Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Product review: Kustie Apricot Brightening+Whitening body scrub


Here’s another product review that I am currently loving.

One of my shower rituals (at least twice or thrice a week) is to use body scrubs. And yes, it’s another whitening product.

I was lucky to have bought it on sale for only P239. But even if it wasn’t on sale I’d still be happy because I’m  loving the Kustie brightening+whitening scrub.  It’s been out in the market for a long time, but finally with much curiosity I  finally bought my lemming.



It has a dark orange color and the consistency is not that thick. It has little beads of apricot beads or seeds and upon applying it feels almost like sand. It can be a little sharp for others. Personally, I don’t mind.


Here’s how the product looks…


The scrub does smell like of an apricot and what I most love about it is that, I feel squeaky clean after. Really, really clean actually.

Scenario at home

I only wear short shorts at home, and there was one time when my sister complimented that my legs were so white. Why, thank you Kustie – LOL!

I’ve tried a couple of body scrubs like Watson’s Bella and Asian Secrets Lulur body scrub. Both are lovely, but for whitening purposes (except for the sakura bella scrub), it takes longer. What I love about the mentioned products are the scent.

I love Kustie because

Well, it helps maintain a fairer complexion (in my case). Most of all, I love how clean I feel after.

For the price, because I love the product, I don’t mind that it will cost me again almost P300 for a big tub of scrub.


Next post is another Kustie product review :)



Till then!





  1. I hate myself now... I just saw this recently and decided not to purchase it coz I still have my body shop scrub to finish. didn't know that it works. thanks for the review.


  2. Awww, that's okay. You can always buy next time :)

  3. I've been seeing a lot of this in Watson's but never thought about buying one. I want to try the their face scrub though because I recently ran out of my usual scrub which is St. Ives! Will definitely get one on my next trip to Watson's :) Great blog by the way.. I just followed you!


  4. Hello @google-bbad3156c50a5dfaebeb624586714fa5:disqus , thank you for commenting and for following. I have moved to wordpress, maybe you'd like to follow my new site?


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