Sunday, January 02, 2011

Beauty talk: Maybelline impact express felt tip liner review

   I’ve had my Maybelline impact express felt liner tip for 2 weeks already, so here’s my thoughts and experiences about this product. First up, pictures and swatches.


DSCN1588                                      Retails for P399 but I got mine on sale for P279
  DSCN1589 DSCN1590

DSCN1591                                                      very black
 I wasn’t able to take a shot upon application due to bad lighting in my room. This swatch was taken after traveling and a few hours from work.

DSCN1585 DSCN1583

 You can definitely notice the uneven lines, which basically means one, I still am not good with application of a liquid liner, since I’ve been using a pencil for the longest time. And two it wears off eventually
 Sadly, I have more drawbacks for this product, good thing I got this on sale.
   This product is not long lasting, and really needs to dry up at least for 2 minutes or else it would smudge, but most of the time I can’t wait for 2 minutes just to have my eye liner fully dry. You also don’t need a make-up remover for this since this is not long lasting. I’m not sure with normal to dry faced ladies though.

  • perfect for creating a wing look
  • I love how easy it is to apply with the felt tip - i just need more practice
  • It accentuates the eyes – makes my eyes look  awake
  • Quite affordable - P399
  • being oily faced, this does not last. At then end of the day, I end up having uneven lines
  • so NOT waterproof! – I don’t know if it’s me or what, some claim it’s smudge proof and long lasting,  but for me it’s not – sorry.
  • for first time users, it can be a little tricky on first application

     I guess it’s a love and hate relationship with this liner, I’d still use this of course, since I need to practice more on liquid liners. It’s just really too bad that it’s not long wearing (for me that is). Of course, results vary on different skin types

  What are your favorite eye liners that work for you?

  Till then!



  1. too bad it doesn't last long. been looking for a good liquid eyeliner.

  2. I've never tried felt pen liners, though it looks easy to use. I fell in love with Maybelline gel liners and never looked back, hehe. It took a bit of practice but after awhile it was easy and quick, and I love how it makes my eyes pop. :)

  3. @Kari: I See, so I've heard, there were some reviews that the felt liner is good with oily faced ladies, apparently it's different with me.

    Maybe soon I will try the gel liner.

  4. Does it transfer on your eyelids? If you have a black eyeshadow, you can try layering it over the liner so it dries faster :) I do that sometimes with the gel liner kasi minsan unavoidable talaga na mag-transfer siya, lalo na pag mainit ang panahon.

  5. Much as I'd love to use this, the fact that I wear contact lenses (which means watery eyes and the constant dropping of artificial tears) stops me from doing so. It makes your eyes look fab, though.

    Happy New Year!

  6. @Kari: unfortunately, being a make-up addict I am, I don't have brushes yet, haha. I've yet to purchase one either from suesh or charm.

    It doesn't transfer naman though

    @Midge: I see, very true. My eyes also gets teary most of the time, and I'm not even wearing contacts,it's a bit of a hassle. But maybe If I'm able to buy a decent brush set I'll see if there's a difference when I top it with black shadow.

  7. You inspired me to make a post. = )

    Please buy the Suesh set so that we can compare notes? = )

  8. @lady e: really? what is it? i'm curious?

    Sabagay since you have the charm, will work on that brushes then.


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