Friday, January 27, 2012

DOVE shampoo + NIVEA Lip balm

      Hello guys, I’m back from my regular programming. I’ve been recently posting about my travel and food adventure in my other blog, I hope you guys check it out.
       In other news, during my travel to Catanduanes here, here and here             I saw in one sari-sari store selling sachets of the new DOVE shampoo. I wanted to buy it but it was raining buckets and I was still coughing really bad. Our tour guide Juriz said that she has a friend working for Unilever, and the DOVE shampoo is the competition of L’oreal. Arriving in Manila, I went to Shopwise to see if they already have it and they do. At first they didn’t have it in sachets yet, I was able to buy one at Gateway with my best friend Stacy.


My regular shampoo that I use is Sunsilk in pink, I like how it feels specially when I use a conditioner after. But with no conditioner alone, my hair feels heavy. Regardless, I still love it because it smells good in my hair and the scent lasts.

Because I’m a sucker for new things, I decided to try out DOVE, the DOVE soap is already a given, I just wonder if the shampoo is as good as the soap. First day I tried it, consistency wise is very creamy and it had pearly shimmers. The scent is good too. And surprisingly, even without using conditioner, it is easy combing my wet hair. But that’s just the first day of use, I will do a “7 day challenge” or until I finish the 2 sachets I bought. The Straight and Silky smells good too, not overpowering. The sachet costs P27 and the conditioner P33

A beauty junkie will always be one where ever she goes, and while I was in a far place, I needed to go to a drugstore because I forgot to bring my facial wash. I’m intrigued with NIVEA’s lip balm so I bought one.



 I thought my HG (holy grail) lip balm is the Lip Ice, but lip ice makes my lips dry most of the time and it costs P129.75 while NIVEA costs only at P80, very cheap and much more moisturizing.


 It actually looks more pinkish in person, I really love this lip balm and I’m getting the other variants or more of the same color. hehe~

    Till then!



  1. Thank you for this review! I have that lip balm too and it's sooo pretty!

  2. hi kate! i've never used dove shampoo yet.. mukhang it's worth a try. i also have that nivea lip balm, i love the way it glides smoothly on the lips. btw, theanks for the visit ha. wow! sayang! sana nagkita tayo sa LRI. i would definitely try their panini next time. nakakatakam!

  3. It is, same here, it's much more moisturizing noh? Oo nga eh, let me know if you like it. Next time i'll try the pasta you tried

  4. hi miss Kate thank you for posted  this product it really helpful to me to finish my project regarding on dove shampoo :)

  5. you're welcome @e532d2958d8d8eca57441a1dbd36a2ec:disqus  :)

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