Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our favorite breakfast in Mcdonald’s


   If there is one thing I love about Mcdonald’s, it’s their Sausage Mc muffin and hash brown, before we headed to Megamall, we first made a pit stop breakfast at Mcdonald’s along Buendia.


   I love their scrambled eggs, so I requested if they can make the egg in our Mc Muffin scrambled, it was possible but we had to wait for 5mins, so we ordered 2 hash browns each since we were really hungry already that time. Unfortunately, wasn’t able to take pictures of the hash brown, went in our mouths first before I can turn on the camera.

  What do you love about Mc Donald’s?


Till then!



  1. Sausage McMuffin! See, what did i tell you??? We can probably finish each other's sentence when we talk face to face...

  2. @Lady E: Hahaha! Oh yes, I think so too, we sure have a lot of things in common, that is so quirky.

  3. egg mcmuffin!

    from the regular menu-- cheeseburger & fries!


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