Friday, February 11, 2011

What greeted me this evening at work

   Quick post..

      What greeted me when I arrived in my desk..
                                     My prize from dementia foodista and my BF’s toys

                                           The cute note, I absolutely love the cat stationery 

And inside the paper bag are the following:
   DSCN1964                             I ♥ NY tshirt, 400 worth of GC and a new york pizza place frisbee

   I actually can’t wait to bring the BF here, good thing it’s at the A-venue, which is near my place. Huge thanks to Dementia foodista for choosing me as her winner.

  My BF bought new toys, limited edition transformers Megatron and Optimus prime from our friend. He dropped it off in my office so I can give it to the BF tomorrow. I can definitely say he’s super excited already.




    By the way, here are my "toys" at work.

    Billy from the cartoon show Billy and Mandy show (walang ilong, haha), Hello kitty stamp from Mcdonald's (given by the BF)

                                      Troll with purple hair -  Halloween gift from my friend I
  Looking forward to having dinner with the BF tomorrow and try out Jollibee’s new 39ers sweet and sour pork meatballs. Will make a review tomorrow.

 Till then!



  1. wow! Congratulations :) I'm looking forward to trying NY Pizza Palace too since I bought 4 discounted coupons from Cash Cash Pinoy. Let me know if the food is great :D

  2. @Kate: thanks! I find it weird, we have the same name, haha.

    anyhoo, thanks again. Will definitely post a blog once we've tried it there. But if you go in there first let me know too :)

  3. congrats for winning! i like your new toys. :D

  4. those are old toys and thanks :)

  5. sino ba nagsabi sa akin na robots are doll version for the males. i love robots too. i used to assemnble huge Gundam and Zoid bots.

  6. @john: well that's what they call it, but yeah, it's a guy thing.

  7. congrats on the win Kitten!

    Uy, robots are for girls too. I used to have a couple of Gundams as well (I like Gundam Wing).

  8. hay naku! di na kita iccongrats. pag ginawa ko un, mauubos na lahat ng congratulations sa mundo, mabubura na sa lahat ng dictionary dahil lagi kang winner!!


  9. @salmoncat: you like robots? hehe, interesting. even as a kid im a girly girl, i play with barbies and polly pockets.

    @lady e: haha, di naman, chamba lang talaga.


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