rich.

    4. Men in the city are drivers and construction workers while women are teachers and clerks.

    There are more but I can't remember them anymore. The really sad thing is the Filipinos who grew up abroad believed these things. Their comments were, "this is a good website! thank you for teaching me my heritage." or "thank you for the very useful information. i used it for my school report." and another "now i know more about my history and my culture." I'm like, WTF??? I really hate it when Filipinos abroad do not teach their kids the language, the history and the culture.

  8. @Lady E: True though, WHAAAT? 30% is that on all havainas? thanks E! Um, what branch pala? or is that on all branches?

    It actually is. I think whoever made that site is DUMB! seriously, we do not eat cold breakfast, and hotdogs or sausages are not only for special occasions. I disagree to everything. Well, Filipino's (some) have no loyalty over their own country, that's why.

  9. I think it's in all branches. All Flip Flops in Glorietta and Greenbelt are on sale. I passed by The Ramp earlier and the Havis there are on sale too. Go na Kitten!

  10. @Lady E: Nice, okay will check it out, thanks E! :)

  11. wow kitten pareho pla tayo ng hilig sa pusa san nga pla nabili yang cute kitten mood ring mo?

  12. @cats4life_paa: I see, that's nice. I bought it somewhere in Megamall infront of dad's restaurant.


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