Monday, November 08, 2010

Quality time and a celebration


   I visited the sick BF (M) yesterday, I got to spend some quality time with him at his house, yesterday was also his mom’s advanced celebration birthday and bought a custard roll cake from Red ribbon. It was so good that I wasn’t able to take a picture. I’m glad they liked it. Here’s a picture of the custard roll via their site.

custard-roll      It definitely taste like custard, like yema. But good thing is that, it wasn’t so sweet like the umay kind.  Worth buy! Full roll costs P295

   I spent lunch with the family and it sure has been a long time since I visited. Tita Beng’s cooking is so AWESOME! her relyenong alimasag (stuffed crabs) are the best! M’s mom invited me to spend dinner and mass with them at SM MOA. We first attended mass, then had dinner at Cabalen. Cabalen offeres P390 per head of Filipino, Thai and Japanese dishes. The food was okay, limited selection of food. The taste were just okay. I guess for the price I shouldn’t expect too much.


DSCN0379                           The ambiance was really nice, very clean chandeliers

DSCN0386       My first plate, which consists of maki’s, longganisa and veggie tempura

   The veggie tempura could’ve been great but it was makunat. The longganisa was good though, nothing special about the maki’s, but it was okay.

DSCN0387       My second plate which consists of siomai, atchara, cat fish with mango salad, 2 pcs. of small cut chicken, chap chae, and paella.

     The catfish salad with mango was nice, the atchara was yummy too. Siomai, chicken and chap chae was just okay. The paella was a night mare, it tasted like Biko, some sort of sweet sticky rice. The rice was so sticky too, it was so weird. I couldn’t finish it. I was so full that I didn’t bother with dessert anymore.

    M’s mom and dad seemed really happy that night, seeing their children all working now and spending time with them.

DSCN0383                                         M’s mom and dad, happily married.

    I didn’t bother with the camera’s setting anymore, I didn’t want to keep them from having fun.

DSCN0389                                                        M’s sister ( the one at the left)

DSCN0390                                              Advanced Happy birthday Tita!

    Well, I definitely had so much fun yesterday. Wasn’t able to take pictures of his other sister and her BF though.

   Hope your weekends was spent well too.  As for Cabalen, it was okay, I’m not sure if I’m going back. But one thing for sure is M and I just might go back to MOA on our next date. There were so many restaurants to choose from and they also have Joey Pepperoni there.


    Till then!



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