Monday, February 13, 2012

Gym Session on Weekends


     Weekends, I’m pretty sure you all know already why this is my favorite day of the week. Anyway, last Saturday was my first time to go to a real gym. As you know, I’ve only been doing dancing and stationary biking at home, so yesterday was pretty interesting for the both of us. It’s much more fun exercising with your significant other, supporting each other instead of cheating your partner for a sexier man or woman. tsk.

       As usual, food will always be a part of us but this time on a budget. You can check out what we had here. Since it was my first time going to the gym, I’m sure I looked pretty stupid going through the machines. My favorite is the abdominal equipment and the leg press but the leg press was a bit of a killer.


                                               Preparing to go to the gym~


                          Abdominal machine

       My legs, sides and arms really hurt while using this but it was pretty fun and slightly easy, but Martin said next time he will add more weight.


             My Thor <3 – hehe


                              After working out~    

And of course, weekends won’t be complete without Tigger’s photo in my blog, haha!


  I saw these and asked Martin if I could borrow them, something to learn and read.


  Happy Monday folks!


   Till then!





  1. wow... isang gym palang ang sexy mo na, hahabulin ka na ng mga editorial board ng maxim at uno nyan. :)

  2. kakaloka ka mag comment john, haha

  3. wala, bakit parang meron ba?


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