Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dinner date - everything chicken


  It’s been quite a while, well a long long while since I made a haul, and if you’re wondering why or when? not anytime soon my readers :(

  I’m actually saving for a dress for a wedding that I was invited to, 2 months from now. So things I’m saving on besides a dress are shoes, hair color and a future make-up haul. I just don’t want to impulse buy anymore since the BF and I are saving up for a our house and we need two years to come up with 200k before we could move in there (somewhere in Paranaque).

  Anyway, with that aside we usually meet up for dinner and play DOTA after (haha). For tonight’s or rather yesterday’s dinner we ate at KFC Pasong Tamo, Makati near our place. I was craving for the Italian Roma, unfortunately they said it’s Phase out. I was like? What?? how can you phase that out? hehe. So I opted for the creamy pasta bowl and mushroom soup. BF had the fully loaded meal twister.

DSCN1796                                           Mushroom soup P28

   I was really really happy that they served the soup HOT and with crunchy croutons. One serving of this can definitely fill up the tummy.

DSCN1797              Creamy tomato pasta with drink P90

     Of course, for a fast food chain you can’t really expect gourmet pasta right? but for this one, it is definitely creamy and a mild taste of tomato sauce. Good combination, the parmesan can make it a little too salty for others, but I liked how the flavors complimented each other. As for serving size, pretty decent, but can depend how hungry you are.

DSCN1798                          BF’s fully loaded meal with twister

    Too hungry that I am, I didn’t take picture of the twister and forgot how much his cost, probably not more than P150 pesos. Their hot and spicy chicken sure is no joke, it’s so spicy that it kicks in at the end. Next time I promise to take more decent pictures when we eat out.

  And at the end of the meal….


DSCN1800 DSCN1801                                                     la-la- L-O-V-E 


       Just one more day before my rest day and I’m not sure if I’m happy about it. Well, happy that I get to rest, but I won’t be seeing my baby boy Piccolo anymore. I’ve found a new owner for him, and she’s pretty too. I trust she will take care of him, just like the other owner of Piccolo’s brother Peewee.

   Anyway, how have my avid readers been lately? what’s new with you? take extra care okay?


  Till then!



Inside a cat’s mind: Don’t hate me coz I’m beautiful – music trippin’


   Hello there my readers, just wanted to share the current song that I’m listening and loving in my MP3 player for the past few days.

  Besides the beat, it definitely is a nice pick me upper when you’re not feeling so good. It’s not just about the usual RnB song that I love about it, listening to it over and over again, I read the lyrics, definitely for us ladies that we can relate to and also the video got me curious what’s it about so I researched it. Honestly, I’m not much of a fan of Keri Hilson, but this got me hooked and her portrayal of great music icons are topnotch. She definitely pulled it off.


  Ladies, sing it with me… don’t hate me coz I’m beautiful~

  Definitely for our haters not worthy of our time ;)


   Till then!



Monday, January 24, 2011

Beauty talk: Maybelline’s Color sensational in Soft Azallea review


   I remember the brand FASIO waaay back, and I think they no longer have it at Rustan’s anymore (no idea why though). I loved  the red coral lipstick, after then I couldn’t find a red lipstick that I could wear, that is, until I found Maybelline’s Soft Azallea. Mom gave me this lippie a few months ago, after trying and loving it, I’m definitely buying one soon.

   On my lips looks like a soft pink shade but more on the red (but not bloody red) on actual

DSCN1783   DSCN1785  DSCN1787

  Here’s a swatch:



My thoughts about it?


  • Inexpensive
  • gives a matte finish
  • lasts me in about 3-6 hours (drank coffee and ate, still here as I’m typing at this moment)
  • as swatched in my palm it looks pinkish but when applied in my lips looks red.


  • I can’t seem to think of any – haha!


   My tip:

     Normally, I first use lip balm, then put 1 layer of the soft azallea evenly in my lips. Right after, I blot it with tissue paper then re-apply 1 layer again. This way (in my case that is) it lasts longer.

   And here’s me with my favorite lippie


DSCN1781                                             Definitely L-O-V-E this shade!

    What’s your favorite red lipstick? I’m curious ^_^


    Till then!



Beauty talk: Revlon just bitten review


  Before I start writing down a beauty review, I didn’t realize that it has been 1 year of me blogging. It’s actually way past my anniversary which was on January 18, 2010. So yeah, happy anniversary to me. haha!

   Moving on, in my recent contest prize courtesy of Lauren, I’ve had the chance to own the Revlon just bitten and here’s my review about it.

    When I first applied it on my bare lips dry, it hurt a lot. But sometimes, even with lip balm it still hurts upon application. Closer look of the pen


    What I like about it is that, it gives a natural sheen of color in your lips, compared to a stain, like herbench’s pretty when pinched lip and cheek stain. I’d prefer the just bitten result it gives, if not only for the mahapdi feeling.

DSCN1789 DSCN1795

   I have 3 colors of the just bitten, passion, gothic and frenzy. I gave the gothic to my friend since it doesn’t suit me. Even the frenzy is a tad too dark as well, thankfully the passion just suits me fine.

   What I like about the just bitten is that at then end of the pen mark, comes with a free lip balm. Unfortunately, mine met an accident. Want to see what happened?

DSCN1793        I accidently broke the lip balm, gaaah! good thing I have another one. 


  And below is me wearing just the passion – just bitten with the lip balm (no lipstick)


   My thoughts about it?


  • gives a natural stain lip color
  • comes with a lip balm
  • over a lip stain like liquid stain, I’d prefer this one anytime of the day
  • staying power fairly good, at the end of the day, the color blends well giving me a pinkish lip effect.
  • for me, I  need to apply 3 layers for the color to really pop out.


  • application hurts most of the time
  • I wish the balm end can be retracted, after what happened with my passion, I always make sure to be careful when putting back the cap.
  • I’m not sure if I should write this down as a con but what the heck, hehe. I noticed even with other stains, the lip color appears different from my upper and lower lip, same goes with this.

  My tip:

     Applying this bare naked on lips does not work for me, so what I usually do is, pat on some powder on my lips (make sure dry), then swipe a little bit of my carmex lip balm, from there I apply 3 layers/coats of the passion for the color to show. I also use this a base for my lipstick as well.

     I’d definitely buy the passion again, but not anytime soon though. For the price of  P595, I think it’s a good buy, since I’m all for lip stains.


Till then!



Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Easiest Way To Get a Pair of Free Shoes!


    Yes, you read it right! win your own pair of shoes from So Fab! It’s definitely a fabulous contest that doesn’t hurt to try joining right?

    For more details, do check out this site and check out on the details on how to join for mechanics.


  Till then!



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Movie buff: mini review of TRON Legacy


   Last Saturday, the BF and I watched TRON at the IMAX theater. Based on reviews, the only thing that made the movie interesting and cool is the visual effects. BF said, to fully understand the movie you’d have to watch the first movie which was shown in the 80’s, well I didn’t but I was game (since he was the one who paid for the tickets, hehe).

     For those who haven’t watched here’s a short description on what the movie is about:

The son of a virtual world designer goes looking for his father and ends up inside the digital world that his father designed. He meets his father's creation turned bad and a unique ally who was born inside the digital domain of The Grid.


What Kitty says:   

There were some parts that totally got me bored and slept for maybe 5mins. Story wise, I’d have to agree, this movie, to fully grasp what the story is about, you’d have to watch the first movie, why? because I didn’t understand almost 80% of the film. The ending was the worst, and I was like: O___O yes that’s how I looked like. I couldn’t say anything more, sorry to TRON fans, but hey, watching it in full 3D was so worth it, the effects were super cool and I wanted my own light cycle too. Effects looks so real that I reacted to some parts as if it would hit me. Acting wise? well, no comment there

  Normally, we wouldn’t watch a movie in IMAX (because we find it too expensive for just a movie), so that was both our first time to watch. You also get to have free popcorn, just add 10 if you want BBQ flavor, 20 for cheese.

168424_1691275134510_1616721377_1590095_1406408_n                                                   souvenir photo


    That’s about it! How about you guys? do you always watch movies on IMAX?


   Till then!



My Random Monday


  Hello my readers, just wanted to share something that made my day tonight. BF and I had dinner and when I sat down in our table, he handed me a cute wrapped gift. First I was like, “ oh wow!” then, what’s the occasion babe? It’s an advanced Valentine’s gift he says. I actually ripped the wrapper before I could even take a picture.

DSCN1725                          Inside the bubble wrap, photo taken at our office pantry.

DSCN1728   A cute white with hints of pink rabbit. We named him Chi, my bunny chi


Image1436                                                        My bunny Chi ♥

    * Took this photo using my cam phone

  On other random things…

  Right after dinner bought some supplies at the Super 8 grocery


         A must have: Kopiko brown coffee and some powdered juice – the must have is the kopiko brown coffee, it’s the only coffee I drink these days ever since it came out in the market.

DSCN1732                                                     Our new find – hope it’s good



   I read about the chunkee cream pie in munchy crunchy’s blog which I saw only at 711 near work, so I tried it and liked it. Worth a try. Had coffee and the chunkee pie while waiting for my shift to start tonight.

   And last, when I arrived from work, our friend R, handed me their wedding invitation.

DSCN1736                                                Save the date!

    It was flattering they included me in their list of guest, since both S and R (specially), is much close with the BF. Will definitely attend their wedding! Super thanks guys and so happy for you~ 

Just trying out some artsy photograph by using black and white option. Well, that’s how my random Monday went, hope this week will be a normal week for me.

     How’s your random Monday ladies and gents?


   Till then!



Sunday, January 16, 2011

Food review: Kimono Ken at MOA


Food review…

    Being in MOA (SM Mall of asia), there are quite a lot of food choices to choose from. BF and I had 2 options, Italian and Japanese. We saw the Sakae sushi buffet, it looked tempting, BF was almost too tempted to try it out, what made it fun was the conveyer belt I suppose, but I said if we could look around to have more options. Then we came across Kimono Ken, I got hooked when I saw the Mayo asparagus pasta, and so we did.

    It has a nice quaint ambiance, and good that they have a washroom inside the restaurant. The prices seemed relatively affordable too. Here’s what we had.

DSCN1710 DSCN1712

DSCN1713                           Shake Sashimi (salmon) P200

DSCN1715                                 Sushi Moriawase P300


                            BF’s order – Gyudon P200

DSCN1717             My order – Aparagus mayo spaghetti P190


DSCN1719                         Beef Terriyaki P200 


       First of all, let me tell you about their service, the crew was pretty fast and we didn’t have to wait for more than 5mins for both the sushi’s to arrive, then around 3mins our main course arrived. We just had their house water since they didn’t have bottomless ice tea.

     The salmon sushi was scrumptious, as well as the sushi moriawase. I did not, nor will EVER try the unagi (sea urchin EVER in my life), but BF was very adventurous to try it. I was laughing the whole time he was trying to chew it, his face did not look so pleasant at all and then he says “I will never try that ever again!” ( I was laughing my ass off), haha! I just said, “see I told you it’s gross, haha! no offense to those who eat this stuff though, sorry. The moriawase came with a free miso soup but BF was not impressed, it tasted bland as he describes.

       He loved his Gyudon beef and just looking at it, it does look delicious. all pure beef no fatty parts included. I was actually curious and he is right, it was yummy, definitely a recommend in the restaurant. On to my pasta, it was really yummy, the taste of the mayo was a little bit strong, but it had that unique twist for a pasta. Very creamy, huge chunks of bacon and I’m pretty sure fattening because of the mayonnaise, still it’s good.

     The beef terriyaki had the least impression. All our main courses arrived HOT! but this one seemed to be warm, it also tasted bland. We hardly touched this and we still had a few sushi’s left for take-out, which I will be giving to my 2 boys, since it’s Piccolo’s birthday yesterday. He just turned 2 years old.

    Food was good, the place was jam packed too, service was fast and overall we spent P1148.28 including SC 6.0% Not bad I say.


   I definitely recommend this place to all the japanese foodies out there.


  Till then!



While waiting for the movie start


     Non- beauty related post…

     Hey there people, hope you’re weekend is doing fine. As for me, the usual stuff with work, but the whole morning till afternoon spent some quality time with the BF. As we arrived in MOA (Mall of asia), we first bought tickets to Tron legacy in the IMAX theater (which by the way is our first time to spend that much for a movie). I’ll be posting about it tomorrow since most of our pictures are with the BF. Anyway, while waiting for our movie to start we had a few drinks and snacks at starbucks.

DSCN1700                           My order – oreo cheese cake P110

     I loved every bit of the cake, it was velvety smooth and does taste like cheesecake. Of course for the price, I expect a lot, my only complaint, the serving was too small.

DSCN1705                                          Mango passion fruit

    This was my drink, and I’d have to say that I didn’t like it that much. Maybe I just don’t like the passion fruit taste, haha. I’m no hypocrite when it comes to my diet now, I originally wanted to order the mocha praline frappuccino but then changed my mind.

DSCN1702                          BF’s order – as usual chocolate cake

    The cake was just okay, BF liked it. I’m not really into chocolate cake, but I love chocolate mousse cake. And of course his usual order of choco chip frappuccino


     Overall, we spent P400+ for both our orders. I don’t get it why some people are so snooty and buts into other people’s business when you’re inside that cafe. And I don’t get it why people just stare at you every time I take pictures of what I eat or buy. I mean seriously? haha!

      Anyway, I will be posting my Tron legacy review tomorrow.


   Till then!



Thursday, January 13, 2011

A one of a kind Gaming Proposal


  Hello my readers, hope you are all doing fine. I just wanted to share a real tear jerker. Our friend finally proposed to his GF just last week (January 8). They’ve been together quite long enough, they’re actually one quirky couple. When we went to Tagaytay, it was my first time to get to spend more time with his lovely Fiance’ Joy Lyn. She’s a baker and with quite a talent too! Definitely when the BF and I get married soon, I’d definitely ask her to do our cake.

   Well anyway, I just wanted to share this one of a kind proposal our friend made for his girl. At first I was like, a gaming proposal? how? but eventually it all fell into place and found myself crying the whole time I was watching it. It was really sweet. Cheers to you Ed and Joy~


    Just in case you are curious about the game, my BF’s company Komikasi  created the game. Visit their site to try out the game.


   Proposals are sooo romantic, still can’t get over this. haha~

If any of you guys plan to make a game proposal to your lovely GF’s, Komikasi is the one to contact ^_^


  Till then!



Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pink EOTD: amateur-ish

I’m no pro in applying eye shadow compared to pro bloggers out there, but I love how my EOTD turned out tonight. Having no appropriate brushes yet, clean fingers are used. Also experimenting for a romantic date this weekend.
DSCN1688                                      Feeling like Jem from the classic 80’s cartoons Jem




                                      TBS baked to goodness in quartz

  Till then!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Giving my Maybelline felt tip liner a second chance

     Just last week, I was able to find and buy a new brush from Marionnaud, intrigued with the spoolie.

DSCN1681                                     Spoolie with angled brush
   I’m actually quite happy with the angled brush. I was almost about to give up on my maybelline felt tip liner, until now. As I am typing, my liner is still intact and has not smudged on me. So, I suppose, when using a felt tip liner, you have to lock it with a black eye shadow to keep it in place.

It’s been a few days since I used this to groom my eye brows, so forgive how it looks now. The bristles are quite soft, definitely a worth buy.

                                  The angled brush – works fairly well and soft.  


The black eye shadow used on top of my liner. Eye shadow from body shop in starlight. 

  And the result?

                                      A better looking lined eyes. 



  Looks like I don’t need to buy an angled brush anymore, though I need brushes for concealing, eye shadow –blending, fluffy brush. Hopefully soon, since I rarely wear eye shadows, I want to make sure I spend my money well. Well, anyway, I am very much happy now with my felt tip liner.

Till then!

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