Saturday, March 13, 2010

Garnier cream, new L-O-V-E

  I’ve always been a loyal user of POND’s ever since I hit puberty, now that I am 26 I really want to take care more of my skin, it’s not that I am afraid of aging but because I want to look beautiful for myself and for BF. I am really determined to hit the gym as soon as I graduate and start earning my own money. I’ve been having dark spots in my right side of my face from the temple, down to the middle of my cheeks and it has been a stubborn one for the longest time, for that skin problem I have been always using PONDS anti dark spots cream but it seems that it is not helping lighten that area for the longest time. Besides having dark spots, my face is quite dull if you really look into it. So, just this week I started to buy

Garnier Skin Naturals Light says: Whiten and protect moisturizing cream, Anti dark spots and dullness, With long dan + pure lemon essence with SPF 15.

I bought the sachet just to test it out and I swear by this product from now on! I have been using this for barely a week and I noticed my problem area did really lighten. I am actually really happy now and will definitely use this and try all their products from now on. The 8ml sachet costs P19 only and can last you a week, since I use it for morning and night. However, since I have an oily face through mid day my face became shiny (but that was because I was too busy to even look at my face that time), I’ll be more wary next time and remind myself to pt on my face with my Gatsby blotting film and everything will be perfect. this product is also good because it has SPF15 since summer is here, this is one item that I’d definitely won’t leave the house without. I’m glad I switched!


note: These are based in my experience and products may vary depending on different skin types of people. Also, as much as I’d love to do a before and after my camera phone won’t do justice. :(

My Verdict: 4.5/5

Will I repurchase? Yes

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