Friday, February 18, 2011

Personal care: Pantene Nature care


  Personal care review…

     The new Pantene nature care endorsed by local celebrity Angelica Panganiban, which I was able to watch via youtube.

     I find my hair limpy and always want that extra volume even without styling or blow drying, and the nature care promised “healthy fullness and shine”, my hair is naturally shiny but lack volume most of the time. Here are my thoughts/review about the product.

DSCN2055                     shampoo, conditioner and intensive repair mask

DSCN2056 DSCN2049




    The shampoo is clear and has a mild scent which I cannot point out what kind of smell it is. The conditioner and the intensive treatment smells adorable, and it has got to be one of the best smelling conditioners of Pantene (in my opinion that is). I couldn’t stop sniffing and only wished the smell would last the whole day.

     I already have thick hair, but not that thick that looks like a broom. Here’s the result, sorry if you can’t view it properly. Had to take a picture of myself at the comfort room, it would be too awkward to ask my office mates to take a picture of my hair noh?



    That’s the volume I was talking about, and I’m definitely liking it. Let’s see if with continued use it will still have the same results.


      I think it’s a good buy, but I’m aware that not all ladies are hiyang with Pantene, but for those who are, do try it out. Seriously, I’m addicted with the smell of the conditioner and intensive treatment.


   Till then!




  1. I might give it a shot though for now The L'Oreal thing is working for me ...

  2. i've tried this sweetie.. and the shampoo smells great ^_^

  3. namamayagpag pagkafashionista mo dear, pati kulay ng damit ang ganda.

  4. it looks like a pomada, pwede ba yan sa lalake? male hair?

  5. @Kay: I love the l'oreal shampoo too

    @rhaindropz: it does smell good

    @john: hindi kaya? hmm, I think pwede naman.

  6. pomada talaga?? huhu, allergic ako sa pantene...

  7. @lady e: oo nga eh, hindi kaya mukhang pomada, si john talaga oh. haha

    ok lang yan, i may change shampoo's rin after ko maubos to.


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