Saturday, July 31, 2010

2nd Time around with Karate Kid


  Cozy afternoon to everyone and I love the weather, makes me want to sleep again. Anyway, BF and I had a date yesterday (date in the office and date after his shift), I had a great time even if I was keeping up with how sleepy I am already, but it was all good. Anyway, BF and I had breakfast this morning at Karate Kid along Makati Avenue in some building, forgot to ask the name, we were so hungry already that it slipped my mind even before we left, because we were so full after. hehe.



                                                           Tofu furai 5pcs P75

20100731_006  The sauce that came with the tofu, BF loved this too and I was surprised, well he eat tofu but he is very critical when it comes to food since his mom and little sister cooks sooo good.

        20100731_010                                            Potato balls (forgot the price)

            The potato balls were not that bad either, I liked it but BF LOVES it!


   I liked their tempura, more over than Tokyo Tokyo, you can taste that there’s shrimp inside than breading. I don’t know what’s with Japanese fast food restaurants, they submerge the shrimp with too much batter then overprice it. tsk. What I liked about karate kid is that their tempura is not sold by per piece compared to Tokyo P39 per piece! WTH? here at karate you can go by 3pcs or 5pcs.

20100731_012                                                                Pork and Tofu 

20100731_011                                                                   Beef ramen

  This one was a disappointment, this was left untouched except for the egg and a few sips of the soup. It has a very mild taste, it should’ve been called shitake mushroom soup since the mushroom’s flavor was overpowering. Didn’t like this at all! And the rice was just regular rice, definitely not very japanese-y LOL! It sure was one heavy breakfast.

20100731_004                                   Ice tea, milder version of Tokyo’s red tea

Over all, we were satisfied with everything we ordered, I didn’t eat the rice that came with the meal since it was heavy already, our total bill cost us P566.


Our second Karate Kid experience, I’d give it a 3.7/5 spoons, but I’d definitely eat there again since their pasta looks interesting.

By the way, all photos were taken with the N900, I love it, BF says that I’m enjoying N900’s camera A LOT! It’s perfect too for casual photo for bloggers like me. I just wished I  had a camera of my own, one step at a time I guess.

Which japanese fast food restaurant do you like to dine at? or any discoveries? I’d like to hear them.


Till then!



  1. Waaaah!! ginutom mo ko kitten!!! I love japanese ramen pa naman. sayang. I like the seafood ramen at teriyaki boy for my cheap ramen fix. I also like the ramen at sumo sam but the price is kakaloka!

  2. @Lady E: hahaha, masarap siya promise. I think ang masarap na ramen daw ng karate kid is the seafood ata, my friend tried it. How much is the ramen at teriyaki boy and sumo sam?

  3. Sa teriyaki boy P138 yata for the small bowl. Tapos sa sumo sam 300+ yata. I've only had it a few times kasi nga expensive but the portions are big. ang laki ng bowl! busog tlga. hirap ubusin ng soup

  4. @Lady E: I see, got turned off with Teriyaki boy's prices kasi before that's why we never ate there after. But in fairness, masarap naman. Where is that sumo sam located? pwede na pang sharing for 2. hehe

  5. yeah pwede for sharing at sumo sam. sa powerplant meron. it's one of the restos owned by marvin agustin. mataas ang service charge. usually mga 2-3 dishes plus 2 ice teas aabot na ng 1k plus that's why we only eat there during special occasions.

    with teriyaki boy naman, when it first opened here, we were also turned off with the prices. plus the food was soooo greasy! it's only about a couple of months ago that we started eating at teriyaki boy again. The prices, service and quality of food is better na.

  6. @Lady E: Interesting, kung ganun for special occasion nga lang. But if it's that good, it's worth trying his resto then.

    I've always been intrigued with their sushi platter kasi.


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