Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To a healthier me project


   Christmas is so near and it’s time for those oh so yummy foods that is served on the table that you can’t resist, and with that I have to stay focused.

    Yes, this is the day that I will be working on a project, to a healthier or fit me. I should’ve started months ago, but stress from “home” made me weak A LOT! I eat when I am stressed which is bad, but that is not an excuse anymore. I don’t want to be bothered by things like that, it drains up my energy and health. This time, I am dead serious about loosing weight, though I’ll be honest I hardly have time to exercise because I’m too tired from work, so for now I have to watch what I eat. It doesn’t mean that I will avoid good food, but chips and junk food I will try to get rid of and choose healthier snacking. So today is day 1, I was unsure of blogging this but then maybe this would help me in my quest of loosing the extra bulge.

64290                                 *photo courtesy of google net

       I was craving for soup, specifically the Knorr chicken noodle soup, so my trip to the grocery was rather challenging today, haha. My weakness are chips, I love snacking on those, specially on this

n55984093588_162                                       *photo courtesy of google net 

     When my officemate offered me this, it instantly became my favorite and I kept buying this for the last 2 months I think. I was actually tempted to buy it earlier but I was glad to resist temptation.

     The start of loosing weight is the hardest since you are resisting temptation that you use to eat and cravings are much more harder. I absolutely love Mcdonald’s Rockin’ ruby and it has been my craving for the longest time. Well anyway, there were a lot of temptation in the grocery that I passed by but was successful enough not to buy, so here’s what I bought

Image1330     Oishi choco flakes, sky flakes crackers, Lucky me lomi, knorr chicken noodle soup and nido soup, milo for adults and last Nestle fruit yogurt + jelly, there were 2 but I ate one already, hehe.  Here’s a better picture

Image1331        I know it’s not that healthy since it’s instant but It’s a little better than buying chips right? I had the lomi for dinner and some crackers, I want to train my mind and stomach to be full and so far I am. 

       Why am I doing this? being in a relationship, (bf and I are together for almost 5 years already) and I have to look good, I know he’s not that type but I would just want to look extra good like I was before during our 1st to 2nd year together. Secondly? I just feel my body is dirty, dirty from all the junk I am eating, I want to detox my body, by drinking just water and my favorite buko juice or coconut juice. Mom said that buko helps clean the digestive system. I just want to be healthier, not that I feel ugly but more on the healthier side. I will do the best that I can to pursue this project of mine, I am actually thinking of a nice project name for it, but for the mean time I’ll call it: “To a healthier me project!”


Till then!



  1. I'll be rooting for you Kitten!

  2. @Lady E: Thanks much, you really are so nice ^_^ take care

  3. Tried Nido soup last year from like . Tastes really good... yeah, I thought it was gross at first, but wow, you won't regret it.

  4. @Rachel: When I hear Nido, it reminds me of milk, I haven't had time to "cook" it. But thanks for the comment.


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