Sunday, August 01, 2010



Hello there my avid readers, how are you all doing on a Weekend so far?  A lot has happened last week, from winning a BB Cream from ajay's writing on the wall (thank you so much) and from having my first gadget review from Nokia WOM World a N900. First up, here’s the Dr. Jart Prize I won




                                          this small note was actually sweet of her

The first BB cream I used is the silver label, which has SPF35++, whitening benefits, controls sebum, gives a matte finish. Now, I  can definitely vouch when it said that it controls sebum, IT DOES, my face looks less oilier now and I love it! In my opinion, it acts like a concealer and foundation in 1, it does give you the blemish free face. There was even a time that I almost forgot to put foundation powder, it just looked so flawless! I love how it kept my face looking so oily at the end of the day, I just needed to pat my face with tissue to get rid of a little shiny part in the forehead and nose. I’m actually tempted to use the black label already but I’m keeping myself not to. So for the Silver label it’s ♥. Just one little thing, since it also brightens/whitens the face, my face looks a little bit whiter

dr. jart   I didn’t need to retouch at all, well maybe once but that was just about it. It’s definitely worth your money, I think a big tube costs around P1,000+ for the  quality it has, I will definitely buy one, now thing is I don’t know where to buy this wonderful cream. I’ll just have to research on it then.




  1. Hi Kate. Good to know the package arrived safe and sound:) hope u join more of my contests..i have one ongoing right now (share your BGC story) best regards

  2. P.S. You can buy Dr. Jart in Mercury Drug:)

  3. @ajay: It did, it was the first package that arrived last monday, just posted this late :(

    I sure will join, thank you for informing me. Would you know how much the Dr. Jart costs at mercury? thanks


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