Monday, November 08, 2010

My Christmas wish list


   Oh it’s almost Christmas and everyone is doing it, making their wish list for Christmas.  Oh I hope Santa Claus will read this and be kind to give me any of these.

   1. ASUS 1201T

        I need a netbook that can play games, not just app games from face book and this one sure can.


2.  Itouch 4th gen

     I know! I know! I’m not into MAC products really, but this one I WANT for multimedia purposes, oh how I would L-O-V-E to have this.


   3. Melissa Shoes – major WANT!




                                          J.Maskrey Night Sky





     4. Schu


     Winks at Santa~

      Doesn’t hurt to make a wish list anyway right? ^_^


     Till then!




  1. Martin!!! looks like you're gonna spend much this Christmas? - ponkan

  2. @Anonymous: Do I know you?
    haha! well I don't intend to ask these from him, he'll go broke if i did. XD

  3. i have my top 5 xmas wish list too:

    1) scholarship at Caltech(in any of these majors e.g., astrophysics, discrete particle physics, quantum science)
    2) one week visit at CERN
    3) iPhone 4 32GB
    4) good health for my family
    5) world peace

  4. iTouch 4Gen is lovely.

    but allow me to exude my opinion on Asus. i'm a bit half-hearted on it actually, hehehe. first, it sports an AMD processor. while the processor and graphic card boasts a high-performance scale, it is power-hungry, could garely last for 3hours of seamless use. besides, i think, in between Intel and AMD CPU performance, one can never notice the difference in a real world computing comparison.

    why not get the Toshiba T230? hehehe. have you seen it? i have seen one at Digital Alley in Greenbelt.

  5. @cafe'mobility: It is, what I loved about it is that you can blog on it too. But mine would have to wait. Saving for a lot of things, haha.

    No worries, reason why I chose this is for the games, I originally wanted to buy the Karim rashid edition (pink one of course) but the BF says that it can't play games. And I want a small laptop which ASUS is known for, that's why I wanted an ASUS.

    Toshiba T230? I think I haven't seen yet, will do check it out. In Greenbelt 1 ba?


  6. @kate: i think Tosh T230 is available in other computer shops too. but the one i have seen is at the Digital Alley greenbelt 3.

    and by the way, if it's laptop meant for gaming, you can also consider Alienware, HP Voodoo, and Tosh Qosmio. but they tend to be tad too pricey.

    or maybe you have to restrict yourself with games such as Pacman, Galaga, Donkey Kong, and Battle City only? :)

    saving for a lot of things? wedding bells na ba yan, ha. :)

  7. @cafe'mobility: Will look around then, very true when you want a laptop or desktop for gaming it really tends to be pricey.

    I'm lemming on the Diablo III and it seems that the specs may be high that an ordinary net book can't run.

    Yeah, saving for my luhos, hahaha! girly things that I'm sure you're not interested to know, hehe.

  8. @kate: true. netbooks are essentially just a web companion, plus an assortment of basic desktop publishing apps.

    if it's girly stuff that includes scents, then plug me in.

  9. @cafe'mobility: yup, it's a hard choice.

    well, as for scents I will save up for it maybe next year, everything else is clothes shoes and make up. XD


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