Thursday, November 11, 2010

Product review: Sophie Magic cream [updated]

   Happy thursday everyone, hope everyone is doing fine and well, shout out to Lady E specially!

   For today’s beauty post, I was able to try something new and looks like I’m loving it to bits, thanks to my friend C. Here’s what I bought
  My friend is a member of this great retail store, but I will talking about this particular product for today. My friend C recommended this cream blush a few months ago, upon seeing it, it was really nice and looks natural on her. But it was only now that I ordered this, and now I am loving it.


                            The actual product, this costs P70, very cheap, wonderful results.

DSCN0386     It has a white cream, when blended turns natural pink, not like the slapped kind of pink, haha.

   pinch me
This is how the result looked like. I wasn’t able to take a picture immediately after application, was running late for work already so I took this picture when I got here at work tonight. I definitely love it, after blending the cream blush on your cheeks, it feels powdery and has a slight smell of powder which I like. 
   You only need just a little, but for me I needed 3 small squeezes to get this kind of result.

     1. It’s a cream gel and does not feel sticky at all
     2. Has a powdery scent
     3. Results looked natural – pinkish glow (comparing this with herbench’s pretty when pinched, I’d definitely go with SOPHIE's magic pink cream)
     4. Cheap and it works
     5. If indoors this could last 7 hours. - application was around 8pm, my face started to oil up around 3AM, swiped off with kleenex blotting film, color was still visible in my cheeks

     1. Not available anywhere, unless you know a member of SOPHIE  :(

    If you’re curious where SOPHIE is located, it’s along Edsa Shaw, near Shangri la. I’m actually planning to be a member too not that I’m PR talking right now but because some of their bags is really nice, my friend C bought a bag and I must say I am impressed with the quality. I already bought one, will post about it soon.
Thanks to my ever sweet friend for recommending me this.

  Till then!



  1. Hey, hey! I'm alive! Thanks for the shoutout! I needed that. I was terribly and "violently" ill yesterday. And today, when I woke up, it seems like nothing happened. Well, I guess that's what you get for drifting in and out of consciousness for 6 hours. Harhar! Pink cheeks look really great on you! More FOTD's!!!

  2. @Lady E: Hey there! hehe, that must be tough, thank god you're okay.

    Haha! thanks sis! ^_^

  3. can one buy it at Sophie even if he isn't a member?

  4. Rosy cheeks! Love inexpensive beauty products!

  5. @MrsMartinez: yes, i'd have to agree, the packaging is quite nice too.

    @cafe'mobility: Hmm, I'm not so sure, will have to ask my friend about it.

  6. @cafe'mobility: about your question if you can just go inside the store even if not a member, you can't daw, you should at least know someone who is a member and they can give you a slip. Why? oorder ka? hehe.

  7. @kitten: hi te, elow po. just saw ur blog regards po sa sophie magic cream. panu po b umorder, i want to give it a try po. kaso taga san pedro, laguna pa po ko eh. hope for ur reply. thanks po.-ren

  8. @anonymous: hi there, i see, naku ang layo naman, if your willing to pay shipping fee maybe you can deposit in my BF's account. the magic cream costs P75

  9. @kitten: magkano po ang shipping fee?

  10. @anonymous: I haven't checked with the nearest courier in my place, but I'm not sure if I can accommodate you for now, my schedule's crazy since i'm on a night shift schedule. I have one spare, magic cream but the box is opened but unused naman. Maybe, I'll see what I can do?

  11. @kitten: ah,ok, no problem po. i understand po. but just in case po let me know po kapag ok na po sked nyo. hehe..thanks po sa time. God bless. :)

  12. @Anonymous: most welcome, I'll inform you the soonest. thanks too~

  13. hi!!!!! available pa po ba yung item nyo i wnt to try kac eh

  14. Available bayan sa watsons? Or sa hbc?


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