Friday, March 25, 2011

First time with Chef D’ Angelo


   Hello everyone! for most of you, you are all on your rest days already, lucky you.

   For Thursday’s date with my M, originally, we wanted to try Deco’s, then on my way to Alpha land I was craving for Jollibee, as soon as we met, we ended up eating at Chef D’ Angelo. It was both our first time to dine at the place, so here’s what we ordered.


                    My order, Spaghetti meatballs around P180 or less

     Portion size, it was pretty big, the garlic bread was okay too. Unfortunately, the sauce was way too sour for an Italian tomato based sauce. The meatball was good though. I wasn’t able to finish my meal, my stomach turned sour and really bad that I had to run to the bathroom. Maybe it just didn’t blend well with my tummy that time.


           M’s order, Spaghetti Bolognese not more than P180 I believe

   M told me that his order was sour too, but he was that hungry to finish his plate.


                                                        Four seasons P40


     I love the drink we ordered, it’s different and I’m going back for this! Total amount was P510.

      I still want to go back to try out other pasta’s they offer and the pizza as well, but until then I can’t sum up my experience with Chef D’ Angelo.

       To end the meal, I opted for hot coffee this time from Figaro (since it was the nearest). DSCN2686

                                                       Café’ Latte P89

    And something new that I wished I had ordered instead (M’s order)


                                      White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Frost

    This is really yummy, and so what for calories since I won’t be drinking this everyday. This is definitely a rave! I’m going back for this on payday!



    Till then!




  1. Chef d'Angelo's offerings were delicious when they first opened in the PH. I am not sure what happened but the quality of the food has deteriorated. Try the combo meals next time, the one with the chicken, pasta and pizza or salad. That's my safest bet there. Although I really don't eat there anymore.

  2. di ba sila yung may double decker? have you tried it?

  3. White... chocolate... macadamia... nut... frost.

    O_O :))

  4. @lady e: They were soshalan when they first opened, was in college back then pa. We were supposed to order the sampler, siguro next time. Their cake is pretty decent naman. I just love the four seasons they have and I wonder what kind is that.

    @john: double decker? parang wala akong nakitang ganun john

    @kari: riigggghhtt?

    it's yummy promise! something to look forward for figaro.

  5. their cheese pizza and pesto pasta is pretty decent...I think double decker is from Dominos...

  6. @ahne: thanks for the recommendation, will try that out.

    I really hope alpha land magallanes will have more restaurants to choose from.

  7. Their chicken from what I remember is really good. Sana yun triny ninyo.

  8. @kay: the buffalo chicken? we didn't know. Will tell the BF about it. Thanks


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