Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 1 of our Tagaytay vacation


   I’ve finally uploaded the pictures, so here’s how day 1 was spent with the BF and our friends. Upon arrival, we rested for a bit then headed straight to places. First stop was at Robinson’s Supermarket because BF forgot to bring his toothbrush, hmmm. haha!

    Let me give you a little tour of the places we went to :)



    I forgot the name of the place, it was plaza something where it had different stores, from CD-R king, etc and restaurants.

     After which Joy (Edwin’s GF) needed to buy some mushrooms, so where to go? pretty obvious answer right?


DSCN1192                                           The love birds – Joy Lyn and Edwin




       The  mushroom joint seemed to  have been the same after these years, even the playground still looks the same and the annoying peanut sellers XD

      Our  second destination was at Sonya’s Garden, the place is still magical with all the wonderful flowers that surrounds the area and some dogs too.


DSCN1205 DSCN1209  DSCN1210

DSCN1211  DSCN1229 DSCN1230 DSCN1233 DSCN1236 DSCN1237 DSCN1258 DSCN1259                                              My favorite photo 

      Eventually, we all got hungry and while going to Sonya’s garden, we passed by One Destination which had different restaurants and saw Carlos Pizza, that’s where we ate.


DSCN1260  DSCN1263 DSCN1270 DSCN1269 DSCN1271

    We were freezing like crazy outside so we decided to eat inside the restaurant.  I was too tired to take pictures of the food we ate. Right after dinner headed straight to the hotel to rest and watch movies, thanks to BF’s PSP which was filled with movies and we, or rather they actually laughed watching Despicable me, as for me took a shower and slept.

      Super thanks to our friend Edwin for driving us to Tagaytay! I didn’t want to blog while on vacation so this is quite over due, still I will be posting my day 2 as soon as I can ;)

    Sonya’s Garden is really one of the romantic places in Tagaytay. Well, BF and I we’re itching all over after because of the bugs, but it was all good.


   Till then!




  1. Happy Holidays! Looks like you had fun - and the weather's so cold!

  2. mukhang enjoy na enjoy yung dalawang mag sing irog ah.

  3. @Midge: Happy holidays too! yes really cold, I could imagine Baguio more colder.

    @John: haha! super enjoy!

  4. Hoy M! Umamin ka! Sinadya mong iwan yung toothbrush mo no! so that you can check out hbc! hahahaha!

  5. @Lady E: ulyanin yun eh, nakalimutan nya talaga, pati slippers nakalimutan rin.


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