Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The other cat in my life + friendship


  Happy Holidays everyone! Happy for me too, for the holiday pay at work, lol!

Anyway, before I post all the hauls and reviews, let me share you what made my heart melt just this morning.

   As I was about to hit the bed and sleep, the doorbell rang and I was really clueless why the maids were calling me. A PACKAGE! First I thought it was the L’oreal thing that I joined but the package was rather small and in a plastic. I rushed to see whose it from, Lady E. Eeeeeeeeee! I was seriously flattered with the note and not just because you send me gifts but because, I gained a real friend (not just a follower) and having most things in common. Safe to say, that in the blogging world, I consider you as my real friend, even if we haven’t met yet. Thank you for considering me as the other cat in your life, as I feel the same way too. I always think that, most cat lovers jive, I don’t know why though?. Thank you thank you. I hope our friendship via web will become real one day, literally speaking. hehe.

   Here’s the package..



DSCN0392    I was behind the light, sorry. This was the note that came with the package, it was the sweetest. Of course E, I LOVE IT TO BITS! I’m actually using them both now with the new bag.

DSCN0394                                       2 lovely cat pouches to die for!

  Closer look…

DSCN0398                                             Cute kitty cats – LOVE! 


    Thanks so much E, I really love/ appreciate the gifts you’ve sent me. Thanks for considering me a part of your life, as I do too. Can’t get over the sweet note. Will treasure them with my heart ♥ Love you to bits E!!



Till then!




  1. LadyE is so sweet. the way she writes actually speaks her mild demeanors. she mentioned therapy on her note, i think that was for her auto-immune something? i don't even know what that is, but the least that i can do is just to wish her a happy life.

    you too Katey, merry christmas ahead of you.

  2. @John ray: she is,i think the therapy thing was shopping, hahaha. It's a rare condition i think, I always pray she's okay.

    Awww, thanks john! Advance Merry christmas to you too.

  3. Hey, hey people! What's up? I only read this now!

    @cafemobility thanks cafemobility! That's very sweet of you. And I wish you a very happy life too!

    The condition is polymyositis and yes, shopping is the ultimate cure! The medical society just hasn't accepted it yet! Haha!

    @Kitten touched (with matching teary eyes) Hahaha! No really! Now I can post my matching purses! I didn't post them immediately para may suspense yung surprise! Actually ako ung nasuspense. Ahahaha! Love you to bits too!

    Thank you for your prayers and your friendship. All of us should hang out soon! Tingin nyo? Kaso si Kitten kasi bampira!

  4. @Lady E: Hey there! Ahh, so that was the plan pala ha? hehe. Post na yours, I want to see them. Hugs and kisses...

    I'm really choosy with friends, I pick my friends well and keep them forever. I think so too, in fact, it's more of, WE MUST! haha. HAHAHA, Yeah I am, but I can adjust naman my schedule eh, I would definitely like that idea, si John na lang ang hinihintay, hehe.

  5. Tapos sama mo rin si ginoong diobrando! para cool, lahat tayo bloggers!

  6. hahaha... hiya ako. ako lang kase guy eh. but it's a brilliant idea, we just have to lay down a mutually agreed schedule. :)

    baka naman ma-o-OP ako nyan, kase baka puro Stila, Bobbi Brown, Shu Uemura, Mac, Clinique, Kiehl's, BeneFit, Laura Mercier, and Loreal pag usapan nyo. hindi ako maka-relate. hahaha. :)

  7. @Lady E: Kailangan talaga ginoo ah? hahaha.

    @john: hahaha, it is a brilliant idea, then blog post agad. True we have to schedule it one time, si E ang mag pplan, hehehe.

    LOLS! Di naman puro kakikayan pag uusapan, hahaha.

  8. @cafemobility: kaya nga kasama si M para di ka ma-OP! saka gadget freak din naman si kitten. ay, in denial pa rin pala siya. hehe..

    @kitten: nag iiba ba ang rest days mo? or fixed?

  9. @Lady E: hahahaha, lol! pwede rin, hindi na ako in denial (kunyari) hehe. For my rest days, nag iiba for december my rest day is on tues-wednesday. I'm out on 21-23 though


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