Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bicol Express – express it is!


    For the past few weeks I’ve been  buying my food (for breakfast) at 711 convenience store. I find that they have better choices there since it’s a bigger store compared to Ministop down our office. Choices are, they have the usual Filipino breakfast food such as Tocilog ( tocino – sweet pork, garlic rice and scrambled egg), Tapsilog ( beef strips), Hotdog, Korean beef stew, just to name a few. Prices are fairly reasonable and the meal is very filling. As for the taste, It’s not that bad, not great either but okay. For the Korean beef stew, it does taste like korean but there are more fat parts than meat parts, I think price for it was P45.00. For today, I tried their rice toppings which is the Bicol express, it cost me P55, at first I thought it’s a bit pricey or maybe I’m a cheapskate at times, haha. And I thought that servings were small, just by looking at how the guy prepared it. Bicol express is a Bicolano dish, it has pork, lots of chili’s simmered to coconut milk and a little bit of bagoong – salted fish paste.  I actually didn’t plan in making a review about it, but when I enjoy eating something I blog about it. Here’s what it looks like


                                                       Sorry no actual food picture  :(

  It may look small, but for me, I think the serving is just enough to fill the tummy. Since I love anything spicy, I was surprised that this order was indeed spicy, (I hate it when they say spicy, but when you eat it, it’s not even spicy at all, so 2 thumbs up for this) and they didn’t skimp on the pork meat either. For a convenience store food, this is worth trying out. There are many choices to choose from, maybe next time I’ll try to post their menu. Prices range from 30 pesos to 55 pesos. Their liempo looks good too, which my friend ordered.

  So that’s it for today, till my next post




  1. I agree that 7-11 has a lot more interesting stuff than Ministop. I was actually amazed at their hot food offerings when I went inside the 7-11 near our office.

  2. yup, even their hotdogs are better. The ministop down our office sucks, most of the time their hotdog buns are not even steamed.


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