Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quickie Haul


Hello Everyone! This will be a short post about another mini haul post for today. I bought just the basic stuff I needed because I was hitting pan already. I’m in need of a new foundation and initially, I wanted to buy the Majolica Majorca’s Pore cover foundation, but that would have to wait when money permits as I’m trying hard not to over spend beyond my means. The pore cover foundation in total would cost me P1,300+ so yeah.

My goal before this year is to at least reach 10k worth of savings in my passbook (good luck to me). Which is why, if I do plan to buy something it would have to be really important or because I’ve run out of that certain product.

Of this, I just bought the most important make up I needed at the moment. I’m slowly running out of foundation powder and so I decided to check out Fanny Serano. I’ve read and seen this product and it is pretty good.

Anyhow, here’s what I bought.


I’m also curious about the ELF face primer, hopefully it would work and make my make up last. The LA colors lip liner is my favorite one, I already hit pan which is why I bought a new one. I found out about this product when my sister bought one and I arbored it from her, Ha-ha!

The Tony Moly is a cream blush, I swatched it and it looked really good on hand. I’ve yet to see how it will look on my cheeks but so far the color is really nice. To be reviewed soon. Here’s a rundown of prices for my make up haul.

ELF Face Primer P399.75

Tony Moly Cream blush P380+

LA auto lip liner P119.00

Fanny Serano 2 way cake P399.00

I also bought a pair of new clothes which I got on sale. I forgot the name of the place where I got these, but it’s a tiangge style at the 4th floor near the Teen Zone.


Well, that’s about it! Expect my thoughts on these products soon.

If you like to share anything in regards to the products above, don’t hesitate to share okay?

Happy long weekend!


Till then!





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