Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Playing around

  Quick post.
   Was messing with M’s DSi XL while waiting for him to finish work. Wasn’t supposed to meet up with him, but because of the supposed meeting which was cancelled at the last minute, while I was on my way to work when I received the SMS, (bummer)! decided to drop by at his office and wait for him.
   Was at the lounge the whole time,  first played some games then decided to take pictures using the DSi. Of course camera isn’t great but pretty decent, since detail for FOTD (face of the day) can’t be seen that much this will be LOTD (lips of the day) post. haha! Used Maybelline’s color sensational in Soft Azallea. It actually looks reddish, but shows a different color with the camera.

dsi XL
      I guess that’s how bored I am, but it was okay, at least I wasn’t fuming mad anymore. As for the Nintendo DSi XL, I tried browsing the net, and it sure was slow. Well, it wasn’t meant for surfing anyway, just an added feature just to say that you can search the net with the DSi, the PSP is far more faster when it comes to that matter.
      I can’t wait for the 30th, bought 2 pairs of shoes and a small bag, won’t spill the details just yet. Will just post about it when I get it ;)
   Hope you guys are doing okay!

   Till then!



  1. that is such a lovely color! you're so pretty kitten just like a cat. haha! haul post! haul post! haul post!

  2. @Lady E: it is, I'm really impressed with maybelline's color sensational lippies. Awww, thanks, we are all beautiful I'm actually reading your post about the iligan wedding, natawa ako. hehe.

    Haul post soon, hehe. Yes I'm a cat! haha.


  3. @lady e: natawa ako about what you said about MB's smile. hehe


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