Monday, April 23, 2012

A Day With A Dear Friend and Weekend Pets


Last week, I went to Stacy’s house to hang out and luckily despite it’s my first time to travel to her house alone, I didn’t get lost.

Anyway, I slightly envy her collection. She has all the consoles and hand held games (PS3, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo DS XL, 3DS, PSP, and Vita). Every gamers dream is to have them right?

She knows that I’ve been playing Just Dance, so she let me try a couple of her dance games like Dance Central and Black Eyed Peas for the Xbox.


Just some of her collection


Luckily, I was able to try out her 3DS and I’m really happy about Nintendo releasing hardcore games on their handheld.


I truly enjoyed our lunch especially the round thing stuffed with cheese on it. I forgot what it’s called but it’s some kind of Japanese food.


It tasted like squid and starts with a letter C, Chi – something. Well those were really good along with the beef yakiniku.


And someone decided to eat with us too! Stacy’s cat named Midnight. Sorry for the crappy image as I just used my phone and was in a hurry. Midnight is one funny cat. He sure isn’t used to visitors in the house as he seems to be weirded out by me.

A funny incident was when I was in the bathroom and since his coat is pure jet black, you can’t hardly see him until his eyes glow from the light. And he was staring at me while I was inside the whole time (mahilig manilip). Ha-ha!

I had fun spending time with my friend Stacy. She ’s very supportive of what I want to do and I am thankful to have a friend like her. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a late birthday gift from her too. Which I will post right after I publish this.

Last Saturday (April 21, 2012) was as usual how I spend my day with Martin. When I arrived home from our date I was happy to see our newly adopted dog from our cousin.


A Basset Hound 3 year old girl. She is such a darling and is very warm even if she just met you for the first time. Welcome to the family SANS~

And of course, a day is never complete with his photo being taken right?



I hope that we will all have a great week ahead of us Smile


Till then!





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