Monday, January 18, 2010

Male cat dominance

I still have yet to learn a lot in cat behaviors, I thought having 2 male cats at home will no longer cause me problems anymore in regards to pregnancy, unfortunately, a new issue has resurfaced and this time it's about Cat Dominance. I know tom cats are very territorial creatures but I never knew about the dominance behavior. 

This is Tabby

He's the loyal one who never left my house EVER, before the Ondoy incident happened he found our place and never left. My estimated age of him is probably around 4-5 months and he "used" to love my other cat Piccolo a lot. They're playmates. This little one is THE Dominant cat. Can you beat that? I've only had him for more than 5 months already and he's the one acting dominant and all.

This is Piccolo

He's the mischievous one, he's my Persian's first litter. I had him for adoption but the one who adopted him returned him back, so I kept him ever since and loved him. Well, he loves to go to our neighbors upstairs, just like his mother Tarra. Tarra was gone for 3 days and when she came back, she's pregnant already. Go figure huh?! He always manages to sneak in to the back of our house so he can climb upstairs and for the first time, he was gone for 5 days, which made me worried sick, thinking if he'll come back home again. I think he got hungry that's why he went home, haha. 

Piccolo is the docile one. But in my observation, I think he is fighting for his rank.

When he went back home, Tabby started to act all weird, and I thought he was just in heat. Which left me asking, does he think Piccolo is a girl? searching for answers, I became enlightened by the situation that is happening in front of me for the past few days. Piccolo being out for a couple of days left Tabby feeling the alpha male at home. This behavior is very likely to un-neutered cats or dogs. Reason why I thought Tabby was in heat was because he kept on trying to hump Piccolo and biting his neck, just like what the male cat does to female cats. And let me tell you, it's not a good sight at all compared to dogs, not like I enjoy watching dogs mate. haha. 

This dominance behavior is telling my cat that they have no interest in him as a sex partner (wow talk about that huh?), and to make sure that he knows his "place" which sounds like he is at the bottom of the ladder, when it comes to rank. In a nutshell, that's the stage their going through. Well, I don't think Piccolo wants to be in the lower rank, as he is fighting back. I just hope this ends soon, and they'll  be back to becoming playmates again. (I hope) and I also hope that Piccolo would stop doing a houdini in me, by disappearing all of a sudden and not going home. 

Here's what's been happening the past few days, very similar to male and female cats mating:

Just so that you have an idea how it would "look" like. 

So this is my very first blog here at blogger, I have still yet more blogs to come, personal, reviews, etc. 

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