Saturday, March 26, 2011

Home cooking: Achievement unlocked!


   My blog is not just about beauty stuff, as stated, my blog is about things that I love, so for today, just wanted to share an achievement unlocked!

   My major role in the family ever since our old maids left is to cook for them. They’ve requested misua with meatballs. I’ve cooked misua before but used sardines, so cooking it with meatballs is new to me and quite frankly, I’m not confident in cooking it. But thanks to the handy internet for the recipe.

    Ingredients are pretty simple, what I was worried about is the meatballs. But thanks to Shopwise meat section for the ready made meat balls. My fabulous chef friend told me, that misua sucks us the liquid a lot, so it was a good idea that I put a lot of water but still flavorful enough. I just used knorr cubes in replacement of stock.


                                                         Misua with meatballs

     Ingredients used:

     misua noodles

     salt and pepper to taste

     patis (fish sauce)


      beef knorr cubes




     It was really yummy, the ready made meatballs was good too. Of course, if you’re the type who has the time to make your own meatballs, go ahead. Now, I’m happy that I have another recipe learned.


       By the way, happy weekend (to most) to you my dear readers! Hope you’re all doing okay, any weekend food tripping?


       Till then!




  1. you should do it from scratch next time! applause, applause!

    di pa ko nagbreakfast tapos eto makikita ko....salbahe ka kitten...

    gamer na gamer ung title

  2. I love misua soup with lobster balls and patola...

  3. Congrats! It looks yummy. :) And as a fellow frustrated cook, there is nothing better than knowing your efforts to make a good dish for people you love do pay off.

    Your "achievement unlocked" title reminded me of hidden object games (like Mystery Case Files, haha). :)

  4. i love misua! :D congrats kitten! i'm sure this tasted really yummy. :3

  5. @lady e: prolly on my rest days, but during the work week I'm lazy, too lazy. haha

    hindi ako salbahe, I'm innocent! xD

    Oo nga noh? hahaha.

    @Ahne: hmmmm, that sounds good. Now I'm hungry

    @Kari: thanks. Hmm, frustrated? how come?

    yeah, I didn't realize it until I read lady e and your comment now.

    @sugar sugar: thank you~

  6. that's nice! I wish I can cook again ... been a long time

  7. Congrats! The misua looks delicious!

  8. @kay and midge: thank you :)

  9. i'm excited for the repeat performance, hoping that at that time, kasama kami. bwahahaha.

  10. Your misua looked great. And I'm sure it tasted good as well. It's so convenient that we can run to the internet for help about almost anything.

  11. I'm not able to cook a lot, especially these days. Someday soon again, I hope :)

  12. @chew on this: hello there, thanks for following, much appreciated.

    Thanks, it did. I forgot how I found out about your blog, but I love your reviews. xD

    @Kari: that's okay, sometimes I just want to eat instead of cook, specially when I'm so lazy I just order food for delivery. hahahaha

  13. That made me hungry! Looks delishhh.

    Aww you like cats too.. Aren't they the cutest? :)

  14. @catmare: thanks, it does.

    yes i L-O-V-E cats! with breed or not! they're just so adorable~

    thanks for the follow :)


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