Friday, December 02, 2011

A Princess for a day and the Stila palette


  Happy weekend folks! I hope you’re all looking forward for the weekend as much as I am! For today’s post is my review / experience with Stila’s Glamour eyes mascara.




  What it claims:

   “A mascara that instantly defines, amplifies, and intensifies to achieve the dramatic look of false lashes.”

  The first day I tried it seemed to have a different result in the second time I applied the mascara. I currently have it on as we speak (technically speaking that is).

  •   Consistency is very wet
  •   Not waterproof

   As you all know and may have noticed, I have very short / sparse lashes, which makes it hard to find a good mascara that would lengthen my lashes. So far, my favorite would still be the Maybelline cat eyes mascara.

  I have mixed emotions about this, and here’s why.

glamorous eyes mascara

  This was the first time I tried it. My lashes looked really curled and long and loved it.


   Second time?

2011-12-02 15.53.39

                                                                                  Without mascara

2011-12-02 15.59.06

                                                                                          With mascara

  It looks weighed down today and I’m not sure why. I will be trying this again tomorrow for tomorrow’s date with my man and see if it would give me the same result today.

2011-12-02 15.59.23

   I also played with the palette, but my eye color is washed out with the lighting. I just used my phone camera to take a picture because my digi cam’s battery suddenly died. But anyway, here’s a simple FOTD using the first rowed shadows, lip/cheek color and the all over shimmer


2011-12-02 16.03.37

  The colors may not be as obvious, but the red carpet shadow was really pigmented. The cheek and lip color was good, though I liked it better on how it looked as a lip color because I don’t have smooth pores.



                      Definitely the lip color is my favorite among the palette


  I was just home and found a tiara in my sister’s room.


                    Me being a princess for a day, too bad my prince is at work  :(

People will always have to say something about how you look, but I believe that all of us are beautiful, whatever size you may be. The most beautiful part of a woman is her smile, so smile ladies~


Till then!




  1. You're so pretty, Kitten :) Have fun on your date!

  2. @Kate: we all are :)

    Have a great weekend~

  3. why didn't you get still burns set and rogue pots.


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