Monday, October 31, 2011

Cats are on Vacation too


It’s not only the hoomins that are on vacation, the cats are on vacation as well. This photo was taken yesterday before lunch.

*note: I don’t own these cats, they just love to lounge in the area or sometimes…. steal our food in the table (they manage to get in the house).

  I rarely see them all together in one place, so this was really a pleasant sight yesterday. It’s the Mafia Cats! hehe


The mother is the tri-colored cat, yes, that’s all of her huge ass babies. The neighbor upstairs is the “owner”. One of their siblings died though :(

  I saw it one morning crushed infront of our house T_T

  Anyway, as I was taking photo of the new Asian Secrets soap, someone rudely butt in the shoot


My Tabby! a very dirty Tabby, he’s scheduled for a shower today and have to cage him for a while (super pasaway).

Will blog about the Asian Secret in a separate post. Happy Monday everyone~



   Till then!




Sunday, October 30, 2011

RnR with my Man is always L-O-V-E


I always look forward to weekends when M and I get to spend some RnR. I asked M to accompany me first, to buy some of my basic necessities at Landmark Makati, and then we went to his place to watch movies. We had our lunch at Glorietta Food court, he was craving for Go Greek, while I had Okuya. For dessert, nothing beats YOGURT!

2011-10-29 15.21.52

I ordered the large plain yogurt with 2 toppings of cheesecake and strawberry mochi. I loved every bit of the cheesecake, but sadly, did not enjoy the strawberry mochi topping. It just tasted weird, that I couldn’t put in to words. Large cup with 2 toppings cost me P155

2011-10-29 15.22.10

2011-10-29 15.22.03

                  M ordered double chocolate hot fudge sundae from Mcdonald’s

While buying for my groceries, I saw something new from PONDS. Although, I’m still loyal to my Human Nature Balancing facial wash, which I always use every morning.


Anyhow, Nights has become more romantic, with all the Christmas lights around and Christmas songs playing in the background. We went to Santana Grove, Paranaque after to buy a few things. Traffic was horrible.




                            Our Christmard card – seasons greetings! LOL~

We ended up choosing Mongol, and I’m glad we did.


After we picked up my blueberry cheesecake, a sweet treat to end the night. Will blog about it next time.


Well Christmas is nearing, have you done your Christmas shopping already? If not why not visit The Hyphen at Parksquare Makati, for clothes and daily make-up fix or maybe gift your loved one a sweet treat at Captain’s Mix and Magic, you will not regret



Till then!



Food find: Zaifu Japanese Restaurant


It’s the start of the long weekend, and my officemates and I decided to have lunch outside last Friday. Almost all of us had tried Wild Ginger, except one of our officemate, well, that was the original plan, until Ms. Carmella, Judy and I changed our minds (haha). One of our officemate recommended that we try Zaifu’s Chicken Terriyaki, the price was worth it and she was right.

I was not in the mood for chicken that day, so I decided to try their Pork chicken curry and bottomless ice tea.

2011-10-28 12.12.47


2011-10-28 12.09.38

                                                 Bottomless ice tea for P65

   The thing about this place is (first impressions), we all thought that this was an expensive Japanese restaurant only to find out we were wrong. The prices here are pretty reasonable, considering the location (almost everything seems expensive at Power Plant). Although, they have a 10% SC of P107.50 plus additional vat of P115.18

  All of us enjoyed our meals, so it safe to say that Zaifu is a winner! For my order, I liked it a lot! The curry was just right and I ended up so full. I thought that the pork pieces would be fried, like the curry rice at Teriyaki Boy, but it wasn’t. Personally, I would’ve liked it fried! (hehe). But even if it wasn’t, it was still filling!

2011-10-28 12.12.57

2011-10-28 12.52.00

The interiors are homey, the staff are pretty fast (except for what happened to our other officemate – she’s vegetarian) her order took a while to be served in the table.

2011-10-28 12.07.31

2011-10-28 12.07.52

2011-10-28 12.08.08

2011-10-28 12.08.31

2011-10-28 12.09.07

                              Condiments you can expect

2011-10-28 12.09.49


My overall experience with Zaifu was well worth it! I’m definitely going back for more, to try out their other dishes.

If anyone has tried Ziafu, I would love to hear your recommendations~


   Till then!





Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Cluster of food posts


Here are random food posts that I was supposed to blog a month ago but did not have time to do so.

I discovered a nice restaurant in Powerplant Mall, it was my boss who took us there during the weeks that we were so stressed out.

1. Wild Ginger

2011-09-13 12.30.44

2011-09-13 12.29.24

    The first time I ate here, I tried their smoked bangus, although my boss recommended that we try their Manila Munch 2 for P225, a combination meal of adobo, with monggo and a glass of ice tea. They have big portioned size of chicken and the sauce is THE WINNER! But the smoked bangus was not that bad either, I think it was around P190+ something. The second time I ate here was with Lady E, where I was able to try their Manila Munch 2, it was indeed yummy. I highly recommend that you try that first.

2011-09-13 12.45.20

                                Smoked bangus with fried egg and ice tea

  I’ve eaten here 3 times already, my third time I tried their Nasi Goreng, it was okay too. This coming Friday, my officemates and I plan to have lunch their and order their adobo again.

2. Street food

2011-08-31 18.51.46

2011-08-31 18.51.20

  Cooking my 2 order of Isaw , it’s the only “exotic” food that I can eat aside from barbeque and hotdog in the streets.

2011-08-31 18.51.56

                                          I think this is pork skin or ear?

  3. Stock Market at Fort Bonifacio

2011-09-28 19.03.01

2011-09-28 19.03.23

2011-09-28 19.10.20

2011-09-28 19.17.26

2011-09-28 19.26.58

  The higher boss (Vice President) of my company, treated the whole team for dinner for 2 successful events that we held last month. My friend Judy and I decided to share 2 meals, 1 salad and 1 main course.

  For the salad, we split 1 order into two so that is how it looks like. I forgot the name and the price, I liked it, but the dressing not so much. It was some sort of mango dressing.

   For the main course, we ordered the chicken surprise with green tea rice (split into two)

2011-09-28 19.33.19

   The sauce was salmon mousse something. The green tea rice tasted like pandan, but overall it was good.

   They also have free Wifi~


  4. Kenny Rogers

2011-09-30 12.14.09

  Their salmon was surprisingly good, for my side dishes both were potatoes (carbo loading-hehe), not really just so happens that those 2 are my favorite side dishes of all time. The lemon sauce that came with it was also good. The fish was cooked perfectly, although serving time was a bit slow for them.

   Kenny Rogers, Powerplant branch

   Priced at P32


  5. Savory Chicken

   Martin and I ate here during dinner, our typical fun filled weekend date.

DSCN4204                                                Yang chow fried rice


                                                         Shrimp puff



  Their Lumpia is a winner for me, everything tasted delicious actually. But the lumpia was exceptional! The best I’ve tasted so far, both comes with dipping sauce. Forgot the prices though.

   SM Bicutan Branch


   Well, that’s about it, hope I didn’t leave you hungry, Happy Sunday everyone~


    Till then!





Gaming Session: Scott Pilgrim vs. the world


   What I love about Friday’s, aside from that it’s the end of the week, M and I have our Friday ritual at our friends place.

   For this gaming session we had a list of games to play, first was (of course) the eternal Castlevania Harmony of Despair (M and I are fans of all Castlevania games, then I tried BloodRayne (hard core game) almost similar to Castlevania, only the character you play is a girl and she’s a half blood vampire. Then tried Dungeons Defenders (hated it) it plays like DOTA only playing DOTA in the PS3 is hard (for me that is), I would’ve preferred if it was a PC game. All four of us ended playing till the wee hours of Scott Pilgrim vs. the world.

2011-10-21 23.26.51

2011-10-22 00.07.17

    Here’s a brief introduction about the game:

    “Scott Pilgrim is a side-scrolling beat 'em up game based on the Scott Pilgrim series of comic books”

     The game is pretty easy, it has a single player or multiplayer option, of course the multi player is much more fun. A bash and and beat them up game. If your player dies your team mate can revive you (they look funny when they do, haha). The main objective is relatively the same as with the movie (beating up the ex-boyfriends). The game can be bought via PSN card, I’m not sure how much though.

    Console: PS3

2011-10-21 21.02.42

                                                            Boys and their toys~


       Definitely looking forward to our next gaming session~


        Till then!





Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tech Love: Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich


   I’m not much of a ice cream lover, but there is one kind of ice cream that I would L-O-V-E! It’s the Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich

      Everything about it is LOVE! I love that it’s customizable and looks much sleeker, better features like, face unlock and to top it off, it has a 12 MP camera, not bad for a camera phone. I can go on and on really, but just refer to the link here for more info.

      I just hope it also has the auto focus and macro feature. Definitely, I have to have this phone, most probably by next year, since it’s better to wait.

      I hope when it’s released I get the chance to test the phone or maybe own one? (ahem ahem) XD


         Till then!



       Meow.. Meow…

Captain’s Mix and Magic: Cakes Are Meant To Be EATEN:


   Between a chocolate chip cookie and a oatmeal cookie, I would choose chocolate cookie and stay away from the oatmeal kind. Aside from having a sweet tooth, I find most oatmeal cookie too hard, too dry or too healthy for my liking. I am not a fan of oatmeal cookies EVER! But sometimes, I tend to eat my own words, more often than not as M says :)

    In my previous post, I mentioned that we had a gaming session last night, and if you remember in Lady E’s Clinique birthday last February, it was our good friend Joy who made the cupcakes. The cupcakes were moist and the kind of chocolate I can eat. Her mantra, Cakes are meant to be eaten. True to her word, it is!


Anyway, last night, she was baking oatmeal cookies, of course I couldn’t help take a peek, and it smelled yummy. She then offered us freshly baked oatmeal cookies, it didn’t look like the hard kind and when I took a bite, it was super moist. I’m a sucker for moist cakes and cookies. It was also yummy too. I guess the word, moist is enough to convince you and specially me. The dough somewhat tastes like cookie dough, which is why I enjoyed it more in every bite.



   Martin swears by her chocolate éclair (too bad I wasn’t able to try that). I think M enjoyed the oatmeal cookie too much, that he made sure that we did not leave her take home goodies (haha). 

    Captain’s Mix and Magic also made my surprise birthday Hello kitty cake


  Captain's Mix and Magic: Custom made cakes. Contact them at +63 (917) 899-7069, +63(916)3036212. Free delivery within Paranaque, Las Pinas and Muntinlupa.

   For more of their creations, visit their site here or here.


    I ordered a blueberry cheesecake for next week, now I can’t wait to get my order~


     What’s your favorite cake?



      Till then!




New: Chowking’s Lauriat fried rice


  Hello everyone! For this post, this is something I know everyone knows already, but I still think it’s worth sharing. We’re all familiar with the Chinese fast food giant right? (Chowking) Well, this time they got “better” (improved in a good way and I hope this time it’s long term).

   Last night, M and I met up for dinner before going to our friend’s place to have our “weekly” Friday gaming session. He recommended that we eat at Chowking again and try their sweet and sour pork, only to find out that they now have chinese fried rice with their lauriat. Service also has become a lot faster, and now the branch at Alpha land is 24hours. Martin say’s that it’s the same for all Chowking branches. Aside from the chinese fried rice, I noticed that their pansit tasted waaaay better (in other terms, pansit pa lang ulam na). The pansit was that good, and much bigger in serving portion.

  Left over photo…


    My order – breaded fish lauriat P135 (regular drinks)



    Martin’s order – sweet and sour pork lauriat (not more than P150)



   In essence, there is nothing really spectacular about the fried rice, but it is something that M and I truly enjoyed. Lauriat got better with fried rice!

    We also ordered wanton noodle soup, the cabbage gave the soup some added flavor and the siomai also tasted much more flavorful (or it could be just my taste buds, hehe)



   For our money’s worth, (well, technically M’s money) we definitely are happy and full customers last night.


                                                HAPPY WEEKEND FOLKS~


          Till then!




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