Friday, June 25, 2010

Goodbye LG Cookie, Hello Nokia c3!!


Konnichiwa! I have a new L-O-V-E, well I know in one of my previous post I mentioned about my lemmings in the new LG Cookie right? Well scratch that, I’ve found a new love and it’s the Nokia C3. I promised myself to open an account, but seems like it will be delayed a bit since this model will be launched pretty soon at a very good deal I believe. Here’s how the phone looks like, it’s so me!



For now my phone is the Nokia 5130 Express music given to me by BF then. And here’s a comparison of my phone now to the new C3


What I like about it, is it’s WIFI capable with full HTML format and for the introductory price of around P5,000 + or so only. Not bad. I was sold to the color actually. And also because I really need a WIFI capable phone whenever I’m out since bringing a laptop everyday is  not my thing. With the make-up bag I have it consumes a lot of space in my bag already.

I’m glad Nokia says true to their tag line, connecting people. By making cheap  phones designed with their N-series, which has a hefty price. I’m not brand conscious of phones really, not the type of getting what’s in or what. Never was. So for this one, I will be buying this as soon as possible. I can almost feel it in my hands <3 Will definitely blog about this as soon as I get this.

Happy Weekend my dear readers!




  1. Oooohhh it's pink! >o<" So cute. :3

  2. @sugar sugar: yes, sooo kikay! love it. ^_^

  3. 5k lang??? I died and gone to pink phone heaven...

  4. @Lady E! BF said it will be daw sa launch, that's why let's get it on that day! WOOT! you sure you'll buy? I'll let you know when I have word about it na. Same here, isn't it pure love? hehehe.

  5. ive been waiting for Nokia c3 ever since may! :D please do tell me if its already in the market.. i will so buy one! :)

  6. @purplebaby_08: We actually asked Nokia center, the one at Robinsons Galleria and they said it will be launched September of this year ;)

  7. Hi Kitten,

    Good to see you going with Nokia. At WOMWorld/Nokia we haven't covered anyone with a C3 yet. Would be really cool to get your perspective on this phone!

    I've followed you on Twitter so feel free to say hi :)


  8. @Paul: Yes I am, since I've found out that the specs are perfect for what I need and that I love the color (a lot), I definitely had a change of heart. haha. If I do get one, I'll definitely make a review about this phone. Will let you know. I've followed you on twitter too, thanks ^_^

  9. Ah that's all we need to do then, release more pink phones! Thanks for the tip :)

    If you wanted a trial device from WOMWorld we would be glad to send you one until you get your pink C3. Let me know if you are and I'll send an email with some more information.

    Thanks for the follow too!

  10. @Paul: Ahaha, well maybe so. A few of my followers say that they would definitely buy a pink phone.

    Hmm, that sounds pretty interesting, what are your conditions? I'm highly interested, thanks.Kindly email me at:


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