Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pizza Hut’s combo pizza


Thin crust, bready crust I love them all, and when I’m craving for bready pizza, BF and I always go to Pizza Hut. This restaurant hasn’t failed us yet when it comes to customer service, so kudos to them! Branches we’re we’ve eaten are, Buendia, MOA (Mall of Asia), SM Bicutan and Parksquare, Glorietta.

  The other day, my sister had a visitor and we didn’t have food so I decided to treat them for pizza, of course they we’re happy about it specially the little nephew of mine. I really love their Hawaiian flavored pizza, originally that was my first order and a single order of Pasta Bolognese, the person on the phone was so patient with me and was very nice. I asked what’s their promo for this month and I wasn’t excited about it, then he suggested another promo (I’m not sure if it’s a limited edition promo, but I like it!) you can order 2 family sized pizza flavors available are: Hawaiian, supreme, bacon and I forgot the others. 2 family sized pizza for P399 ONLY! Not bad eh? Well of course for the toppings of supreme, it wasn’t much, but the basics are there like, red and green bell peppers and meat. Here are pictures

Image1105                                                                 Pizza Supreme

Image1106                                                Hawaiian – el favorito! ^___^

  For the pasta, I had the Bolognese with meatballs for P129


  Okay, for some reason, I didn’t like this at all! even the meatballs tasted weird, I just gave it to our dog. The sauce tasted like chili beef, Ravioli’s Bolognese taste waaaayy better. The weird thing is, when BF and I dine in, their Bolognese tastes better, hmm? I’m sorry, but I really didn’t like my bolognese that time at least it wasn’t put to waste since Caramel (dog) ate it right? About the meatballs, it just taste weird, I can’t even explain what the taste is, maybe some sort of extender or something? I’m not sure. But, at least the pizza’s we’re saving grace! ^_^ I can vouch for their chicken penne pasta – love it!

  Delivery was fast as usual and the person who accommodated my call was very pleasant. I believe the most important factor in your business is YOUR PEOPLE! they’re your biggest asset. So managers or owners should train their people well to have that quality service even if it is not a high class restaurant.




  1. I miss eating at Pizza Hut. I stopped going there because the last time we ate, they added service charge to the bill plus taxes plus I think they increased their prices without printing new menus! This was at Parksquare and that was January of this year, I think. Imagine, one medium sized pizza (regular flavor), one pasta and 2 ice teas for 750++ pesos! So I vowed never to dine in again. Maybe takeouts na lang.

  2. Well actually yes they do have service charge, even in delivery sadly. Yes, their Hawaiian which was originally P386 before increased as well. It's ok once in a while.


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