Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cheap find great quality = LOVE!


   I really feel happy when I find a good buy, good quality, and worth the money so for today I found one. Well, errrm, I won’t be posting pictures of the actual product, I’ll just give you a little peek so that you would have an idea what it is.


      I was in desperate need  last morning so I went to Shopwise to check out some stuff and found this. It costs me almost P100 but the cloth used doesn’t look or feel cheap at all. The support is also good, I definitely am happy about it. There was only 1 color to choose from which was black, but I’m okay with it. Sorry If I can’t post pictures, I just find it too private, I don’t want the world seeing what I’m wearing. But the one at the photo is exactly how it looks minus the color ;)

    2 thumbs up for today’s find!



   My Verdict: 5/5 LOVE!


Till then!




  1. Hi
    Wow! what a great find at PhP100!

  2. I want! I wanna go to Shopwise!

  3. @Lady E: Buy na, among all that were displayed, for me, this brand stands out the best. Who would've thought huh?

  4. can't relate, hehehe. unless i am gender-confused and i start taking hormonal pills. but i am not. hehehe.

  5. @john: it's a girl thing, hehe.


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